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Huawei smartwatch

LEAKED! New Huawei Smartwatch Is MADE For Adventurous Travelers

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube They were first discovered by Droidlife, now the videos have worldwide gadget fanatics obsessing. Huawei, a Chinese multinational networking and tech company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, has a new smartwatch ready to compete with Apple Watch releasing in April. SEE ALSO: Why Apple Watch Will Up Your Travel Style Two things we love about the high-quality gadget: For the […]

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Apple iOS emojis racist

Are Apple’s Controversial Emojis Too “Yellow”?

BY TEAM JST And why is a travel website like ours reporting on Apple emojis? Because whether we’re away from home or not, emojis are ways we communicate with loved ones. In addition, when a slew of emojis can be taken as racist, well, we’re going to talk about it. SEE ALSO: Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji! On Monday, […]

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Uber Blog spg UBER

How Can Starwood Preferred Guests Benefit From Uber-ing?

BY JST NEWS If you’re like us, members of the SPG program and avid riders of Uber…then you’re going to love this! For the first time, a ground transportation company is collaborating with a hotel program for loyalty reward points. The new partnership between Uber and SPG provides Uber riders Starwood Preferred Guest points for every […]

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay Can Get You Into National Parks

BY TEAM JST Adventurers and nature-lovers may finally have a reason to indulge in Apple Pay. Last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at a cybersecurity summit and announced that Apple Pay can be used to enter national parks beginning in September. SEE ALSO: Apple Pay Is On JetBlue & This Is How You Can Pay In-Flight The […]

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Flickr brianac37 UK England WiFi train

When Will Trains In England & Wales Finally Have Free Wi-Fi?

BY JST NEWS Photo: Flickr/brianac37 If you’re traveling across England or Wales by train, good news: there’ll be free Wi-Fi by 2017! In recent past, there have been passengers who feel that trains unequipped with Wi-Fi is a sign indicating England still lives in the past. And it’s annoying for many. SEE ALSO: Cheers! The Wine […]

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Facebook HotelsByDay hotel

This Website Is Solving Business Travelers’ Biggest Problems

BY TEAM JST Ever needed a hotel room just a few hours during the day? Whether it’s killing time between layovers or getting out of business suits and getting into cocktail attires; there never seems to be the perfect place to solve these problems that business travelers often face. HotelsByDay is here for the rescue. A […]

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jetblue apple pay

Apple Pay Is On JetBlue & This Is How You Can Pay In-Flight

BY JST NEWS Get your iPhone 6 ready: Apple Pay is coming to JetBlue…NEXT WEEK! According to USA Today, if you’ve got an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (or an Apple Watch by April), you’ll be able to pay for your food, drinks and other services by using Apple Pay. SEE ALSO: Travelers With Visa, […]

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