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live tweet in flight breakup

A Woman Live-Tweeted The Worst In-Flight Breakup

BY JST NEWS This guy on the plane just broke up w his girlfriend and she’s SOBBING pic.twitter.com/IW9QVYxXdB — Kelly Keegs (@keegs141) August 23, 2015 Watch what you do on the plane! If not, someone might live tweet about it. SEE ALSO: Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Kelly Keegan, a 24-year-old woman in New […]

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Bethanie letter to pilots

A Compassionate Letter To Pilots…

BY TEAM JST The tweet shared by more than 2.5K Twitter users since it was posted on Monday by Jai Dillon. A letter given to a colleague from a passenger onboard his aircraft.. Providing proof that we’re all in this together pic.twitter.com/a0NrT3LAtT — Jai Dillon (@jaidillon) March 30, 2015 Dillon, a pilot to start the […]

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Twitter Jetblue Bluemanity

The Tweet That Got JetBlue In Serious Trouble

BY JST NEWS 1.9 million Twitter followers, you’ve gotta be careful about what’s being posted! JetBlue has certainly learned that lesson last week when the low-cost U.S. airline tweeted “Oh, the Blumanity” showing off its latest aircraft design. But many didn’t find the joke funny as it referenced at the 1937 Hindenburg disaster. SEE ALSO: Apple […]

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matthew lush jetblue hates me video

“Your New Gay Best Friend” Banned From JetBlue After “Mean Girls” Tweets

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Internet celebrity Matthew Lush, aka: your new gay best friend, is doing some serious boycotting and JetBlue should probably be listening. With more than 580,000 subscribers on YouTube, Gay God (Lush’s other internet brand) released a video describing his JetBlue nightmare to his dedicated followers. It seems that on November […]

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eurostar train europe

Best.Tweets.Ever. Sent By Travelers Stuck On Eurostar For 8+ Hours

BY JST NEWS   Is this 2014? Approximately 1300 passengers were stranded on two Eurostar trains on November 20, one train was arriving to London from Brussels while the other train went from London to Paris. After a power cut in northern France, both trains were held up for hours overnight. A power cable snapped above […]

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How To Book A Boutique Hotel By Using Twitter

BY JST NEWS It just doesn’t get more “jetset” than this! We know you love boutique hotels, and we know you never travel without your iPhone. So how’s this: you can now book a staycation simply by…tweeting! Stayful is a website and mobile app helping travelers discover and book the best independent and boutique hotels while bidding on […]

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IAmALiberianNotAVirus youtube video ebola

“I Am A Liberian, Not A Virus” Video Goes Viral

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube Have you been judging? If so, then you need to watch this video. Are you turning your back on Liberians simply because of they come from and the stigma of Ebola? This rings true in Staten Island, New York. So much so that a concerned mother, Shoana Solomon made a video […]

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