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MileHi dating app

Here’s The Latest Travel App For Meet-Ups And Hook Ups

BY TEAM JST It’s no secret that many travelers have been using Tinder as a dating app on the road. Seriously, who can be a better local guide than a smokin’ hot date. SEE ALSO: Why Use Tinder As A Travel App But there’s a new travel app specifically made for meet-ups and hook ups (why not!) out […]

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last minute travel deal apps

3 Travel Apps To Help You Be Money Savvy At The Eleventh Hour

BY TEAM JST Last Minute Travel Deals app Last minute travel brings out the spontaneity and the adventurer in all of us. But making your plans into actual reality might be a different case. With today’s technology and the competitive travel industry, it’s actually easier than you think. These three apps can help you plan a […]

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Henn-na Hotel robot  reception

Japan Opens World’s First Robot Hotel, And It IS Strange

BY JST NEWS In February, Jetset Times reported Japan was set to open the world’s first robot hotel. The day has come. SEE ALSO: Apparently, Hotels Staffed By Robots Is The Next Big Thing Henn-Na Hotel (translation: Strange Hotel) opened on July 17 and it’s currently run almost entirely by robots. Word on the street is that it […]

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Solar Impulse aircraft

Why This Solar-Powered Plane’s Record-Breaking Mission Is Paused

BY JST NEWS YouTube André Borschberg remains confident even if his dream is delayed until April 2016. On July 3, Solar Impulse 2, the first around-the-world aircraft solely powered by the sun, landed in Hawaii after its flight from Japan. After five days (117 hours and 52 minutes,) the aircraft’s batteries overheated, causing an enormous speed bump […]

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Mount Fuji

There’s WiFi At Mount Fuji, So You Can Induce Major FOMO

BY JST NEWS Mount Fuji gets WiFi!! @sunrise963972am gives you tunes for a steep climb, wherever it may lead! See us at the top ;) pic.twitter.com/amWc1dgbo3 — Shabnam Dutta Sahi (@shabbysahi) July 13, 2015 When you reach the top of Mount Fuji, coaxing a FOMO moment via Instagram is completely do-able. SEE ALSO: Happy 50th Birthday To […]

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united airline

United Airlines Resumes Flights After Disastrous Computer Glitch

BY JST NEWS If you were booked on an United Airlines flight on Wednesday, most likely, you were stuck in a huge mess. 4,900 flights suffered from a worldwide glitch which United stated as “a network connectivity issue.” Today, flights have resumed after domestic and international flights were grounded for more than an hour. SEE ALSO:Why […]

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Uber et moi

UberPop Suspended In France. How Is Everyone Reacting?

BY JST NEWS Photo: Facebook/UberFrance Unavailable. That’s probably what you’ll see if you try to use UberPop in France. Since last week’s violent demonstration by French taxi drivers, Uber has put a stop to its lowest-cost riding-sharing service in France. SEE ALSO: Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury On Friday, a decision has […]

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