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These Fun Coffee Cups Showcase Panoramic Illustrations Of Tokyo

BY TEAM JST The Imperial Palace #皇居 #東京 #日本 #tokyo #japan #coffeeart #panoramacup #coffeepanorama #sketchcup #sketch #コーヒーアート #コーヒーパノラマ #スケッチカップ #スケッチ #urbansketch A video posted by Adrian Hogan (@adehogan) on May 14, 2015 at 7:26pm PDT Courtesy: Instagram/adehogan Can we just say: best.coffee.cups.ever. We love a good story of talented, multicultural artists and getting to see […]

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20 Must-Do’s That Guarantee Your Best Tokyo Moments

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Flickr/OiMax Colorful. Vibrant. Fascinating. Quirky. Extreme. Contradicting. Polite. Clean. High-tech…these are only a few out of a thousands words that have often been said about Tokyo. For a very long time, Japan has held an imperative role on the global stage. The country’s capital, Tokyo has always been a futuristic city representing […]

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11 Of Our Favorite Restaurants In Tokyo, Japan

BY WENDY HUNG Tokyo is a mecca for traditional and modern foodies. The complete list of where to go to enjoy a perfectly delicious meal is almost overwhelming as there are far too many fantastic hotspots to choose from. SEE ALSO: 8 Random Things You’ll Learn In Tokyo After living in Japan’s capital for 6 months, I […]

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6.6 Earthquake Shakes Up Locals & Travelers In Taiwan

BY JST NEWS On Monday morning, at 9:42 a.m. local time, a 6.6 earthquake shook the island of Taiwan. The quake lasted for almost 30 seconds, leaving many locals and travelers disoriented. Even for people in Taipei who are accustomed to frequent earthquakes, some were shaken up by swaying buildings that seemed to last much longer than […]

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Chopsticks Over History Books: 9 Must-Eats Of Okinawa, Japan

BY LENA KAZER When I made the puddle-jump from Taiwan to Okinawa, I knew very little about the impending flavor-lottery I would soon find on the Japanese prefecture. I anticipated engorging myself on raw fish and seaweed, cramming decades of youth-revitalizing vitamins into my body before heading back to the land of white bread and […]

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This Documentary Exposes The Dark Side Of Japan’s Internet Cafes

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: Vimeo If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably spent a few days fixated on its animated popular culture: cosplay in Harajuku, praying at the temple in Asakusa, or singing your heart out at karaoke. Then, you probably came to discover a darker side of Japan when your train was often delayed because […]

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8 Random Things You’ll Learn In Tokyo

BY JUDY WU Photo: Flickr/OiMax 1. Fresh produce is expensive If I lived in Tokyo, I would never eat fresh fruit or vegetables. It simply wouldn’t happen. After buying a two-pound watermelon for $21 and three tomatoes for $6,I decided to save my money for the karaoke bar. 2. Street vending machines everywhere Vending machines […]

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