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Where To Go Out Every Day In Madrid As An International Student

BY NADIA CHO Let´s face it, you didn’t actually sign up for a study abroad program with the intention of studying—especially not if you chose a European party capital like Madrid. The crackin’ capital of Spain is teeming with international students from all over the world, as Spain is among the top 5 study abroad destination […]

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[RECIPE] Bringing Travel Home: Make Your Own Spanish Tortilla

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY One of the best things about travel is food, and what better way to relive the great nom-worthy moments then by bringing your favorite things back into your own kitchen. When I reminisce about my time in Barcelona, I remember having “tortilla” for lunch, dinner, or snack. Spanish tortillas are very different […]

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Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji!

BY WENDY HUNG Be honest, you know you can’t send a proper text without them. When it comes to smileys and ideograms, they’re so much better at expressing how we feel and what we’re doing than actual words. So if you were to travel like your favorite icon, we think this is what your itinerary must look like! […]

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Madrid Lookbook: A Fabulous Place To Live

BY NADIA CHO Madrid seems to be an underrated city when compared to the likes of Paris, London and Rome, and it’s much often a priority destination for travelers. However, not only is it an exciting place to visit. Madrid is a fabulous place to live. It’s an incredibly lively and welcoming city that’s not too […]

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Have A Plus One: 18 Reasons To Have A Travel Buddy

BY TAYLOR DODSON Whether you are living in a new place for months or taking a weekend getaway, have a travel companion is a must. Sharing travel explorations with a friend can make your experiences that much more memorable and meaningful. There are universal truths that friends know and experience when exploring a new location. […]

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What‘s Hip? Madrid’s Most Hipster Spot: Malasaña

BY NADIA CHO  Hipsters have officially taken over the modern world. What I previously thought was a purely American phenomenon turned out to be much more international than I thought as I walked through the streets of uptown Madrid and saw plenty of flannel, beards, ray-bans, tattoos and cafés with fixed-gear bicycles on the walls over […]

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How To Ditch The “Ignorant American” Stereotype In Europe

BY TAYLOR DODSON Walking around my suburb in Southern Spain with blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin, I am easily identified as a foreigner. Even traveling around Spain, I have been referred to as a “guiri” in just about every city. Thankfully my six-month span here has taught me that this Spanish slang is […]

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