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VeryFirstTo.com Bespoke Your Life Tour perfumes

This Insanely Luxurious European Tour Is How You’re Showered With Opulence

BY TEAM JST Now THIS is what we call: true luxe. VeryFirstTo.com is a luxury tour company based in London currently offering an opulent package that will blow your mind. Are you ready? SEE ALSO: Did You Jetset Like These Celebs This Summer? For $250,000 (£162,975,) a couple will be drenched with extravagance on an 18-night vacation by […]

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Manarola in the daytime

Cinque Terre Lookbook: European’s Favorite Idyllic Holiday

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Nestled along the eastern coast of the Ligurian Riviera lies one of Europe’s favorite hidden treasures: Cinque Terre. Built along nearly 15km of coastline, Cinque Terre (Italian: five lands) is comprised of five small fishing villages, with the oldest (Monterosso al Mare) dating as far back as 643 CE. The appeal […]

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Vespa Armani

This So-Chic Vespa Is How You Ride (& Arrive) In Style

BY TEAM JST  YouTube Launched earlier this summer, the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani is proof that black is beautiful, especially if you want to channel the streets of Rome in stylish vroom. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the giant fashion house, this sleek vespa was developed by Armani and Piaggio. Even the name was no coincidence, as […]

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cracker rage

This Is What Happened After A Passenger’s Cracker Rage

BY JST NEWS Last December, the nut rage on Korea Air was heard around world, one would think passengers now know better to repeat the same mistake. But, no. Let’s change the “nut” rage to a “cracker” rage. SEE ALSO: What Happened During Korean Air’s “Nut Rage” Scandal? On Saturday, during a United Airlines’ flight from Rome to […]

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5 .Munich Germany

10 Stops For An Ultimate Eurotrip

BY ALYSSA RAMOS There’s no better way to see Europe in a short amount of time than by taking a Eurotrip to see all the famous sites! If it’s your first time in Europe, you’ll probably want to see the sites that each country is known for, and that’s easy to accomplish if you take […]

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Valerie Italy market

5 Cities That Will MAKE Your Italian Summer

BY VALERIE WILSON It’s no secret that Italy is a hot-spot for summer travel. It also happens to be one of my favorite countries to return to again and again. Italy is rich in culture, beauty and lets just be honest… food! It doesn’t matter what region you choose, the food is fantastic and the […]

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Jay Z Beyonce Florence

Your Ultimate Guide To Florence, According To Bey, Jay (& Blue Ivy)

BY TEAM JST Photo: Beyonce.com No, this isn’t the Florence you saw on Jersey Shore. After the On the Run Tour, Beyonce and Jay Z indulged in a much needed vacation. The couple, along with their daughter, Blue Ivy, were in Florence attending the wedding of billionaire financial consultant Noam Gottesman and Bianca Duenas. SEE […]

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