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Blason Louis Côte Rôtie 2012

These 3 Fine Wines From A New Brand Might Surprise You

BY WENDY HUNG Video: Blason Louis Two weeks ago, Team JST attended an exclusive launch event of a new wine brand: Blason Louis. Before tasting the wine, we already fell in love with its jetset Franco-American team stationed in Paris, Chicago, NYC and San Francisco. Multilingual globetrotters get us really excited, let’s not mention a multicultural collaboration of luxury wines. […]

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Why The City Of Light Will Never Go Out

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Why? This oft-repeated question occupies the hearts and minds of every Parisian, struggling to make sense of this unfathomable act. In the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, memorial services have been held and moments of silence observed, tearful prayers and somber songs fill the once vibrant ambience of the […]

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Pray For Paris video thumbnail

[VIDEO] What You’ll See In Paris, The French Unite For Peace

BY WENDY HUNG Not afraid, or “même pas peur!” is what you’ll see across the focal statue in Place de la Republique in the 10th arrondissement in Paris. It is where people have gathered to pay tribute to the innocent lives lost during the horrendous terrorist attacks on Friday night, November 13th. If you’ve arrived in […]

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France Paris Place de la Republique

Wendy’s November Founder’s Note: Pray For Paris

BY WENDY HUNG This month's founder's note, sharing what's been like in Paris during the attacks 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 #PrayForParis #parisattack A photo posted by Wendy Hung (@wendyhung915) on Nov 16, 2015 at 7:18am PST Instagram/wendyhung915 This just happened. Paris under siege. We’ve been told to stay indoors, our eyes glued to the TV. Eleven months ago, […]

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Place de la Republique PrayForParis

6 Things To Expect While Traveling To Paris After Terrorist Attacks

BY JST NEWS Look at these brave, wonderful people at Place de la République in Paris. Thanks for sharing, @mytamn pic.twitter.com/duvJxhsErf — DS Colburn (@DSColburn) November 14, 2015 While France bereaves in National Day of Mourning due to horrific terrorist attacks on Friday night, some travelers have canceled train tickets or changed flights but many are still going […]

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Hotel Costes Paris

Where To Find The Cheesecake Kim Kardashian Flew To Paris For

BY TEAM JST When it comes to French pastries, one would think of the classic l’éclair or le millefeuille. But in a recent Vogue podcast, reality star Kim Kardashian revealed that Paris might have perfectly nailed down the American classic dessert: the cheesecake. Speaking with the podcast host André Leon Talley, Kardashian said: It’s heaven…last hurrah of […]

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Joseph Akhavan mixologist Paris Mabel bar

6 Cool Cocktail Bars In Paris For Your Mixology Bucket List

BY JOSEPH AKHAVAN, Creator of Mabel Cocktail Den/Rum Empire (Paris, France) The study of mixology in Paris has been quickly rising especially in the last few years. Instead of heading out to a dive bar or the latest happening club on any night of the week, today’s Parisians are much more interested in cool cocktail bars with intimate atmosphere and […]

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