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10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid This Spring

BY ALYSSA RAMOS With spring just around the corner, travel plans are being made to enjoy places with beautiful weather! But be careful, there are several mistakes people make when planning to travel during a different season that can definitely catch you off guard. SEE ALSO: Add These Beach Songs To Your Spring Break Road Trip […]

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When A 3-Year-Old Won’t Fasten His Seat Belt…

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Fasten your seat belt, folks! Even if you’re only 3 years old. On Thursday, a family with a 3-year-old son was requested to exit Cathay Pacific flight CX654 in Bangkok, Thailand. Why? The little guy refused to buckle up his seat belt. When the flight attendant attempted to resolve the issue, […]

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Elephant trekking Chiangmai Thailand 3

Why Elephant Trekking Should Be OFF Your To Do List

BY LAURA PATERSON Is it the romance that draws so many people towards riding elephants? Or is it the excitement of being so high up on a magnificent creature as it ambles though its natural forest habitat? The thought of being on the back of the world’s largest land mammal is often a very pretty […]

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Meet JST Instagrammer Of The Week: @DiningTraveler

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Jessica van Dop DeJesus had a taste of many cultures from an early age. Jessica caught the travel bug as a young Marin Corps officer on an assignment in Okinawa, Japan, and since then, has lived in the U.S., Puerto Rico (some […]

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Khao Sok National Park Thailand 1

This Off The Beaten Track In Thailand Should Top Your List

BY LAURA PATERSON Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s a given that wherever you go, there are bound to be hoards of other tourists. When I do my research for traveling, I tend to find secluded gems, usually my destinations result in having to catch numerous different types […]

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Flickr Adam Baker Chiang mai temple

5 Ancient Temples In Chiang Mai To Put On Your List

BY LAURA PATERSON Photo: Flickr/Adam Baker Chiang Mai is known for its hundreds of temples and shrines that are scattered throughout the city, in fact there are over 200 temples found in and around the city. After living here for just over half a year, it is safe to say that I have seen enough […]

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Flickr Official U.S. Navy Page Teach English Thailand

The Low Down On Teaching English In Chiang Mai, Thailand

BY LAURA PATERSON Thailand is one of the most popular countries for teaching English in the whole world, and it is easy to see why. The people are kind, the weather is beautiful, the beaches are incredible and the cost of living is low. If you are thinking of moving to Thailand to teach English, […]

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