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airpano.com Rome Italy

10 Reasons To Plan A Roman Holiday Stat

BY KATIE HABIG airpano.com Known as the Eternal City, Rome is home to a wealth of culture, history, and art – and in my opinion the most delicious food in the world! Sounds pretty great, right? This is why you should make Rome your next travel destination. If you need more convincing, just keep reading. […]

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featured Cinque Terre Lookbook

Cinque Terre Lookbook: An Italian Paradiso

BY GUADALUPE GONZALEZ Just an hour and a half’s ride away from Sienna, Cinque Terre (which means five lands in Italian) is an adventurer’s paradise. Found along the northern region of the Italian Riviera, this collection of unique, but similarly vibrant towns boasts incredible coastal views and endless unpaved, rocky trails that feed into one […]

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Balat, Istanbul

34 Cities That Will Make You Want To Paint The Town…Literally

BY WENDY HUNG Some cities were created to inspire the artists in all of us. The longer we wanderlust, the more we want to grab a paint brush and  channel our inner Van Goghs. These thirty-four colorful gems take us from Australia to Asia to all the Americas, through Europe and all the way to Greenland. Get […]

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espn World Cup Team Russia arrive Brazil

#FashionFriday: World Cup Teams Jetset To Brazil In Total Style

BY TEAM JST tntmagazine.com Futbol players aren’t known for their blazing talents. Without the sweat in the field, their styles are known to be impeccable. Just look at David Beckham through the pages of any fashion mag. With World Cup 2014 kicking off in high gear this week and in honor of our favorite hashtag ever, […]

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Around The World In 10 Nirvana Inducing Desserts

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Disclaimer: A napkin is advised, as you may begin drooling over your keyboard. Reason #987 to travel: dessert! Traveling is the perfect way to explore different cuisines and tastes, and for sweet tooths like me, there’s nothing better than experiencing new sugary treats. Below is a list of some of my all […]

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JST Article 3 - Italy 2

A Traveler’s Glance Into A Native’s Culture: Provincial Holidays

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Image: Pinterest It’s quite evident that all places have unique cultures, even within the United States. There exists an incredible array of colloquialisms that make regions and their residents identifiable, whether it’s a southern drawl or the casual negation of the letter ‘R’. Those discrepancies exist throughout the entire world, and the […]

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Belmond Hotel Cipriani Venice Italy 1

Venice’s Iconic Belmond Hotel Cipriani Is Back! Here’s The 411…

BY TEAM JST Paris has The Ritz, Hong Kong has The Peninsula, and Venice has always had Hotel Cipriani – founded in May of 1985 by Giuseppe Ciprini, who also opened Harry’s Bar in Venice and invented a little cocktail you may have heard of called: the Bellini. SEE ALSO: Jetset Times Guide To Getaway – Paris This […]

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