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United Airlines Becomes The First Airline To Offer Uber

BY TEAM JST Sick of waiting in the taxi line at the airport? You can now Uber straight from United Airline’ mobile app! On the app’s menu or in the “My Reservations” section, the app will display Uber information, including types of available vehicles, estimated wait times and prices. After selecting a ride, the app will automatically transfer them to […]

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Tech Tuesday: The Best City Apps Roundup

BY DAWN FLEMING rumconnection.com In the past, exploring new places always required extensive planning with an itinerary and list of all the things you needed to do or see. Now, thanks to technology and Steve Jobs, you can enjoy your next travel adventure, courtesy of the app store on your smartphone. After some research, I’ve […]

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Schiller Water Bike

Tech Tuesday! 7 Reasons To Gush Over This Revolutionary Water Bike

BY TEAM JST After Labor Day, don’t be surprised if you start seeing these cool bikes on waterways near your favorite beaches! Manufactured in Northern California, the new Schiller Bike combines state-of-the-art engineering and design, bringing a new way of biking experience onto the ocean waves. Made by Schiller Sports, each bike will cost $6,495 and each will […]

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SFO Brings High Technology For Blind Travelers

BY TEAM JST Innovative technology is once again elevating travel experiences at San Francisco International Airport. This time, it’s specifically helping blind travelers. Later this fall, SFO will be launching a test program to implement a guidance of beacon technology in Terminal 2, which is currently the hub of Virgin Airlines and American Airlines. 300 beacons […]

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Tech Tuesday: Why Use Tinder As A Travel App

BY WENDY HUNG Tinder traveling can be so much fun. The dating aspect of it never gets boring as we all dream of meeting Mr./Ms. Right at some romantic destination. Call me a cynic or an old-fart but I’m not one to believe that an algorithm will tell me who I’m supposed to spend the […]

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kickstarter project xs-4 android smartwatch phone

5 Kickstarter Campaigns Worthy Of Your Backings

BY WENDY HUNG No, these aren’t projects to fund someone caravan’s travels, or to create another photo book. On Kickstarter, we think projects that are worthy of your backings are ones that combine innovation with a purpose. Everyone’s got a cool idea, but the ones on this list are much more well thought out and […]

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microsoft-news.com microsoft mandarin oriental

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Gives Mandarin Oriental A Digital Makeover

BY TEAM JST microsoft-news.com How does Mandarin Oriental like them apples? Apparently, not so much. This week, Microsoft released an announcement of its partnership with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to deliver a luxe digital experience with its Window 8.1 platform in the hotel group’s properties in London, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Tokyo. Five custom Windows […]

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