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The Complete (Survivor’s) Guide To Oktoberfest!

BY JERRY LEON Natalie Marchant via Flickr Oktoberfest, the world’s largest fair, is a sixteen day festival held in Munich, Germany. Originally established more than 200 years ago to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese, the festival is now a global phenomenon, attracting more than 6 million visitors each […]

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Nadia picnic europe

How To Picnic Your Way Around Europe

BY NADIA CHO For those backpacking through Europe on a budget, spending money on food can get pretty pricey if you’re looking to sample local cuisines at every stop. A great way to cut down on meal costs and try regional food is to buy separate items from vendors and picnic once a day rather […]

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Wooden Steps

A Walk To Remember: Inside Berlin’s Tiergarten

BY JERRY LEON Tiergarten (German for animal garden) is a locality found within Mitte, a borough of Berlin.   A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, the Tiergarten boasts many attractions including an expansive park, terrific zoo, impressive cultural center, and dutiful memorials of artwork and sculptures that will no doubt inspire thoughtful reflection. CLICK […]

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Best Places For 20-Somethings To Move To

BY NADIA CHO thehappenstanceplace.wordpress.com Well, I’ve finally reached that point in my life which I’ve been dreading for the past 4 years: post-grad. I’ve only ever had one plan for what I would do once I finish college and that is to live abroad. My greatest life ambition at the moment is to find myself […]

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Balat, Istanbul

34 Cities That Will Make You Want To Paint The Town…Literally

BY WENDY HUNG Some cities were created to inspire the artists in all of us. The longer we wanderlust, the more we want to grab a paint brush and  channel our inner Van Goghs. These thirty-four colorful gems take us from Australia to Asia to all the Americas, through Europe and all the way to Greenland. Get […]

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Happy 4th Of July, From An Aussie

BY CARLY BRAND  Tumblr Even though I am only 20 years old, I would call myself a seasoned traveler. I have traversed across the globe solo, with family, friends, and have ticked many sites off my bucket list. I have ventured from my homeland Australia, up to America, and as I try to think of […]

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Caity coffee

Coffee Shops: An Unlikely Home Away From Home

BY LIZZY MONROE Coffee shops are intimate places. My best and worst of times have almost all been shared with or over a cup of coffee. “Grabbing coffee” with someone facilitates a social meeting where relationships can start, develop and end. The coffee meet up is safe. You don’t have to wade through an entire meal […]

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