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featured photo PrayforMH370

#PrayForMH370: 14 Powerful Images Of Hope

BY TEAM JST The power of the world coming together. The latest global crisis with Malaysia Airline MH370′s unexpected disappearance in the sky has created heartbreaks and painful anxiety among family and friends of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. Almost immediately after the news broke, Twitter began trending the hashtag #PrayForMH370 urging people […]

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oslo norway hotel LGBT video

How This Video Is Protesting Against Putin And Taking Over Oslo’s Swanky Hotel

BY TEAM JST From Oslo to Sochi with Love! When guests arrive at Norway’s swankiest hotel, The Thief in Oslo, they will be greeted by multiple couples – heterosexual, same-sex, interracial – kissing in enthusiastic support of the global Principle 6 campaign. Behind the initiative are the hosts of Europride 2014 and the Norwegian Hotel Tycoon Petter Stordalen. Not […]

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Ice, Ice, Baby: The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

BY TEAM JST Moscow’s first-ever ice terrace with a bar has opened at the Reka Moscow restaurant in the heart of Russia’s capital. Almost twenty tons of pure Siberian ice was used for the creation of the 120 square meter area which can seat up to 80 people. Here, fashionable Muscovites will be able to […]

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sochi winter olympics

12 Things You’ve Gotta Pack For The Sochi Olympics

With the Olympic Games swiftly approaching, 230 American athletes have been making their way to Sochi. The schedules are set, the torch has made its global round, and the anticipation is at an all-time high. Since the games officially begin on February 6th, fans of winter sports are making their way to Russia this week. […]

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20 Destinations That Define The New Cool In 2014

BY WENDY HUNG Fifteen years ago, everyone was flocking to Bali. A leisure vacation in the Indonesian island was uber hip, utterly jetset. A decade ago, Dubai was the ultimate…everything. If you stayed at Burj al Arab, then you were sitting at the top of an in-crowd. Five years ago, Costa Rica was suddenly on every […]

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8 Travel Moments That Will Change Your Life In 2014

BY WENDY HUNG Life is about squeezing every human sense that we have, while traveling enhances every sense of the word – experience. In the new year, we’re all finding ways to better ourselves, to make changes so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. On my Facebook feed, friends are sunken in regrets for […]

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sydney australia nye fireworks

3, 2, 1…Cities That Totally Nail The New Year’s Eve Fireworks

BY WENDY HUNG Planning where to go on New Year’s Eve is something that we all look forward to. Let’s be honest, after a week of holidays at home with our families, annual NYE is typically reserved for friends who party in the same style so you can all go somewhere to have the best time […]

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