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featured photo Keagon Voyce language barrier

The Reality Of Language Barriers

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Three young Indian men soliciting my travel companion Marios in Hindi at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Language barriers are a daunting impediment to travel, and there’s little doubt that the difficulty they give people has deterred many-a-potential-traveler from traveling at all. But there is something special about feeling completely foreign in […]

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Turquoise water against white stones and high cliffs, Santorini in the Greek Isles is on the top of the list of many wedding planners' destination. And they're spot on!

SWOON! 18 Of Spring’s Romantic Destinations

BY WENDY HUNG Flowers bloom, the leaves turn green and waters around the world suddenly become evermore sapphire blue. Spring is here and we are loving every bit of the world, allowing nature to take its course and bringing all colors to life. All this awakening only means one thing: romance is in the air. Engaged […]

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featured travel like favorite emoji

Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji!

BY WENDY HUNG Be honest, you know you can’t send a proper text without them. When it comes to smileys and ideograms, they’re so much better at expressing how we feel and what we’re doing than actual words. So if you were to travel like your favorite icon, we think this is what your itinerary must look like! […]

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AndyJG1 - Flickr

Cheers! A Luscious Toast To Wines In 3 Coveted Countries

BY LIZZY MONROE  Wine tasting is one of my favorite activities, but being a college aged student, I rarely get to enjoy wines that cost more than $5.00. Luckily, much of my time abroad has allowed me to enjoy some of the finer wines at much lower prices. Throughout my experiences abroad, I’ve learned that vineyards […]

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Rail Europe

[DISCOUNT CODE] Get ‘Em! Rail Europe’s E-Tickets

BY TEAM JST Rail Europe is expanding! Just like how it should be, e-tickets are now available for Italy’s Trenitalia and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn. Also, Rail Europe is currently offering special deals on these popular tickets for those who book online. Travelers who purchase any domestic Trenitalia train ticket from Rail Europe by April 10 can get 25% off all Italian activity products from Rail […]

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Sorrento Food Tour Italy 4

YUM! A Sorrento Italian Food Tour Gone Country

BY WENDY HUNG Even if you wanted a Big Mac, you couldn’t spot a McDonald’s in a beautiful Italian town like Sorrento. Once you’re on Amalfi Drive with Tyrrhenian Sea in sight, thoughts of an iced vanilla latte are naturally out the window. What you’ll be craving for are local pastas, sprinkled with fresh mozzarella and farm-grown basil […]

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Milan Design Week 2014

Is Milan Design Week Cooking Up Your Ideas In “The Kitchen”?

BY TEAM JST The kitchen becomes OPEN! No, we’re not referring to Martha Stewart’s but a brain-storming marathon and incubator of ideas for “The Kitchen” during Milan Design Week 2014, from April 6th – 11th. 10 makers, designers and planners will be chosen to produce innovation on the “open source kitchen” theme. If you think you’ve got what it […]

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