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Basic Hotel Bergen: A Hidden Abode In Norway

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY visitbergen.com About six hours west of Oslo, is Norway’s lesser known brother, Bergen. Historic, quiet, and rich with nature and sweeping fjords, Bergen is luscious yet unassuming. It’s a place where beauty speaks for itself, a destination where a little exploration reaps big and priceless benefits. Surrounded by large mountains, Bergen’s city center […]

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Rushed Travel: A View From The Top

BY MACEAGON VOYCE On the occasion that you have a layover, or find yourself in an unexplored location for a brief period of time, the most productive way to get a “feel” for that place is to climb to the highest point it offers. Now if you find yourself in Nepal, that’s a rather “tall” […]

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Are You Ready For Arctic Race Of Norway?

BY TEAM JST Last year, the Arctic Race of Norway became the first professional cycling race held inside the Arctic Circle. This year it will take it a step further, taking the peloton 400 kilometres further north. The most northern adventurous event in the history of the sport will set an almost unbreakable record with the finish of […]

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How To Travel On A Budget Without Sacrificing Comfort

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Traveling on a budget quite often requires some foresight, because while spontaneity can be exciting, it can also be expensive and/or risky—e.g. last-second hotel bookings, narrowly scheduled train tickets, etc. I wholeheartedly endorse spontaneity, but it’s important to keep in mind that it may result in unexpected expenditures, or leave you without […]

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11 Reasons Why #EarthDay Matters To Us Jetsetters

BY WENDY HUNG This isn’t just any other day. UNESCO Conference in San Francisco first initiated Earth Day back in 1969, celebrating Mother earth and the ideals of peace. Today, due to drastic effects of global warming, Earth Day is symbolizing a deeper meaning for all of us.  You may think of us, jetsetters, as the least likely […]

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A Breathtaking Guide To Norway’s Fjords

BY JERRY LEON    Kjosfossen Waterfall There are few places in the world that are as magnificent in scale and captivating in scope as the fjords of Norway.  Numerous as the fjords are (about 1,200 by some estimates), I want to detail a day trip I had a couple years ago, when I had the opportunity […]

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How This Video Is Protesting Against Putin And Taking Over Oslo’s Swanky Hotel

BY TEAM JST From Oslo to Sochi with Love! When guests arrive at Norway’s swankiest hotel, The Thief in Oslo, they will be greeted by multiple couples – heterosexual, same-sex, interracial – kissing in enthusiastic support of the global Principle 6 campaign. Behind the initiative are the hosts of Europride 2014 and the Norwegian Hotel Tycoon Petter Stordalen. Not […]

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