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UK Trending: Where’s Your #NoMakeupSelfie?

BY WENDY HUNG Cancer awareness has gone viral! If you haven’t seen your friends posting photos of themselves without any makeup on, then you probably don’t know much about the latest trending hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie hovering massive Twitter and Instagram feeds. It all started with American author, Laura Lippman’s selfie sans makeup to support 81-year-old actress Kim […]

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London Tokyo on budget

On A Budget? 2 Cosmopolitan Cities, 20 Cheap Thrills

BY WENDY HUNG So what happens when you’re traveling on the cheap in a city known to be one of the most expensive in the world? Try London or Tokyo! I’m here to tell you that there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying pricey metropolises as if you’re traveling on the splurge. The best […]

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What Does Your Favorite City Say About You?

BY WENDY HUNG No judging. When people say they often go to, let’s say, Vegas, you know what they’re all about. You have an inkling of the kind of music they listen to, the kind of drinks they typically order at the bar. I’ll bet this crowd is vastly different from the other kind that often […]

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kate moss travel like a star

How To Travel Like A Star: Birthday Girl, Kate Moss

BY WENDY HUNG Happy birthday Kate! The ultimate globetrotter, whose heroin chic fashion somehow made us run to the mall for CK ONE back in high school. While she turns 40 day, she’s not only remaining at the top of her game, strutting her stuff (that’s right, even on the cover of Playboy) she’s still inspiring […]

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Where To Get The Best Deals On Four Season’s Suite Life

BY TEAM JST Shhh!! It’s a secret that presidents, celebrities and discerning globetrotters have known for years: when it comes to accommodations that are next level – as in, penthouse level - Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts suites are unrivaled. And with 3,460 suites worldwide to choose from, Four Seasons has something for everyone, whether it’s frescos on the ceiling […]

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Best Dressed! 6 Looks For Any Euro-Style New Year’s Eve Soiree

BY WENDY HUNG Fashion speaks louder than words, especially on New Year’s Eve…especially if you’re spending it in Europe. In the past, whenever I’ve feted in Paris or London, it was always done with delish food, lots of champagne and shiny, stylish cocktail attires. You know what they say, when you’re in Rome… This year, there’s […]

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The World’s Best Parties To Hit Up On New Year’s Eve

BY TEAM JST It’s the 30th and still trying to figure out where to go on New Year’s Eve? If you’re traveling, attempting to settle on which club to hit up to welcome 2014, then we’ve got the goods in every party city in the world! Whether you’re in London, Tokyo or Mumbai, we’ve got you […]

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