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Turquoise water against white stones and high cliffs, Santorini in the Greek Isles is on the top of the list of many wedding planners' destination. And they're spot on!

SWOON! 18 Of Spring’s Romantic Destinations

BY WENDY HUNG Flowers bloom, the leaves turn green and waters around the world suddenly become evermore sapphire blue. Spring is here and we are loving every bit of the world, allowing nature to take its course and bringing all colors to life. All this awakening only means one thing: romance is in the air. Engaged […]

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Oahu Hawaii Chinawalls

Top 5 Local Beaches On Oahu

BY NADIA CHO When traveling to Hawaii, specifically Oahu, you’ll find that all the guidebooks tell you to go to Waikiki Beach (probably the most-touristy spot on earth) to supposedly get a taste of what island life is like. But everyone knows that the lesser known spots where native residents actually hang out are way cooler. […]

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featured Taiwan lantern festival

Last Day Of CNY! 19 Jaw-Dropping Lantern Festival Photos

BY WENDY HUNG This year’s Valentine’s Day also marks the date of the Lantern Festival in Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, this is one celebration which I carry with enormous pride as it’s simply oh-so-pretty! Sure, lion dances and firecrackers in my grandparents’ old city certainly represented all the joy and love about Chinese New Year. But […]

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plastic surgery medical tourism 2

Beauty Obsession! 9 Countries Travelers Go For Plastic Surgeries

BY WENDY HUNG In every continent, there’s a country where people travel to for some major cosmetic procedures. And we’re not talking about breast implants in Beverly Hills. For example, pop stars and celebrities in Korea are known to have the “perfect faces”, where both females and even males have had their eye lids done, added […]

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hawaii honolulu

Top 10 Reasons Why Honolulu Is My City

BY NADIA CHO As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, many people have limited preconceptions about what Honolulu has to offer. Most ideas about Hawaii have to do with beaches, surfing, luaus and not much else. As a proud island girl who spent my entire pre-adult life growing up in the capitol […]

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biking hawaii

6 Places To Stay Healthy And Be Happy In 2014!

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Still feeling stuffed from the turkey and mashed potatoes? As you start your plans for keeping fit and working towards that New Years’ body, here are some destinations to keep in mind for staying healthy and happy! 6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Attention cyclists! The capital of the Netherlands is the biker’s city […]

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paul walker surf

RIP Paul Walker (1973 – 2013): How He Traveled The World

BY WENDY HUNG I remember talking to Tyrese Gibson years ago, about working with Paul Walker on 2 Fast 2 Furious. The second film of the franchise had just been released and he was gushing on about how nice of a guy Paul was. If you went to high school around mid-to-late 90′s, then you can surely […]

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