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house Normandy featured photo

Rebooting A French Countryside Summer Getaway In Normandy

BY WENDY HUNG In the months of July and August, Paris becomes quiet and empty of locals. Companies and offices give employees 2-4 weeks off from work. Many plan international getaways, while some choose to spend it in the South of France to bake under the Riviera sun. Normandy is neither international nor in the French Riviera, […]

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Iran veil Muslim women

French Police Reminding Travelers Of The Burqa Ban In French Alps

BY JST NEWS For travelers who wear traditional burqa or niqab, the French government is reminding you to unveil. If you’re visiting the Alps this summer, you’ve probably already noticed the French police are adamant about the ability to identify “any one person,” as Alain Favre, police commissioner, said to the Swiss newspaper Le Temps. SEE ALSO: 7 Style […]

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Paris balcony

How To Be Productive While Living The European Laid-Back Lifestyle

BY WENDY HUNG It’s been a little over a month since I’ve been in Paris, and man, has it been hard keeping up with the balance of work and play. I’ll be the first to admit the way I’ve conducted my life thus far has always been: work hard, play hard. It’s worked well throughout college, […]

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Facebook Velib Paris bicycle

Cycling Through Paris? No Need To Stop On Red Lights

BY JST NEWS Facebook/Vélib’ There’s no need to stop for red lights in Paris, especially if you’re on a bicycle. In an effort to encourage more people to ride bicycles throughout the City of Light, Paris mayor’s office announced cyclists do no need to stop for red lights. SEE ALSO: 20 Paris Neighborhoods: The Ultimate Breakdown […]

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Flickr Megan Cole Champagne, France

This Bubbly Province Just Made UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

BY TEAM JST Flickr/Megan Cole Who doesn’t love a flute of champagne? On Saturday, UNESCO’s meeting in Germany announced 11 new sites to be included on the World Heritage list, and one region on the list got us bubbly with excitement. SEE ALSO: Promoting Peace and Travel at the UNESCO Headquarters UNESCO decided that Champagne – the […]

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Pack like a pro Paris

How To Pack Like A Pro For Paris

BY WENDY HUNG Overpacking for Paris is an easy undertaking. After all, you’re about to visit the world’s most fashionable city. A few days in Paris, you’ll soon realize Parisians tend to focus on natural beauty and basic tones. Black, white, browns and greys are their fashion uniforms while individual style tastefully prevails and cuts of garments truly […]

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Uber et moi

UberPop Suspended In France. How Is Everyone Reacting?

BY JST NEWS Photo: Facebook/UberFrance Unavailable. That’s probably what you’ll see if you try to use UberPop in France. Since last week’s violent demonstration by French taxi drivers, Uber has put a stop to its lowest-cost riding-sharing service in France. SEE ALSO: Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury On Friday, a decision has […]

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