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W Taipei Hotel Yen Bar

Top 7 Hotels To Rest And Relax In Taipei’s Xinyi District

BY WENDY HUNG W Hotel Taipei Taipei’s Xinyi district is undeniably Taiwan’s most cosmopolitan area. Countless shops, department stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels surround the world famous Taipei 101 building – the iconic architectural symbol of the island. SEE ALSO: 50 Foods In Taipei You Need To Eat…Or At Least Try The convenience and practicality of Xinyi […]

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Taipei to Paris in 1 Minute with Wendy - Jetset Times cover

Wendy’s July Founder’s Note: Living For Me

BY WENDY HUNG YouTube When you live a nomadic life for years, the idea of settling down in one place becomes unbelievably daunting. Ever since a few years ago, I’d scroll through social media, baby photos and wedding snapshots began to seize my feeds. When my younger sister got married, had a baby, and even my […]

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Taiwan Water park burned

Taiwan Water Park Up In Flames, 519 Partygoers Seriously Burned

BY JST NEWS 台灣新北市八仙樂園昨晚發生粉塵爆炸,大批遊客受傷。有遊客說,爆炸時有人全身都是火,現場慘叫聲四起,相互推擠,有如人間煉獄。(中時電子報照片)http://t.co/WDqtrp18Yx pic.twitter.com/eKG0wk1d8p — Sin Chew Daily 星洲日報 (@SinChewPress) June 28, 2015 Taiwan is a destination known for its flaming hot summers, but these flames were no joke. Approximately 519 people were seriously burned as a result of “Color Play Asia,” at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan. SEE ALSO: How To […]

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Taipei 101

How To Pack Like A Pro For Taiwan

BY WENDY HUNG Planning a trip to Taiwan but don’t know much about the country? Good news : packing for this trip is easy as long as you’ve got two golden rules down: expect a really hot summer, and always carry an umbrella for unpredictable rain showers especially during spring and autumn. Winters aren’t harsh, and there […]

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Hotel Quote Taipei interior

This Taipei Hotel’s Understated Cool Is Perfect For Millennial Travelers 

BY WENDY HUNG A few months ago, I was walking on Nanjing E Rd after a dentist appointment in Taipei. My mother and I were window shopping and suddenly, a mystic door leading to what seemed like a chic lounge captured my eyes. We peeked inside. “This place was really cool,” I thought. Of course, as every […]

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the lalu lotus

What Makes A Weekend At The Lalu Resort Om-azing

BY WENDY HUNG Hey guys! It's @wendyhung915, founder/CEO of Jetset Times, taking over our Instagram this weekend from my home country Taiwan! I'll be attending a cool hotel event near the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake! Welcome to my tropical island! #JetsetTaiwan A photo posted by Jetset Times (@jetsettimes) on Jun 5, 2015 at 5:29am PDT […]

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Yilan Taiwan temple

Taiwan Buzz: Yilan, The County You Haven’t Heard Of

BY WENDY HUNG Travelers visiting Taiwan typically plan to check out these cities: Taipei, Hualian, Taidong, and Kenting. On the east side, there’s a county called Yilan (宜蘭) where my family and I often go for one-day road trips. An hour southeast of Taipei, Yilan is easiest to reach via a rental car and driving through the Snow Mountain […]

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