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Facebook TransAsia Airways pilot cockpit

How TransAsia Airways’ Pilots Flew Despite Failing Safety Tests

BY JST NEWS The crash that put Taipei, Taiwan on the map this month killed 42 people. Currently still under investigation, Taiwanese Civil Aeronautics Administration demanded TransAsia Airways’ pilots go through a series of safety tests which out of 68 pilots, 10 failed during the first section of the qualification test. The 10 pilots who […]

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cna.com.tw TransAsia Airways Taiwan crash plane

UPDATE From Taiwan: TransAsia Airways Plane Engine Went Idle

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Facing media cameras, the family of Huang Dun-Fu is screaming about TransAsia Airways. One brother in another family was able to recognize his brother’s body by the jacket he gave at the airport. The third day since TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crash into Keelong River in Taipei, Taiwan, more details from the […]

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UDN, Taiwan. (Photo credit: Digital Journal)

A Look At Publications Around The World Reacting To Charlie Hebdo

BY TEAM JST Tragedy occurred yesterday in Paris, leaving the whole world now mourning for the loss of victims from the horrific gun shooting. The target was Charlie Hebdo, a non-conformist, extremely left-wing, satirical weekly newspaper which often depicts Prophet Muhammad in a mocking manner. Let’s not forget that Prophet Muhammad’s image is so sacred that it’s […]

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Taiwan Taipei Sun Yat Sun Memorial

Taiwan Tips & Tricks: Every FYI You Need To Know

BY WENDY HUNG Home of night markets, delectable street food, and Taipei 101; Taiwan is full of things to see and must-do’s. Just in case you’re too lazy to flip through a guidebook, here’s a quick rundown of etiquette, Wifi info, cash exchange, SIM cards, walking tours…and more! 5 things to avoid: Don’t wear shoes inside someone’s home. […]

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Italian gelatos are to die for. Eating them on a daily basis during your trip to any city in Italy is an absolute routine. There's not a better treat on a lovely summer day! (Photo credit: Flickr/Derek Key)

9 International Foods That Dominated Your Feed In 2014

BY TEAM JST 2014 was the year of snapping photos of your food before touching it with your lips. Sure, all of us love to show off about the exotic cuisines we devour on the road. From vintage wines in Europe to a never-before-seen appetizer which can only be found off the coast of a […]

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10 Travel Trends To Look Out For In 2015

BY TEAM JST In 2014, we saw some major travel trends. People flocked to cutting edge cities such as Budapest while the rise of navigation apps made travelers’ lives much easier to maneuver in foreign countries. 2015 will, nonetheless, be another year setting new ways to travel. Here is a list of trends that we predict […]

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Flying From Houston To Taipei Will Be Hassel Free Thanks To EVA

BY JST NEWS No more layovers! Starting on June 19, 2015, Taiwanese airline EVA Air will begin non-stop flights between Taipei and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). The airline will start the new service with three flights a week and increase frequency to four on July 1, 2015. The route will give travelers heading from […]

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