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10 Bars & Clubs Repping The Nightlife Scene In Lima, Peru

BY WENDY HUNG Lima is an up-and-coming food scene, impressing the heck out of the best of travelers. Along with a promising rise of gastronomy comes with bars and lounges focusing on the science of mixology. On this list, you’ll find options where you can taste modern takes on classic recipes such as the famous […]

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Transportation Tips! The Best Ways To Get In & Around Lima

BY WENDY HUNG There are many options when it comes to traveling to Lima or getting around the city. For first-timers, read through the info below so you can make the most adequate plans for your trip! Getting in and around Lima isn’t difficult to figure out, especially if you’re prepared to taxi your way throughout […]

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This Real-Deal Documentarian Unleashes Awe-Inspiring “Travel Songs”

BY LENA KAZER When we first met Zachary Humenik almost two years ago, we were researching organizations our Top 10 Kickstarters All About Traveling – October Edition. The series featured dozens of inspiring start-ups that use Kickstarter to fundraise their projects; projects that we believe change the world for the better, and encourage others to […]

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How To Pack Like A Pro For Your Trip To Peru

BY WENDY HUNG As home to the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and the Nazca Desert; Peru has become a top touristic destination for today’s adventurers and curious wanderlusts. With so much to do ranging from enriching museums, trekking the Inca Trails to indulging in world-class restaurants, you’re most likely planning a trip to both Lima and Cusco. Due to the […]

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Peru Buzz: 6 Lima Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

BY WENDY HUNG Gastronomy in Lima is not only rising with global talents, it’s growing with a cutting edge attitude. Sustainable cooking, molecular methods are trending along with a focus to highlight multiculturalism that is deep-rooted in the history of Peru. Here are six mouthwatering restaurants that will ensure your trip in Lima is as delectable and […]

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What Your Travel Brew Says About You

BY LENA KAZER So you wouldn’t call yourself a brew connoisseur, but you like to get a down with your friends hops, barley, and yeast on a semi regular basis. Trekking the globe, we beer lovers have been exposed to an astonishing variation of lagers, ales, and microbrews that often seem to somehow fit the country […]

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Lima Neighborhoods: A Breakdown Made For Travelers

BY WENDY HUNG bibliocad.com You may be heading to Peru to experience the Machu Picchu, but you’re sure to spend at least a few days in Lima. Although the capital of Peru is gigantic, divided into forty-three different districts and populated by eight million inhabitants. There are, however, simply a handful of districts that you’ll be wanderlusting […]

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