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Porto Lookbook: O Porto! A City of Fantasy

BY NADIA CHO Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, embedded alongside the River Douro and the Atlantic Ocean on the northwestern coast of the country. Porto historically served as the commercial port of the Romans and launched the exploratory maritime voyages of the Portuguese, where the Liberal Revolution started in 1820. It’s also where J.K. […]

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Around The World In 10 Nirvana Inducing Desserts

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Disclaimer: A napkin is advised, as you may begin drooling over your keyboard. Reason #987 to travel: dessert! Traveling is the perfect way to explore different cuisines and tastes, and for sweet tooths like me, there’s nothing better than experiencing new sugary treats. Below is a list of some of my all […]

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20 Destinations That Define The New Cool In 2014

BY WENDY HUNG Fifteen years ago, everyone was flocking to Bali. A leisure vacation in the Indonesian island was uber hip, utterly jetset. A decade ago, Dubai was the ultimate…everything. If you stayed at Burj al Arab, then you were sitting at the top of an in-crowd. Five years ago, Costa Rica was suddenly on every […]

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Sintra Portugal

Getting Lost in the Magical Gardens of Sintra

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY If you’ve ever watched a Harry Potter film, you probably have a pretty good idea of what an enchanted castle or magical forest looks like. While I’ve always ooh-ed and aah-ed at these scenes on the big screen, I accepted long ago that these intricate and enchanted places exist only in the […]

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Florence Duomo Italy

8 Awesome Travel Photos To Get You Through Monday

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY 1. The sun rising over the Belém Tower, Portugal   2. View of over Florence and a glimpse of the Duomo   3. Fresh Lahmacun, or Turkish Pizza, from Istanbul   4. The clear waters of Formentera, Ibiza’s sister island 5. Tomato selection at La Boqueria in Barcelona   6. The Amsterdam […]

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REI Travel Adventures

What A Steal! REI Is Giving Away 7 Trips For 2 To 7 Of Its Most Popular Destinations

BY TEAM JST REI Adventures has released its 2014 line-up for adventure travels! “From Croatia to Iceland, Portugal to New Zealand or close to home, REI Adventures offers guests extraordinary local access to the most popular places around the globe,” said Cynthia Dunbar, REI Adventures manager. “Travelers choosing to stay a little longer through one of our robust trip extensions will maximize their time […]

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milan central station tettola italy

Sit Back, Relax, And Travel by Train

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Before landing in Europe, I had my own, admittedly unsupported perception of what riding a train there was like. I had traveled by train a few times in California, but for some reason, I pictured dark and abandoned stations in Europe, where Taken-like things happened. My preconception was turned completely on […]

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