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Uber et moi

UberPop Suspended In France. How Is Everyone Reacting?

BY JST NEWS Photo: Facebook/UberFrance Unavailable. That’s probably what you’ll see if you try to use UberPop in France. Since last week’s violent demonstration by French taxi drivers, Uber has put a stop to its lowest-cost riding-sharing service in France. SEE ALSO: Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury On Friday, a decision has […]

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Taipei to Paris in 1 Minute with Wendy - Jetset Times cover

Wendy’s July Founder’s Note: Living For Me

BY WENDY HUNG YouTube When you live a nomadic life for years, the idea of settling down in one place becomes unbelievably daunting. Ever since a few years ago, I’d scroll through social media, baby photos and wedding snapshots began to seize my feeds. When my younger sister got married, had a baby, and even my […]

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Eiffel Tower engagement

The Unsolved Mystery Of An Eiffel Tower Engagement

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/Jen Hurd-Bohn Hail to the power of social media. California-native Jen Hurd Bohn was on vacation in Paris when she saw a couple’s engagement at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Moved by the moment, she snapped a few photos. SEE ALSO: Wait, There’s A Plush Apartment Inside The Eiffel Tower? But massive […]

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courtney love tweet paris uberpop

Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury

BY JST NEWS The United States needs to ban all travel to France! #UberPop pic.twitter.com/MEUhkBBqTW — Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) June 26, 2015 Operating in more than a dozen cities in Europe, UberPOP has been a cost-effective option for travelers and commuters as opposed to regular taxis. Despite the fact that UberPOP drivers are not licensed taxi […]

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Fete de la Musique Paris

Here’s Everything About Fête de la Musique

BY WENDY HUNG Usually, you’d have to travel to Nashville or Austin to really understand what it’s like to have music around every corner. But during Fête de la Musique, more than 120 countries around the world become one giant music box. And it’s awesome. Also known as Make Music Day or World Music Day, the […]

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Facebook Rosa de bonheur 1

THE Spot To Be In Paris This Summer Is…

BY WENDY HUNG When the weather is hot, day drinking in Paris becomes the norm. No one’s judging, it’s just the way of life here. Pop open bottles (notice the usage of plural) of rosé and set up camp right by the Seine, and you’ve got a nice 4-5 hours to kill with a chatty group of friends. […]

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5 .Munich Germany

10 Stops For An Ultimate Eurotrip

BY ALYSSA RAMOS There’s no better way to see Europe in a short amount of time than by taking a Eurotrip to see all the famous sites! If it’s your first time in Europe, you’ll probably want to see the sites that each country is known for, and that’s easy to accomplish if you take […]

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