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jaunted.com Google Travel

Google Travel: How It’s Gonna Work

BY WENDY HUNG According to World Travel and Tourism Council, the spending on travel and tourism in the U.S. alone, rounded up to $450 billion last year. This year, the growth is expected to increase 3.5%. It took $700 million acquisition of flight software company ITA back in 2010. Then, it was the release of Google’s own […]

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camera accessories

9 Snatch-Worthy Camera Accessories On Etsy

BY WENDY HUNG As much as you’d like to think iPhonography has taken over many travel lives, you’re still one of many who are city hopping with your SLRs. Whether you have a Fuji, a Nikon or a Canon, we know you treat your camera like little pet babies. #Meow. And rightfully so, after all, they’ve been […]

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STRUT launchpad iPad tech 2

Tech Tuesday: How STRUT Launchport Powers Your Yacht And Aviation

BY TEAM JST These days, if you’ve got a yacht or a private plane, then you’re probably using your iPad to control the operating systems. If you’re not, then it’s time for an upgrade. The only problem with using your iPad, in this case, is the ability to charge it at any time without sacrificing the […]

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Attention Sports Fans: On-Demand Tickets At The Palm Of Your Hand

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY  As travelers become more spontaneous and the on-demand mobile trend is hot on the rise (think Uber for transportation, Hotel Tonight for accommodations), activity planning can now virtually be done on your phone. You’ve booked your flight and hotel, so now what? It’s time to find things to do. And if you’re […]

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ANA Airline Wifi

Which Airline Offers In-Flight WiFi On International Routes?

BY TEAM JST It’s no longer a dream! Imagine posting a photo of gross airplane food on Instagram in air (Caption: #Instagood?) Or being able to tweet about the tear-jerker movie that made you cry like a baby the second you finish the film. Or FaceTiming without waiting until you land! You can do it all, on ANA […]

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Tech Tuesday Somewhere

Tech Tuesday: How To Travel Anywhere (In Seconds!)

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY  Okay, okay, we haven’t quite yet figured out how to teleport, but we’ve found a tool that brings us one step closer to it. Somewhere, an awesome new website that uses marries the beauty of Instagram photos with the informative facts Wikipedia is now bringing wanderlusts around the world the most attractive […]

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taipei 101

How To Get Free Wi-Fi 24/7 During Your Entire Trip In Taiwan!

BY TEAM JST There’s nowhere else in the world offering this savvy and convenient service! The best part is, this will cost you nothing! Not a dime. Last year, Taiwan was the first destination in the world to provide absolutely free access to wireless internet for travelers. iTaiwan (aka: “government indoor public area free wi-fi access”) […]

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