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Flickr Yuya Sekiguchi Shanghai

Bring It On Shanghai! 18 Must-Do’s You Can’t Miss

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Flickr/Yuya Sekiguchi Today’s Shanghai is a metropolitan comparable to the Big Apple of Asia, with skyscrapers towering over the waterfront, sophisticated travelers bustling in and out of the cosmopolitan city scene. There’s also the other Shanghai where toddlers sporadically take a leak on the corner of downtown where men in designer […]

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Chinese grandmother skydive

Inside 81-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother’s Epic Skydive

BY TEAM JST 有啥大不了的,我也敢跳。” (What’s the big deal? I can jump too!) Said Min Deyu, the 81-year-old grandmother from Hubei, China. Min went skydiving in Australia and fell in love with the sport while visiting her son. SEE ALSO: [VIDEO] 5 Ways To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping In Interlaken, Switzerland Chinese newspaper Xinhuanet News Agency described the women who […]

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Prince William

Prince William Is To Visit Japan & China Early Next Year

BY JST NEWS Kensington Palace has confirmed the Duke of Cambridge will visit China at the end of February, it will be his very first time to the country. Since the Duchess of Cambridge will be eight months pregnant by then, Prince William will be traveling alone. The itinerary includes three days in Japan then […]

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Luís Simões World Sketching Tour

EXCLUSIVE! How World Sketching Tour Artist Portrays Protests In Hong Kong

BY LENA KAZER *START SLIDESHOW to see exclusive sketches from Luís’ at Hong Kong protests. Have you ever used a stereogram? The idea is that there is a 3D picture embedded within the photo you see in front of you, you just have to look at it a certain way to see it. Some people find […]

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Hong Kong Democracy Protest

China To Hong Kong Student Activists: Entry Denied.

BY JST NEWS Eason Chung, Alex Chow, Nathan Law. Flanked by Alan Leong and Joshua Wong. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution pic.twitter.com/tedozVIDyZ — Rishi Iyengar (@iyengarrishi) November 15, 2014 If you were crossing through Hong Kong Airport yesterday, it might’ve been a little chaotic. Leaders of the Hong Kong Federation of Students: Alex Chow, Nathan Law and Eason […]

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Castle Hotel Dalian China lobby

You’ll Never Guess Where To Find THIS Starwood Hotel

BY NINO MARCHETTI When one thinks of castles, grand visions of centuries old buildings in remote places around Europe often come to mind. Not so is the case though in Dalian, China, which is a popular coastal tourist city almost 290 miles from Beijing. It is here, set amid lush foliage on Lotus Mountain, that […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Germany

Mark Zuckerberg Is Speaking Mandarin In China, Maybe You’re Next?

BY WENDY HUNG Even as a native speaker, I can tell you, Mandarin is NOT easy! Especially, for a guy who didn’t grow up speaking it. Leave it to The Zuck to master another impossible. Founder and CEO of Facebook was in Beijing’s renowned Tsinghua University for a 30-minute Q&A, which was meant to be […]

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