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Cultural Humility: Why Should You Care?

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI Sturdy walking shoes? Check. Cross-body bag? Check. Passport and flight info? Check. So everything is packed in your suitcase and you’re ready to go, right? Have you checked your cultural baggage? You might not realize it, but you are bringing a lot more than clothes to your life abroad. In this ever-shrinking world, cultural […]

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Nicaragua’s Ometepe: The Island of Peace and Tranquility

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI While a visit to an island that is home to two volcanoes and only accessible by a large ferry may not sound like a recipe for relaxation, Nicaragua’s Isla de Ometepe is exactly that. My recent trip to the island, which is located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, was the perfect […]

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Mancarrón: An Art Lover’s Must See When Visiting The Solentiname Islands in Lake Nicaragua

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI On a recent trip to the Solentiname Islands in Lake Nicaragua, I realized that an island vacation doesn’t just have to be full of swimming and sunbathing; it can be full of art appreciation too! The Solentiname Islands is an archipelago and each island has something different to offer.  Mancarrón is the […]

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Deals We Love From Tablet: Costa Rica, Greece, France & Nicaragua

BY TEAM JST Tablet is a great resource for all that you need for a luxurious traveling experience. They hand-pick hotels that truly matter and bring its members easy bookings with lowest available prices. Right now, they’re featuring Spring Savings with hotel deals for you to receive $10% – 30% off. We’ve picked out four […]

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Nicas and Ticos: A Look at the Relationship Between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI Before my trip to Costa Rica, I had heard a variety of opinions about the locals and their culture. In America, Costa Rica is widely viewed as a great vacation spot that attracts adventurists and beach bums. In Nicaragua, however, I heard a much different story. Most Nicaraguans view Costa Rica as […]

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Must-See in the Caribbean Coast! Three Beautiful Communities to Visit in Nicaragua

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI If you find yourself planning a trip to Central America, be sure to make time to explore Nicaragua. While the Pacific side of the country has a lot of tourist destinations and some beautiful sights to offer, you should also try to make a trip to the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. After […]

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The Gastronomical Guide to the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast

BY MAURA LEWANDOWSKI If you venture to the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua from Managua, you will immediately notice a difference in culture, lifestyle and food. On a recent trip to Bluefields, Orinoco and Pearl Lagoon, I found that the cuisine on the Coast includes some twists on traditional Nicaraguan dishes and an abundance of seafood. […]

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