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BBC Japan bullet train suicide

Suicide In Japan Bullet Train Kills Two

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Travelers on Japan’s Shinkansen today were on an unexpected and unfortunate incident. On route from Tokyo to Osaka, the bullet train was forced to make a stop near Odawara (45 miles south of Tokyo) due to a man who was believed to have poured a flammable liquid over his body […]

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Elle Macpherson

See Japan Through Elle Macpherson’s Eyes

BY TEAM JST Designed in Australia,shot in Bahamas ,worn today in Kyoto japan- that's what you call global design. Bassike asymmetrical stipe shirt and culottes- @bazaaraustralia for @superelixir thanks @karlaanneclarke @simonuptonpics @itstroyjensen A photo posted by Elle Macpherson (@ellemacphersonofficial) on Jun 21, 2015 at 3:00pm PDT Courtesy: Instagram/ellemacphersonofficial Japan is on top of everyone’s bucket list […]

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timelapse video tokyo toyama

Coolest Timelapse Shows What Pilots See, From Tokyo To Toyama

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Yes people! Hit that “full screen” button and you’ll fly from Tokyo to Toyama in just 1 minute and 29 seconds. Best part: it’s completely from the pilot’s view! If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in aviation, here’s a quick and nifty preview. SEE ALSO: A San Francisco Photographer’s Sick Video In 15 […]

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Solar Impulse 2

Why The Sun-Powered Plane Unexpectedly Landed In Nagoya

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube On Sunday, we reported that Solar Impulse 2 took off on an aviation record breaking ride, piloted by Swiss businessman and pilot André Borschberg. It would be the first around-the-world flight solely powered y the sun. On Sunday, the jet took off on its toughest leg, from China heading toward Honolulu. Today, […]

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Flickr ROBERT HUFFSTUTTER tokyo japan street

Video Shows Ground Bending During 7.8 Earthquake In Japan This Weekend

BY JST NEWS Although there isn’t a tsunami alert after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Japan islands, the country is still rattled from the powerful shakes. SEE ALSO: 11 Organizations Needing Your Support For Earthquake Victims In Nepal According to Japan’s Meterological Agency, the earthquake occurred near Ogasawara islands on Saturday evening. At first, it […]

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coffee cup illustration tokyo

These Fun Coffee Cups Showcase Panoramic Illustrations Of Tokyo

BY TEAM JST The Imperial Palace #皇居 #東京 #日本 #tokyo #japan #coffeeart #panoramacup #coffeepanorama #sketchcup #sketch #コーヒーアート #コーヒーパノラマ #スケッチカップ #スケッチ #urbansketch A video posted by Adrian Hogan (@adehogan) on May 14, 2015 at 7:26pm PDT Courtesy: Instagram/adehogan Can we just say: best.coffee.cups.ever. We love a good story of talented, multicultural artists and getting to see […]

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Flickr OiMax Tokyo Japan

20 Must-Do’s That Guarantee Your Best Tokyo Moments

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Flickr/OiMax Colorful. Vibrant. Fascinating. Quirky. Extreme. Contradicting. Polite. Clean. High-tech…these are only a few out of a thousands words that have often been said about Tokyo. For a very long time, Japan has held an imperative role on the global stage. The country’s capital, Tokyo has always been a futuristic city representing […]

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