Barcelona’s Bo de B: A Must-Eat in the Catalonian Capital


If you find yourself strolling along the Barcelona port and want a break from the fancier (and more expensive) restaurants that abound the Catalonian capital, check out Bo de B, a fantastic and cheap sandwich and salad joint.

In order to make the most out of your Bo de B experience, be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. Get there early! At the first signs of hunger, join the line that is most likely forming outside of the restaurant. There is very limited seating inside of the restaurant, and you will have a more pleasant and quick experience if you catch the employees at the beginning of the lunch rush.

2. Order all of the sauces on your sandwich. A friend recommended that I opt for all of the sauces on my chicken sandwich, and it turns out that all of those flavors make a great concoction in your mouth. The wait staff all speak English, so you can have them describe each of the flavors. But why not be a little adventurous and go for the whole “shebang”?

3. Eat al fresco. The best part about the sandwiches from Bo de B is that they are portable. I recommend not waiting for an open table inside, but instead sitting outside and enjoying the view of the water and the many passers-by.

When I was planning my trip to Barcelona and asking for restaurant suggestions, Bo de B topped everyone’s list for taste and cost! Let me tell you, they didn’t lead me astray! Be sure to make Bo de B a stop (or stops) on your next trip to Barcelona!

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