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Eritrea’s Proud Coffee Culture in Africa

BY BANA HATZEY Eritrea has an inviting, interesting history about its war with Ethiopia and its struggle for independence. My ancestors have lived and died for generations on that very land. Eritrean people hold unmatched pride in their country and national flag. The flag of Eritrea consists of four colors. Red; representing the bloodshed in […]

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Sawa, Eritrea 2

A Gorgeous Mass of Elation & Brown Camouflage in Sawa, Eritrea

BY BANA HATZEY To the average American teenager, turning eighteen usually means one of a few things: you can legally buy cigarettes, get into 18+ clubs, and sign your own permission slips. In Eritrea, this coming of age is often dreaded. Eighteen-year-olds across the country are sent away for two years to undergo mandatory military training […]

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