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Facebook Cathay Pacific Airways

When A 3-Year-Old Won’t Fasten His Seat Belt…

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Fasten your seat belt, folks! Even if you’re only 3 years old. On Thursday, a family with a 3-year-old son was requested to exit Cathay Pacific flight CX654 in Bangkok, Thailand. Why? The little guy refused to buckle up his seat belt. When the flight attendant attempted to resolve the issue, […]

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Kin Cheung:AP Hong Kong toilet paper Beijing

Toilet Paper In Hong Kong Gets Political. Why China Isn’t Happy About It

BY JST NEWS Photo: Kin Cheung/AP If you’re currently in Hong Kong, you’ve probably wiped your butt with some pretty cheeky toilet paper. No pun intended. Barack Obama’s face has been printed on rolls of toilet paper in Hong Kong and the White House never said a word. Now that pro-Beijing Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying’s […]

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Facebook Hong Kong MTR

Genius Puns Prove Riding Hong Kong’s Metro Can Be Entertaining

BY JST NEWS Photo: Facebook/MTR As one of the most profitable metro systems in the world, Hong Kong’s MTR (Mass Transit Railway) carries 5 million trips on any average weekday. For many locals and travelers, MTR is their main form of transportation, often times, long commutes may get…well, a bit boring. SEE ALSO: How World Sketching Tour Artist […]

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iPhone smuggling Hong Kong China

The Insanity Of Smuggling 94 iPhones

BY JST NEWS An Apple codpiece. China customs police catch Hong Kong man with 94 iPhones strapped to body. http://t.co/gM76FwrWUN pic.twitter.com/t5iURGZ8Tq — Chris Buckley 储百亮 (@ChuBailiang) January 12, 2015 What does traveling with 94 iPhones feel like? A man in Hong Kong knows. According to China’s Sina News, a Hong Kong man dressed in red sports […]

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Prince William

Prince William Is To Visit Japan & China Early Next Year

BY JST NEWS Kensington Palace has confirmed the Duke of Cambridge will visit China at the end of February, it will be his very first time to the country. Since the Duchess of Cambridge will be eight months pregnant by then, Prince William will be traveling alone. The itinerary includes three days in Japan then […]

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Luís Simões World Sketching Tour

EXCLUSIVE! How World Sketching Tour Artist Portrays Protests In Hong Kong

BY LENA KAZER *START SLIDESHOW to see exclusive sketches from Luís’ at Hong Kong protests. Have you ever used a stereogram? The idea is that there is a 3D picture embedded within the photo you see in front of you, you just have to look at it a certain way to see it. Some people find […]

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Hong Kong Democracy Protest

China To Hong Kong Student Activists: Entry Denied.

BY JST NEWS Eason Chung, Alex Chow, Nathan Law. Flanked by Alan Leong and Joshua Wong. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution pic.twitter.com/tedozVIDyZ — Rishi Iyengar (@iyengarrishi) November 15, 2014 If you were crossing through Hong Kong Airport yesterday, it might’ve been a little chaotic. Leaders of the Hong Kong Federation of Students: Alex Chow, Nathan Law and Eason […]

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