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Mallorca's Es Trenc

Mallorca Lookbook: A Glimpse Of Heaven On Earth

BY NADIA CHO It’s no secret that Mallorca has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kings, aristocrats, artists and many Europeans in general have been coming to Mallorca to take idyllic holidays and soak in the island’s unbelievably breathtaking views. It’s not difficult to imagine why nations and empires, from the Phoenicians […]

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Seville Spain park copy

How To Spend The Best 24 Hours In Seville

BY GEMMA HARRIS Seville is one of those cities that can easily be explored 100 times over without uncovering its complete beauty. With its incredible architecture seeped in rich history and a cuisine that can inspire the most experienced of foodies there aren’t many reasons why you would only spend 24 hours here, but if […]

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Running of the Bulls protest

18 Powerful Photos Protesting Running Of The Bulls

BY TEAM JST Photo: Animanaturalis/Roland Bos Many travelers have participated in the festival of San Fermín (aka, Running of the Bulls) – a celebration kicked off on Monday in Pamplona, Spain. The famous festival annually attracts 1,000,0000 people who have most likely read the renowned novel The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway. SEE ALSO: A Death-Defying Guide On How To […]

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Spain Mallorca

How To Explore The North, West, South & East Of Mallorca

BY NADIA CHO The largest of the Baleares Islands of Spain, Mallorca, is a breathtaking paradise with unforgettable sights in every direction. Along all of the island’s coasts there are beaches and calas (coves) of all shapes and sizes, so no matter where you decide to visit on the island you will be welcomed with […]

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madrid gau&cafe

#Jetset24Hours: Madrid, Spain

BY NADIA CHO 1. Breakfast at Carmencita Bar. Calle San Vicente Ferrer 51, Metro Noviciado Carmencita has become THE breakfast/brunch spot for Madrileños in the central Madrid area. It’s a tiny adorable and cozy café tucked away in Malasaña with lots of natural light and happy colors. It´s the best if not only place in […]

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5 .Munich Germany

10 Stops For An Ultimate Eurotrip

BY ALYSSA RAMOS There’s no better way to see Europe in a short amount of time than by taking a Eurotrip to see all the famous sites! If it’s your first time in Europe, you’ll probably want to see the sites that each country is known for, and that’s easy to accomplish if you take […]

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Flickr Adriano Agulló La Boqueria Barcelona

2 Places To Enjoy The Best Social Eats In Barcelona

BY GEMMA HARRIS Photo: Flickr/Adriano Agulló Nothing beats experiencing a new place as much as enjoying the cuisine that it has on offer. Barcelona definitely has a lot on offer when it comes to food. This vibrant Catalan city can’t really be summed up in one word; it’s colorful, lively, fun, social, edgy, fresh and […]

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