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Summer instagram featured

12 Instagram Beach Trends You Can’t Avoid This #Summer

BY WENDY HUNG Instagram: Gisele Bündchen Like it or not, these trends will be clogging your Instagram feed from now ’til September. Though some hashtags may come and go, (#snelfie, anyone?) posts such as leg selfies and headless bikini shots have much klout power thanks to the viral sexiness of Heidi Klum and Demi Lovato. As we soak our feet in […]

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Bur al Arab

Burj Al Arab, @beautifuldestinations Turn Instagram Into #Instameet

BY TEAM JST With 1,478,942 followers on Instagram, @beautifuldestinations has caught the eye of the world’s most celebrated luxury hotel: Burj al Arab. In an effort to power drive its social media platform, Burj al Arab (which currently has 10,718 followers) is teaming up with @beautifuldestinations to send ten people for a trip of a lifetime. Check […]

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Discovering London Through Instagram With @gcooler

BY NADIA CHO I always tell people that Instagram is a terrific way through which I see the world. Ever since I became a user of this popular photo app, my favorite thing to do is to search hashtags of cities and countries and look through the photos of the many Instagrammers, i.e. everyday people, […]

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featured NoMakeupSelfie

UK Trending: Where’s Your #NoMakeupSelfie?

BY WENDY HUNG Cancer awareness has gone viral! If you haven’t seen your friends posting photos of themselves without any makeup on, then you probably don’t know much about the latest trending hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie hovering massive Twitter and Instagram feeds. It all started with American author, Laura Lippman’s selfie sans makeup to support 81-year-old actress Kim […]

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featured photo instagram filters

How To Filter Like An Instagram Pro

BY WENDY HUNG These days, every traveler’s best companion is an iPhone. Even if you don’t carry one, you filter. And by filter, we mean, you Instagram! #Instagood, #instanom, #instahot…these aren’t simply some of the most popular hashtags, these words are now part of our daily lingo. Seriously, did you “insta” yet? After its launch in […]

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featured facebook censorship iran

Jetset Nightmare! 6 Countries With Internet Censorship

BY WENDY HUNG There is no celebrating for me as Facebook turns 10, because there is no social media access in Iran! No status updates. No photo uploads. You want to know the most irritating fact about traveling? Today, the website author and social media lover in me says: internet censorship.  Adding to the frustration, […]

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tyra banks fashion friday model instagram

18 Getaways As Told By Models of the World

BY WENDY HUNG From years of flipping through fashion magazines, I’ve come to appreciate models, not as coat hangers, but as those who capture beautiful moments in life. Fantasy or artistic concepts, moments are what they emulate and convey best. Nowadays, scrolling through Instagram feed is a new and digitalized way of flipping through a […]

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