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Why Berlin Is The Mecca For Millennials And Revival

BY NADIA CHO This may be obvious to the world already, but Berlin is having its moment right now. As a city torn by war, division and debt for half a century, it has emerged victorious and turned itself into a mecca for artists, entrepreneurs and youth. It is a marvelous place where sharp minimalist […]

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Facebook Andreas Lubitz Germanwings

UPDATE: New Details On Germanwings Crash

BY JST NEWS “Murder” – as investigators described on Thursday of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 that killed 150 people on board. Questions arise, how can someone do this? The aircraft was en route from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany. The police now are searching co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’s home for further clues regarding his motives […]

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Germanwings Airbus Crashed In French Alps, Possibly No Surivors

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Soon after the crash, Germanwings, the low-cost airline darkened its logo on all social media accounts. Germanwings Flight 9525 carrying 150 people crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday. An Airbus owned by Lufthansa hit 430 miles southeast of Paris, investigators are expecting zero survivors. SEE ALSO: The Towelette That Might Tell […]

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Flickr Martin Terber Rosenmontag parade Germany

Germany Carnival Parade Cancelled Due To Possible Terror Attack

BY JST NEWS If you were stoked to check out Germany city’s Braunschweig this weekend to partake in the popular carnival held each year since the 13th century, you were not in luck. German police cancelled the carnival street parade due to possible terror attack. According to Associated Press, police spokesperson Thomas Geese informed visitors […]

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Facebook Rostock Zoo baby polar bear

OBSESSED! Meet Knut’s Half Bro: World’s Cutest Baby Polar Bear

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/Zoo Rostock & Darwineum. Axel Dobbertin He’s still unnamed, but we’re already gushing! Back in 2006, Knut shook the world by a storm of warm fuzzies when he was the first polar bear cub to survive past infancy at the Berlin Zoological Garden in more than 30 years. Knut was born in […]

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berliner-unterwelten.de Hitler bunker Berlin

Germany To Open Museum Where Hitler Committed Suicide

BY TEAM JST Photo: News.com.au It’s a part of history but is it one that will be celebrated by tourists? The massive Führerbunker where Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun before both committed suicide is now being reconstructed as a museum. SEE ALSO: Berlin Through The Eyes Of Our Creative Director The five bedroom Führerbunker in Berlin is where Hitler, […]

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UDN, Taiwan. (Photo credit: Digital Journal)

A Look At Publications Around The World Reacting To Charlie Hebdo

BY TEAM JST Tragedy occurred yesterday in Paris, leaving the whole world now mourning for the loss of victims from the horrific gun shooting. The target was Charlie Hebdo, a non-conformist, extremely left-wing, satirical weekly newspaper which often depicts Prophet Muhammad in a mocking manner. Let’s not forget that Prophet Muhammad’s image is so sacred that it’s […]

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