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Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury

BY JST NEWS The United States needs to ban all travel to France! #UberPop pic.twitter.com/MEUhkBBqTW — Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) June 26, 2015 Operating in more than a dozen cities in Europe, UberPOP has been a cost-effective option for travelers and commuters as opposed to regular taxis. Despite the fact that UberPOP drivers are not licensed taxi […]

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How To Take Fulll Advantage Of The Redesigned Flickr App

BY TEAM JST This week, Flickr released an updated, redesigned app to help travelers organize the thousands of photos we upload on the image and video hosting website. The redesigned app looks slick, up to date with the feel of Instagram, and features new tools for Flickr users to fully search, store and upload more efficiently than […]

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How To Keep Your Skype From Crashing…Again!

BY TEAM JST It keeps happening! And it’s really, REALLY annoying. Even with the existence of FaceTime and Viper, the way most travelers stay connected with loved ones back home is still via Skype. So when it crashes over and over again, it affects too many of us and a solution is in much dire […]

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Boeing 787 runway

Boeing’s Drone Patent Will Allow Planes To Fly Forever (Literally!)

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Just keep flying, just keep flying. This could very well become a reality since Boeing received a patent this week that could possibly allow planes to fly forever, literally. The patent – filed in March but just approved – is an autonomous drone which can be recharged in air with a power […]

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Book Affordable Private Jets: There Are Apps For That

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/JetSmarter If you’re jetsetting, you’ve got to do it right. If your bank account is running low though, how can you still roll like a VIP? Two apps in the market have caught our attention. The first is already adored by celebrities, professional athletes and globetrotting entrepreneurs. While the other has been launched recently, and it’s changing […]

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What Will New Emojis Reveal About Your Travel Life

BY JST NEWS Emoji-lovers, get excited! According to Yahoo Tech, Unicode Consortium, the company coordinating the development of Unicode standard, is releasing 38 new emojis by 2016. SEE ALSO: Are Apple’s Controversial Emojis Too “Yellow”? If you’re at a restaurant in Mexico or stuffing your face with tacos in San Francisco’s La Taqueria, sorry to tell you but taco […]

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Google Maps Finds Solution For Shocking Racist Results

BY JST NEWS How often do we use Google Maps while traversing through foreign cities? This week, a Washington Post reader discovered that typing in “n****r house” in Google Maps’ global view leads to the White House. In addition, the word “n****r king” in the Washington D.C. view, Google Maps also zooms in on the White House. SEE ALSO: Planning […]

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