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Google Shop London doodle

Your Trip To London Just Got Geekier With The New Google Shop

BY JST NEWS If you think the new Google shop in London is just like the Apple Store, then think again! Londoners welcomed the world’s first ever Google retail store on Wednesday. This futuristic shopping experience will be enhanced by an array of Google products: Android phones, Chromebooks, Chromecast dongles…but how is it different from an apple […]

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beautymd.com plastic surgery illustration

Medical Tourism, How Far Is Too Far?

BY TEAM JST Medical tourism is hot in many countries, so marketing to folks who want to look better can go far. But how far is too far? In Malaysia, where Medical Tourism Association is based, has found a poster selling breast augmentation surgery to be more than offensive. SEE ALSO: 9 Countries Travelers Go For […]

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Flickr brianac37 UK England WiFi train

When Will Trains In England & Wales Finally Have Free Wi-Fi?

BY JST NEWS Photo: Flickr/brianac37 If you’re traveling across England or Wales by train, good news: there’ll be free Wi-Fi by 2017! In recent past, there have been passengers who feel that trains unequipped with Wi-Fi is a sign indicating England still lives in the past. And it’s annoying for many. SEE ALSO: Cheers! The Wine […]

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Flickr Chris_J Gordon's Wine Bar London

Cheers! The Wine Bar To Visit Now & Forever In London

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Photo: Flickr/Graeme Maclean Located a short walk from the Charing Cross tube station and Trafalgar Square, on Villiers Street, Gordon’s Wine Bar is thought to be London’s oldest wine bar. Established in 1890 the bar specializes in serving a wide variety of award winning wines, as well a selection of Sherries, Madeiras […]

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easyJet livery makeover new look

Time-Lapse Video Shows A Spankin’ New EasyJet

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube EasyJet is turning 20, which calls for a makeover. Since founded in 1995, the British airline carrier has become the largest airline of the UK with services over 700 routes in 32 countries. As of September 2014, it has provided jobs for more than 8,900 employees. SEE ALSO: How To Check-In Via […]

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teeteeheehee.com Teresa Lim canvas sew prague

How This Singaporean Designer Combos Cities & Stitches

BY TEAM JST Photo: Teeteeheehee.com/Teresa Lim “Sew- a needle pulling thread!”  Remember that famous line from Sound of Music? Teresa Lim, a 24-year-old Singaporean designer, is putting those lyrics into her wanderlust spirit. Instead of taking selfies all over the world, she has artistically created striking canvases by simply utilizing, well, a needle pulling thread. SEE ALSO: A […]

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Facebook Gensler design firm London Underline tunnel 1

How London’s Disused Tube Tunnels Will Transform For Cyclists

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube What if there’s a way to commute while escaping all that traffic and smog on the streets of London? Gensler, an American design and architecture firm headquartered in San Francisco, has a huge vision to help out travelers and Londoners. On Feb. 3, Gensler’s “London Underline” design proposal garnered the […]

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