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DTLA Los Angeles bars

Get Down With Barhopping In DTLA

BY NADIA CHO The historic downtown area of Los Angeles has grown incredibly up and coming and hip within the last few years. Thanks to great bars, food stops, urban parks and cultural events, DTLA is way cooler and exciting to hang out in than posh and snooty West Hollywood. Thanks to its high density […]

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Coffee Commissionary Los Angeles

The Travel Phenomena You Can’t Get Enough Of: Café Culture

BY DAWN FLEMING On my day off from school, I decided to walk down a major street in my LA neighborhood. As I admired the different apartments, boutiques, and restaurants, it occurred to me that there is not a street in Los Angeles that you could walk down without seeing a coffee shop. There’s probably […]

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Marriott Burbank Airport

Finally! A State-Of-The-Art Airport Made For Business Travelers

BY TEAM JST Business travelers will be inspired by the renovation of Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport‘s convention center and can experience the new setting while earning additional perks. The upscale meeting and convention venue accessible to all of the greater Los Angeles area takes Burbank business conferences to a new level. The renovation of the 50,000-square-foot […]

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drink advisor tech app

Tech Tuesday: The Best City Apps Roundup

BY DAWN FLEMING rumconnection.com In the past, exploring new places always required extensive planning with an itinerary and list of all the things you needed to do or see. Now, thanks to technology and Steve Jobs, you can enjoy your next travel adventure, courtesy of the app store on your smartphone. After some research, I’ve […]

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cafe gratitude los angeles restaurant

Taste LA’s Gourmet Vegan Cuisine That’s Spreading Its Wings

BY TEAM JST In the last decade, we’ve seen sustainable eating trending in Los Angeles. With a conscious effort to consume healthier, it’s no longer a movement for hippies and sassy trendies. The success of Café Gratitude in Larchmont Village and Venice since 2011 indicates that consciously-sourced gourmet vegan cuisine shouldn’t be confined solely to residents in those neighborhoods. […]

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Catalina Island California

The Art Of The Staycation – Straight Ahead!

BY DAWN FLEMING Many of us get that itch to travel to a new country and explore places we’ve always dreamed of visiting. For me, that place will always be Paris. Rain or shine, Paris always seems to have a magical glow that keeps you wanting more. Unfortunately, many of us don’t always have the […]

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Abbott's Pizza Company Los Angeles

Get Hooked On Los Angeles’ Best Pizza

BY NADIA CHO When it comes to pizza California often gets sneered at by our distant national peers such as New York or Chicago. Why? It’s because rather than offering thick cuts of dough loaded with gooey cheese and sauce that come with 5000 calories a slice, Californians like to make pizzas on crispier crusts […]

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