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Best Places For 20-Somethings To Move To

BY NADIA CHO thehappenstanceplace.wordpress.com Well, I’ve finally reached that point in my life which I’ve been dreading for the past 4 years: post-grad. I’ve only ever had one plan for what I would do once I finish college and that is to live abroad. My greatest life ambition at the moment is to find myself […]

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Balat, Istanbul

34 Cities That Will Make You Want To Paint The Town…Literally

BY WENDY HUNG Some cities were created to inspire the artists in all of us. The longer we wanderlust, the more we want to grab a paint brush and  channel our inner Van Goghs. These thirty-four colorful gems take us from Australia to Asia to all the Americas, through Europe and all the way to Greenland. Get […]

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Simón Bolívar International Airport (Maiquetía, Venezuela)

14 Days, 9 Airports: Jetting Through The World’s Fair-ports

BY SCHUYLER ARAKAWA You can learn a lot about a city from its airport. Thousands of people will fly through the city, never having left the airport. Airports have to make sure that each traveler liked what they saw, luring them back with a teaser of what lies on the other side of the wardrobe. […]

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Cancun Whale Shark Tour 3

The Whale Sharks Return To Cancun May 15 – September 15

BY TEAM JST In honor of Earth Day, we thought travelers across the globe would love to know that whale sharks are making their return! The annual summer migration of the ocean’s largest fish begins May 15, 2014 near Cancun, Mexico. They will be in the Gulf of Mexico’s waters near Cancun, one of the world’s hottest and most desirable vacation spots […]

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Jason travel before new job 2

Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Next Job

BY JASON CANTER Take a break, you deserve it!  You will not look back in 10 years and think, “thank God I started the new gig a week earlier, it made all the difference in my career and financials.” Traveling is a perfect use for Facebook, so see below for the “how to” guide on […]

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spring break kickstart

How To Kickstart Your Spring Break Travel Bag

BY WENDY HUNG With Spring Break just a few weeks away, your travel bag is in need of a major makeover. Forget polar vortex! Cancun, Key West, Nassau…here we come! Before the chaos of raging 24/7, drinking ’till dawn and passing out with cheese sticks begins, let’s make sure you have the right gear to look […]

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Where In Vegas Can We Find Mexican “Day Of The Dead” Craft Beer?

BY TEAM JST Drinks Americas, the exclusive United States broker for leading premium authentic Mexican beers currently present in over 32 states, announced that their premium authentic Mexican Day of the Dead craft beer is cooling down three of hottest restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip: 1. Pink Taco Known for putting a California spin on traditional Mexican food, Pink […]

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