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20 Destinations That Define The New Cool In 2014

BY WENDY HUNG Fifteen years ago, everyone was flocking to Bali. A leisure vacation in the Indonesian island was uber hip, utterly jetset. A decade ago, Dubai was the ultimate…everything. If you stayed at Burj al Arab, then you were sitting at the top of an in-crowd. Five years ago, Costa Rica was suddenly on every […]

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Why Do Filmmakers Love To Shoot In Iceland?

BY TEAM JST Is Spielberg heading there anytime soon? Is Martin Scorsese going to taste some local whales? Apparently, filmmakers love to shoot in Iceland, renowned for its out-of-this-world landscapes and extreme, unique environment. With much anticipated Hollywood films including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Thor 2: The Dark World and Noah set for release between December and March 2014, Iceland is fast being recognized as […]

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Iceland Promoting Tourism By Asking Locals To Bare Secret Gems & Insider Tips

BY TEAM JST This week Iceland will launch a new tourism campaign to inspire travelers to seek out the country’s undiscovered treasures. Share the Secret is a new campaign by Inspired by Iceland, the country’s tourism promotional effort. The campaign will draw on local knowledge to reveal some of the country’s hidden treasures by encouraging Icelanders to share their […]

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What A Steal! REI Is Giving Away 7 Trips For 2 To 7 Of Its Most Popular Destinations

BY TEAM JST REI Adventures has released its 2014 line-up for adventure travels! “From Croatia to Iceland, Portugal to New Zealand or close to home, REI Adventures offers guests extraordinary local access to the most popular places around the globe,” said Cynthia Dunbar, REI Adventures manager. “Travelers choosing to stay a little longer through one of our robust trip extensions will maximize their time […]

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How I Fell in Love with Iceland

BY DRISANA MISRA  In March, I had a brief layover at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. We flew in at sunrise, and the pink-orange tips of dawn gnawed at the ice-capped island. From my porthole, I could see the faded blues and reds of Rekjavik rooftops in the distance and how they nestled against a little […]

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Adventures of the Blue Lagoon and Its Sexy Blue Mud in Iceland

BY CHIHIRO ISOZAKI They may have suffered a nation-wide financial crisis three years ago, but Iceland certainly deserves brownie points for its rapid recovery and crazy innovative ideas. From puffin sashimi to geothermal silica mud masks, this country has it all. Among Iceland’s most unique offerings though, is the now-trending spa destination, the Blue Lagoon, […]

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