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supertyphoon taipei mailboxes

Supertyphoon Souledor Turns Taipei Mailboxes Into Instant Superstars

BY JST NEWS Photo: Instagram/hui__0303 Supertyphoon Souledor has made two mailboxes into instant celebrities in Taipei’s Zhongshang district. Over the weekend, as trees were falling over boulevards and residents’ houses were flooded with surges of water, seven were confirmed dead with 100 people missing. Leave it to the city of Taipei to find fanatical quirkiness amid high winds. […]

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Taipei tranportation tips

Transportation Tips! The Best Ways To Get In & Around Taipei

BY WENDY HUNG There are many options when it comes to traveling to Taipei or getting around the city. For first-timers, read through the info below so you can make the most adequate plans for your trip! Fortunately, getting in and around Taipei is easy and convenient. There are MANY transportation options for a large city. Key: […]

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W Taipei Hotel Yen Bar

Top 7 Hotels To Rest And Relax In Taipei’s Xinyi District

BY WENDY HUNG W Hotel Taipei Taipei’s Xinyi district is undeniably Taiwan’s most cosmopolitan area. Countless shops, department stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels surround the world famous Taipei 101 building – the iconic architectural symbol of the island. SEE ALSO: 50 Foods In Taipei You Need To Eat…Or At Least Try The convenience and practicality of Xinyi […]

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Taipei to Paris in 1 Minute with Wendy - Jetset Times cover

Wendy’s July Founder’s Note: Living For Me

BY WENDY HUNG YouTube When you live a nomadic life for years, the idea of settling down in one place becomes unbelievably daunting. Ever since a few years ago, I’d scroll through social media, baby photos and wedding snapshots began to seize my feeds. When my younger sister got married, had a baby, and even my […]

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Taiwan Water park burned

Taiwan Water Park Up In Flames, 519 Partygoers Seriously Burned

BY JST NEWS 台灣新北市八仙樂園昨晚發生粉塵爆炸,大批遊客受傷。有遊客說,爆炸時有人全身都是火,現場慘叫聲四起,相互推擠,有如人間煉獄。(中時電子報照片)http://t.co/WDqtrp18Yx pic.twitter.com/eKG0wk1d8p — Sin Chew Daily 星洲日報 (@SinChewPress) June 28, 2015 Taiwan is a destination known for its flaming hot summers, but these flames were no joke. Approximately 519 people were seriously burned as a result of “Color Play Asia,” at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan. SEE ALSO: How To […]

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Taipei 101

How To Pack Like A Pro For Taiwan

BY WENDY HUNG Planning a trip to Taiwan but don’t know much about the country? Good news : packing for this trip is easy as long as you’ve got two golden rules down: expect a really hot summer, and always carry an umbrella for unpredictable rain showers especially during spring and autumn. Winters aren’t harsh, and there […]

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Hotel Quote Taipei interior

This Taipei Hotel’s Understated Cool Is Perfect For Millennial Travelers 

BY WENDY HUNG A few months ago, I was walking on Nanjing E Rd after a dentist appointment in Taipei. My mother and I were window shopping and suddenly, a mystic door leading to what seemed like a chic lounge captured my eyes. We peeked inside. “This place was really cool,” I thought. Of course, as every […]

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