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Jason travel before new job 2

Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Next Job

BY JASON CANTER Take a break, you deserve it!  You will not look back in 10 years and think, “thank God I started the new gig a week earlier, it made all the difference in my career and financials.” Traveling is a perfect use for Facebook, so see below for the “how to” guide on […]

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featured travel like favorite emoji

Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji!

BY WENDY HUNG Be honest, you know you can’t send a proper text without them. When it comes to smileys and ideograms, they’re so much better at expressing how we feel and what we’re doing than actual words. So if you were to travel like your favorite icon, we think this is what your itinerary must look like! […]

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Virgin America airline

British Airways, Virgin Airlines Double Flights For Skiers, Biz Travelers

BY TEAM JST With more people arriving to SXSW festival each year, it’s clear that Austin has become the Silicon Valley of Texas. Even major airlines are taking notice. Virgin America, based in California, first introduced the service between two major innovation capitals – Austin and San Francisco – back in May 2013. This week, it […]

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1. L women L Condom

L. Condoms Seeks To Wrap Up AIDS Epidemic

BY LENA KAZER Who knew doing the deed could also do some global good? Photojournalist Talia Frenkel founded L. after photographing AIDS ridden countries for the Red Cross. Frustrated by the lack of infrastructure emphasizing prevention education and overall in-access to protection from sexually transmitted diseases, Frenkel decided to create a sustainable solution and founded […]

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Attention Sports Fans: On-Demand Tickets At The Palm Of Your Hand

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY  As travelers become more spontaneous and the on-demand mobile trend is hot on the rise (think Uber for transportation, Hotel Tonight for accommodations), activity planning can now virtually be done on your phone. You’ve booked your flight and hotel, so now what? It’s time to find things to do. And if you’re […]

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Virgin America First Class

What’s The “Cherry On Top” Of Virgin America’s New In-Flight Menu?

BY TEAM JST Red carpet at the check-in counter, purple illuminating lights. No, it’s not a night club. These are just something we love about Virgin America. The California-based airline announced a culinary upgrade in its First Class cabins. Already one of the most popular, if not ultra “trendy” airlines in the U.S., the new First Class […]

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blue jasmine movie location san francisco

9 San Francisco Hotspots Where Blue Jasmine Was Filmed

BY WENDY HUNG The Oscars 2014 is fast approaching! To celebrate our love for cinema, we wanted to check out awesome movie locations where this year’s nominated films were shot as many were filmed in beautiful and scenic cities.  We’ll be kicking off the series with this year’s highly acclaimed Blue Jasmine (and one of my […]

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