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LE ANH NGOC Apricot Hotel Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi’s Top 5 Must-Do’s, Curated By The New & Trendy Apricot Hotel

Hanoi is THE up-and-coming destination for the sophisticated traveler.

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teeteeheehee.com Teresa Lim canvas sew prague

How This Singaporean Designer Combos Cities & Stitches

BY TEAM JST Photo: Teeteeheehee.com/Teresa Lim “Sew- a needle pulling thread!”  Remember that famous line from Sound of Music? Teresa Lim, a 24-year-old Singaporean designer, is putting those lyrics into her wanderlust spirit. Instead of taking selfies all over the world, she has artistically created striking canvases by simply utilizing, well, a needle pulling thread. SEE ALSO: A […]

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South Africa: Experience the best of South Africa on a trip that combines vibrant Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, the dramatic southern coast of the Western Cape and a wildlife safari in a world-renowned private game reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park. (Photo credit: National Geographic)

National Geographic Wants To Give You 13 VERY Private Expeditions

BY TEAM JST We don’t know about you, but we’re SO over trips with large tour groups with a set agenda which only leaves you rushing from one tourist landmark to another. A little flexibility, please? And where are the local gems? With the launch of National Geographic Private Expeditions, it seems that a new type […]

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Italian gelatos are to die for. Eating them on a daily basis during your trip to any city in Italy is an absolute routine. There's not a better treat on a lovely summer day! (Photo credit: Flickr/Derek Key)

9 International Foods That Dominated Your Feed In 2014

BY TEAM JST 2014 was the year of snapping photos of your food before touching it with your lips. Sure, all of us love to show off about the exotic cuisines we devour on the road. From vintage wines in Europe to a never-before-seen appetizer which can only be found off the coast of a […]

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Malaysia Air

Latest Video Shows Malaysia Air Strangely Disappears

BY WENDY HUNG Today, The Mirror posts a video that eerily shows Malaysia Air MH370 suddenly turning red and disappearing from live radar. It’s been two days since the plane leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading to Beijing has gone missing, the airline is warning families today to prepare for the worst. The video which seems to be […]

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featured Taiwan lantern festival

Last Day Of CNY! 19 Jaw-Dropping Lantern Festival Photos

BY WENDY HUNG This year’s Valentine’s Day also marks the date of the Lantern Festival in Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, this is one celebration which I carry with enormous pride as it’s simply oh-so-pretty! Sure, lion dances and firecrackers in my grandparents’ old city certainly represented all the joy and love about Chinese New Year. But […]

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brazil pinterest

What Does Your Favorite City Say About You?

BY WENDY HUNG No judging. When people say they often go to, let’s say, Vegas, you know what they’re all about. You have an inkling of the kind of music they listen to, the kind of drinks they typically order at the bar. I’ll bet this crowd is vastly different from the other kind that often […]

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