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Lexus glow in the dark paint

Glow-In-The-Dark Lexus, Anyone?

BY TEAM JST Okay, we’ll bite. Back in February, we reported that Nissan Leaf released a totally organic paint coat which not only contains Strontium Aluminate (a biologically solid odorless, nonflammable compound) but it also glows in the dark. This was Nissan’s desire to emphasize the car’s high conversion rate to hail car owners over to solar energy at home. SEE […]

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Facebook 広島県観光課 hiroshima google street view cats

Hiroshima’s Google Street View Takes Cat Walk To The Purr-Fect Level

BY JST NEWS With so many cat cafes trending in Japan, it’s no secret that the Japanese love cats! And who doesn’t? Japan’s tourism board launched an app in Hiroshima, where you can check out Google Street View from the eyes of cats. SEE ALSO: These #TravelCats Just Want To See The World The app includes three […]

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KCNA Reuters North Korea Pyongyang airport exterior

North Korea’s New Airport Is Made For Jetsetters, But…

BY TEAM JST North Korea’s new international airport is a place where jetsetter will want to be. Except for one minor detail: it has no internet. Wait, but there is an internet room. SEE ALSO: North Korea-Bound? Get Ready For A Different Time Zone Recently, The Associated Press made two trips through Pyongyang’s new international airport. In […]

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Delta flight attendant app

What Delta Flight Attendants Know About You Via This New Tool

BY JST NEWS Delta’s new tool will meet your needs, even on your birthday. Following last year’s release of Lumia 1520 phablets to its 22,000 flight attendants, Delta announced a new feature on its flight attendants’ smartphones this week. “Guest Service Tool” allows crew members to instantly access your name and reward program status. SEE ALSO: How Delta […]

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levi sponsored ad instagram

Instagram Will Show More Ads, Should You Freak Out?

BY JST NEWS Whether we like it or not, it was bound to happen. Expect to see more ads taking over your Instagram feed. Last week, the online mobile photo/video sharing social network altered its API to allow advertisers use third-party services such as Salesforce and Brand Networks to schedule marketing campaigns. The new feature makes it […]

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Facebook CrewMe

A Dating App Where Pilots & Flight Attendants Call All The Shots

BY TEAM JST What’s Tinder for pilots and flight attendants? CrewMe is the latest dating app on the market made for airline crew looking for love. SEE ALSO: Here’s The Latest Travel App For Meet-Ups And Hook Ups Founded by a pilot, Maxence Boussier, who released CrewMe last week. Since then, the newest dating app has already garnered hundreds […]

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PatentYogi Airbus ultra plane

Fly From NYC To London In 1 Hour? It’s Happening!

BY JST NEWS YouTube Technology rules! Especially for those who hate long flights. Airbus has filed for new patents in the past, including: in-flight entertainment helmets, standing seats and flying saucer plane. SEE ALSO: Boeing’s Drone Patent Will Allow Planes To Fly Forever (Literally!) According to PatentYogi, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer recently filed with the United […]

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