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Tikal Guatemala 1

Decoding The Maya: Tikal, Guatemala

BY HAILEE DONOGHUE Part of the Plaza Mayor Located in the Northeast region of Guatemala, the Mayan citadel of Tikal is a sight to behold. Inhabited from  6th century B.C.E. until 10th century C.E. Tikal is home to huge temples and extravagant palaces with humble dwellings on the outskirts of the town, with many more […]

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A Surprise Behind Every Door: Exploring the Antigua Street Market

BY ALEX BAKER-BROWN I stepped into a covered tent and my eyes were assaulted by an explosion of color. Bright yellows, vivid oranges, rich blues, sultry reds and deep greens warmed my sight. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust and register my surroundings, but when they did an even more amazing vision […]

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Diving into Bliss! A Glorious Day on Lake Attitlan, Guatemala

BY ALEX BAKER-BROWN It was a hot day, and beads of sweat trickled down my face as we walked through the crowded market. I walked passively as people jostled by, pushing and shoving from all sides. The plastic bag holding the Guatemalan purses and trinkets I had purchased was wet and slippery in my hand. […]

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The Transforming Power of a Fantastic Breakfast in Guatemala

BY ALEX BAKER-BROWN The morning air was cool and fresh, the sun beaming down promising a warm day. Me and a few of my Habitat for Humanity teammates sat around a large table make of thick, dark wood, with intricately carved legs. We were in a cheerful courtyard, filled with fuscia and white flowers and […]

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The Art of Volunteering. Learning How to Give Back in Xela, Guatemala

BY ALEX BAKER-BROWN The air was uncomfortably cold and humid as rain began to sprinkle down from the sky. I walked over to my bag and grabbed my rain poncho, wishing the pleasantly warm Guatemalan sunshine would return. The blisters on my feet rubbed uncomfortably in my worn out converse as I trundled down the […]

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