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York and TM

Is Home Really Where The Heart Is? One Writer Explores…

BY LIZZY MONROE In the past two years, I have spent more time abroad than I have at home. I am from Eugene, Oregon, a friendly college town that is in many ways still stuck in the 60’s. Growing up in this hippie town not only instilled in me a love of Birkenstocks and tie-dye, but […]

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REI Travel Adventures

What A Steal! REI Is Giving Away 7 Trips For 2 To 7 Of Its Most Popular Destinations

BY TEAM JST REI Adventures has released its 2014 line-up for adventure travels! “From Croatia to Iceland, Portugal to New Zealand or close to home, REI Adventures offers guests extraordinary local access to the most popular places around the globe,” said Cynthia Dunbar, REI Adventures manager. “Travelers choosing to stay a little longer through one of our robust trip extensions will maximize their time […]

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macchu picchu peru

A Guide for the Inca Trail: Necessities and Advice for a 49k Hike to Machu Picchu

BY KEVIN MAWHINNEY  Although difficult, the Inca Trail is not the death march some may portray it to be. With rumors spreading about it’s closure nearing, it may be time to take action on this adventure. It is a challenging four-day hike in which you will summit two mountains, the first and more menacing of […]

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50 best

Leaked But Quickly and Officially Released: World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013

BY WENDY HUNG Leaked a bit earlier than expected this year by Spain’s El Pais and Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paolo, San Pelligrino’s annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants list has been officially released. Unfortunately, a number of top American restaurants from last year’s list have been lowered in the ranks, except for Eleven Madison Park in New York City that […]

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Pic of the Day – Tres Amigos

BY TEAM JST Our team brings you daily fun photos from around the world, oh! Help us finish this sentence, “only when jetsetting…” Only when jetsetting…are the three cowboys you can’t take your eyes off of under the age of five (photo taken by Lena Kazer in Huancayo, Peru.) 5. Peruvian population is multiethnic, including: Amerindians, […]

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Huacachina, Peru: An Ant on a Sand Hill

BY JOCELYN REIST Nature has a way of making you feel one of two sensations. A grueling three hour hike leaves you at the top of a mountain, and you feel like King of the Wild Frontier. But at the same time, the immensity of the rock façade and the stretch of forest that goes […]

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How Peru Shifted My Perspective

BY BECCA MEDVIN From the moment I arrived by cattle car in the small Peruvian village of Pallata, I was in awe of it’s immeasurable warmth and spirit. I was immediately bombarded with confetti and flowers, and it seemed as if I were in a completely different world. Though I had been nervous about whether […]

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