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JST Drive: The Bay Area’s Best Motorcycle Routes

BY JERRY LEON x Ask any rider and they’ll tell you that the best part about riding are the twisties. A good rider isn’t judged on how fast he or she can go, but by how well he or she can lean into a turn (the lower the better) and not taste pavement. That’s what […]

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Robin Williams

10 Robin Williams Quotes Every Traveler Lives By

BY WENDY HUNG Today, the world is mourning. For every one of us who melted when Aladdin finally turned to his partner in crime and said, “You’re free, Genie.” For all of us who wished we had a teacher just as cool as John Keating. It was him, who made us decipher poetry then perpetually live with the […]

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indoo.rs app technology

SFO Brings High Technology For Blind Travelers

BY TEAM JST Innovative technology is once again elevating travel experiences at San Francisco International Airport. This time, it’s specifically helping blind travelers. Later this fall, SFO will be launching a test program to implement a guidance of beacon technology in Terminal 2, which is currently the hub of Virgin Airlines and American Airlines. 300 beacons […]

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EatWith San Francisco Lindsay

Home-Resto Website “EatWith” Opens Doors For Hungry Travelers In SF

BY TEAM JST EatWith San Francisco, Mika Last summer, we brought to you the news of a website that lets you dine in homes around the world. Ahh…the dream of every traveler these days. What better way to check out the food scene than to eat in a local’s home with other world-travelers! SEE ALSO: [Watch Video] EatWith: […]

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Balat, Istanbul

34 Cities That Will Make You Want To Paint The Town…Literally

BY WENDY HUNG Some cities were created to inspire the artists in all of us. The longer we wanderlust, the more we want to grab a paint brush and  channel our inner Van Goghs. These thirty-four colorful gems take us from Australia to Asia to all the Americas, through Europe and all the way to Greenland. Get […]

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tumblr american apparel flag

Happy 4th Of July, From An Aussie

BY CARLY BRAND  Tumblr Even though I am only 20 years old, I would call myself a seasoned traveler. I have traversed across the globe solo, with family, friends, and have ticked many sites off my bucket list. I have ventured from my homeland Australia, up to America, and as I try to think of […]

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Project Open Hand San Francisco AIDS Walk 6

JST EXCLUSIVE! How San Francisans Can Make A Difference For Project Open Hand

BY JERRY LEON Courtesy: YouTube It’s no secret that a nutritious diet is vital to maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle.  For people who live below the poverty line, however, access to nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables may not always be attainable, which means a healthy diet is difficult (if not impossible) to […]

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