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Betternet VPN iPad

The Best Free VPN App You Should Download In China

BY WENDY HUNG Few years ago, the worst part about traveling to China is also saying goodbye to your social media accounts. Beyond that, don’t expect to use WhatsApp, Line or other text-messaging devices. They simply won’t work! SEE ALSO: Bring It On Shanghai! 18 Must-Do’s You Can’t Miss To solve the issue, many companies have released […]

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Jetset Nightmare! 6 Countries With Internet Censorship

BY WENDY HUNG There is no celebrating for me as Facebook turns 10, because there is no social media access in Iran! No status updates. No photo uploads. You want to know the most irritating fact about traveling? Today, the website author and social media lover in me says: internet censorship.  Adding to the frustration, […]

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