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Virgin America flight world series

How Did San Francisco Giants Fans Rally World Series Win In-Flight?

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube What happens if your favorite sports game is on while you’re…flying? It’s such a traveler’s pet peeve when you’re in the middle of a game at an airport sports bar, then half way in, it’s time to board. Yikes! Thankfully, baseball fans didn’t have to suffer through much of that last […]

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Castle Hotel Dalian China lobby

You’ll Never Guess Where To Find THIS Starwood Hotel

BY NINO MARCHETTI When one thinks of castles, grand visions of centuries old buildings in remote places around Europe often come to mind. Not so is the case though in Dalian, China, which is a popular coastal tourist city almost 290 miles from Beijing. It is here, set amid lush foliage on Lotus Mountain, that […]

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It's not uncommon to see rabbits (lapin) on a French menu. The one you should definitely try is "lapin a la cocotte" - French rabbit stew. It's slow-cooked with lots of flavors combined from onions, garlic, beef broth, red wine...etc. The taste of rabbit meat is lean, rich, and immensely delicious.

22 Foods You Should Be Dying To Devour In Paris

BY WENDY HUNG Traveling to Paris, or any parts of France for that matter, is a foodie’s paradise. You want to take the time and enjoy all that French cuisine has to offer. Gastronomy-style, outdoor bistrots, a neighborhood pastry shop; any of these eateries will provide a chance to discover your new favorite food. SEE […]

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Mantra Of The Day: “Eat Well And Travel Often”

BY LIZZY MONROE For me, food is an integral part of experiencing a foreign culture. I couldn’t have left Berlin without trying Mustafa’s famous Gemüse Kebap (even at the cost of a 45-minute wait in the snow) and my trip to Istanbul wouldn’t have been the same without sampling countless flavors of Turkish delights and Baklavas. […]

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ascott hotel shanghai china

Multi-City and Multi-Property Bookings At Once! The Ascott Limited Launches New Mobile Booking App

The Ascott has launched new web and mobile booking features to enhance guests’ search and reservation experience. Guests can now better navigate Ascott’s properties worldwide through user-friendly search functions, filters and reservation options. Tony Soh, Ascott, chief corporate officer, said: “Ascott strives to provide guests a memorable experience at every touch point, right from when […]

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Getting Lost Among the Many Canals of Venice: Delving Beneath the Facades of the Floating City

BY LOUIS ALCORN The notion of the romantic European voyage starts and ends in Venice. The city sits on an ancient foundation of closely spaced wooden piles, still intact after centuries of submersion beneath the Venetian lagoon. While walking the meandering streets and noting the massive stone foundations of surrounding buildings, it seems impossible that […]

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Follow Your Nose: Seeking Out Secret Night Bakeries in Florence

BY LAUREN GOERZ When the sun sets on the Ponte Vecchio and the tourists retreat to their hotel rooms, the city lights of Firenze bring a new kind of life and vibrancy to the streets. The birthplace of the Renaissance becomes a center of nighttime revelry and international exchange. Graceful Florentine women glide over cobblestone […]

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