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What Will New Emojis Reveal About Your Travel Life

BY JST NEWS Emoji-lovers, get excited! According to Yahoo Tech, Unicode Consortium, the company coordinating the development of Unicode standard, is releasing 38 new emojis by 2016. SEE ALSO: Are Apple’s Controversial Emojis Too “Yellow”? If you’re at a restaurant in Mexico or stuffing your face with tacos in San Francisco’s La Taqueria, sorry to tell you but taco […]

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en.wikipedia.org white house

Google Maps Finds Solution For Shocking Racist Results

BY JST NEWS How often do we use Google Maps while traversing through foreign cities? This week, a Washington Post reader discovered that typing in “n****r house” in Google Maps’ global view leads to the White House. In addition, the word “n****r king” in the Washington D.C. view, Google Maps also zooms in on the White House. SEE ALSO: Planning […]

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WifiMapper app

This App Will Solve The Most Annoying Part Of Traveling

BY TEAM JST If you’re just like us here on Team JST, the most annoying part about traveling HAS to be not having Wi-Fi on a 24-hour basis. Not only is the quest to look for internet cafes challenging at times (try doing so in developing countries,) walking into a restaurant solely to ask for the Wi-Fi password […]

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Facebook Wanderu app train bus booking

This App Makes Planning Bus & Train Travels SO Easy

BY TEAM JST What’s even better about this app? It’s available in 2 languages: English and Spanish! Wanderu’s iOS app was a major hit after its launch in February, allowing the booking process of your bus and train travels immensely more efficient. SEE ALSO: Apple Pay Can Get You Into National Parks The app company was founded in […]

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Catholic Relief Services Facebook Nepal Earthquake

2 Modern Ways Connecting Missing Travelers In Nepal & Loved Ones

BY TEAM JST Travelers in the Nepal area: there are 2 modern ways for you to spread the word about your safety status. For families of these travelers, the world’s biggest tech companies have features for you to stay informed regarding the wellbeing of your loved ones currently missing in Nepal. SEE ALSO: 11 Organizations Needing Your Support […]

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Lost GoPro Sweden

The Badass GoPro That Fell Out Of A Skydiver

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube  10,000 feet and it’s still GoPro-ing strong! SEE ALSO: JST Drive: The Bay Area’s Best Motorcycle Routes – Highway 84 Leif Orstadius, a resident of Kristianstad, Sweden found an old GoPro camera in the field of Gringelstad. Over the weekend, his son Kristoffer, a journalist at Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish newspaper, posted the video […]

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Motorola selfie stick

A Thing Or Two About Motorola’s Chic & Classic Selfie Stick

BY TEAM JST Yesterday, we reported that Miz Mooz came out with a Selfie Shoe, which may very well be the perfect April Fool’s Day gimmick. Today, we’re letting you know that Motorola is taking the seflie stick phenomenon to a whole new level. A classy one, for that matter. SEE ALSO: Is The Selfie Shoe […]

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