In Lübeck, It's Okay to Meander and Wander, to Love and Regret


The Holstentor and renowned marzipan entice travelers to explore the old town of Lübeck and enjoy the town’s infamous sweets. Situated on an island, Lübeck offers winding alleyways, both modern and hipster shops, and, like many other German towns, churches partially destroyed by the Second World War. Because it is such a quaint little area, it is easy to lose oneself within its perimeters, but because it is also a tiny island, it is impossible to get lost – kind of like life itself.

I went into the city with a planned route; however, I did not abide by my own itinerary. I walked back and forth, to and fro. At some attractions, I stopped to explore; at others, I only glanced.  But, my adventure in Lübeck began with the Holstentor, an incredible architectural feat. I can only imagine what it looked like back in the 1300s. The two towers, tilted together ever so slightly, slanted the age-old gate. Crossing the threshold of the Holstentor, I left the busy contemporary society and lost myself within the old town, where fifty-year old men played the accordion on street corners and other tourists zealously snapped pictures of the city.

With no final destination in mind, I meandered along the cobblestone street. I came across the Buddenbrook House Museum, St. Mary’s and St. Jacob’s churches and Niederegger Marzipan. The churches in Lübeck were not much different from other churches: organs, gothic architecture, and a heavily ornamented alter. Whether or not the holy spectacles are worth the three Euros depends on the individual. I indulged in a tasty treat from Niederegger Marzipan. Though the sweets can be considered relatively expensive, the culinary sensation of marzipan infused chocolate and marzipan flavored ice cream is definitely worth trying.

All in all, my day trip to Lübeck was not any ordinary day trip. Rather, I summarized all of life’s possibilities within those four hours; I veered off course, enjoyed some attractions and regretted others, and tried new things. In life, it is okay to meander and wander, to love and regret; in the end, I caught my train, returned home, and resumed normalcy.

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