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Flickr Owen Young India women

Stuck In India’s Heatwave? Experts Want You To Do 4 Things NOW

BY JST NEWS Photo: Flickr/Owen Young If you’re traveling in India, especially in the New Delhi region, you’re already aware of the heatwave killing over 500 people, and the number is expected to rise. SEE ALSO: Traveling To India? Let These Top 3 Tips Lead The Way! According to news agency AFP, Special Commissioner of Andha Pradesh’s […]

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Turkish airline plane crash kathmandu nepal

Turkish Airline’s Plane Crash Is #Instashocking

BY JST NEWS  Courtesy: YouTube On Wednesday, Turkish Airline’s horrific plane crash was caught on video at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Airbus 330 Flight TK726 skidded off the runway after being held up by heavy fog. SEE ALSO: Flight MH370 Crash Officially Declared As An “Accident” The flight was slotted to land at 6.a.m., but due […]

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10 Boho travel street styles

10 Boho Travel Street Styles (And How To Pull Them Off)

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to fashion, the travelers of the world always have a head start. With each new city comes a barrage of colors, textures, and cuts that inspire a uniquely bohemian travel style. Those who Jetset are exposed to some of the most vibrant and eclectic fashion cities in the world […]

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Uber New Delhi

UPDATE: Uber Blacklisted In New Delhi After Rape Allegations

BY JST NEWS After rape allegations over the weekend of a female customer who was sexually attacked by an Uber driver, the Indian transport department has announced the car service app has been “blacklisted” for “misleading customers”. SEE ALSO: Is It Safe To Uber In India When Rape Happened? The driver was arrested and held in custody for three days, […]

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ibtimes.com Uber India

Is It Safe To Uber In India When Rape Happened?

BY JST NEWS Does a female traveler need to worry for Ubering in India? On Sunday, an Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav was arrested in his hometown of Mathura by the Indian police. Alleged crime? He raped a young woman. Located 100 miles south of New Delhi in northern India, Yadav is accused of raping a […]

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SpiceJet India

What Happens When A Plane Hits A Buffalo During Takeoff? SpiceJet Knows

BY JST NEWS Anything can happen on a runway. Usually it involves birds, but this time, it’s…a buffalo. At Surat Airport, located in Magdala (north of Mumbai,) India’s low-cost and fourth largest airline in the country SpiceJet hit a buffalo on the runway during takeoff. SpiceJet Boeing 737-800’s incident occurred on Thursday, because the buffalo was […]

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Gagosian Paris gallery Peter Lindbergh exhibition

Your Jetset Lowdown This Morning

BY TEAM JST You might’ve been too busy city hopping this weekend to notice some big breaking jetset news. No worries, we’ve got you covered.  1. La classe! Virgin Australia has unveiled a new business class suite which includes: lie-flat beds, new bars, multiple light settings and a special tablet holder. How’s that for luxury travel! […]

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