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Azures sailing

Mid-Atlantic Thoughts From A Sailing Yacht

BY GEMMA HARRIS For me, the moment you step outside your comfort zone is when adventure truly begins. Sitting in the Azores with 1,800 miles of open sea behind me, I have now definitely stepped out of mine. SEE ALSO: An Unusual Spring Break: Strange Adventures Sailing Around Croatia Working on a 30-meter sailing yacht landed me with […]

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All The Food You Must Eat In Portugal (And Why)

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Portugal is known for a lot of incredible sights, but generally, food is not always the first thing mentioned. It might be because Portuguese food appeals to a very specific set of tastes. But most likely, it’s really great dishes are not commonly heard of. So the new traveler is not always well […]

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10 Boho travel street styles

10 Boho Travel Street Styles (And How To Pull Them Off)

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to fashion, the travelers of the world always have a head start. With each new city comes a barrage of colors, textures, and cuts that inspire a uniquely bohemian travel style. Those who Jetset are exposed to some of the most vibrant and eclectic fashion cities in the world […]

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Veniam Porto Portugal WiFi boats

Be Ecstatic About Free Wi-Fi On Buses & Taxis In Porto!

BY JST NEWS Last month, a startup in Portugal, Veniam picked up $4.9 million in funding to provide free Wi-Fi in urban environments. The technology basically connects buses and taxis via Internet-capable units which can communicate with other urban vehicles and with Internet infrastructure. SEE ALSO: Porto Lookbook: O Porto! A City of Fantasy And now, the beautiful […]

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Cascais Portugal

Cascais, A Destination In Portugal You Haven’t Explored

BY ELIZABETH BEZVERKHA Cascais, a small resort town near Lisbon, left me with the most inspiring photographs in my phone library. As you walk through the city, it is difficult not to bump into tourists, who stop every next step to capture the scenery. At the same time as being overcrowded, you can find complete […]

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Lisbon Portugal the view

10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit (And Possibly Move To) Lisbon Right Now!

BY NADIA CHO 1. The coast Lisbon is located along the southwestern coast of the beautiful country of Portugal. This means that the bright sky-blue water of the Tagus River is (almost) always visible within the city, and the relaxing beaches of Carcavelos, Caiscais, and many more are only a metro ride away. 2. The […]

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featured Porto Lookbook

Porto Lookbook: O Porto! A City of Fantasy

BY NADIA CHO Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, embedded alongside the River Douro and the Atlantic Ocean on the northwestern coast of the country. Porto historically served as the commercial port of the Romans and launched the exploratory maritime voyages of the Portuguese, where the Liberal Revolution started in 1820. It’s also where J.K. […]

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