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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Germany

Mark Zuckerberg Is Speaking Mandarin In China, Maybe You’re Next?

BY WENDY HUNG Even as a native speaker, I can tell you, Mandarin is NOT easy! Especially, for a guy who didn’t grow up speaking it. Leave it to The Zuck to master another impossible. Founder and CEO of Facebook was in Beijing’s renowned Tsinghua University for a 30-minute Q&A, which was meant to be […]

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Xinjiang China featured Yurt tent

Live Like A Nomad! 1 Week, 10 MUST Do’s In Xinjiang, China

BY WENDY HUNG Real nomads in Xinjiang have survived centuries of herding cattle, living in tents. Even if you won’t be roadtripping via camels, here’s a list must-do’s in an undiscovered region of China awaiting your inquisitive exploration. 1. Check out the best sunset in the world atop the curving river of Ba Yin Bu Lu Ke […]

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Stand By You- 'Add Oil' Machine' for OCLP Hong Kong street art

Why You’ll See A Different Take On Street Art In Hong Kong Today

BY TEAM JST If you’ve been living in or traveling to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or Singapore, you’ve been acquainted with the expression “add oil.” In Chinese writing “加油” is pronounced: jia-yo (in Mandarin) and ga-yau (in Cantonese). The characters literally translate to “add oil” but the expression is commonly used to encourage, to fuel and to inspire […]

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featured xinjiang lookbook

Xinjiang Lookbook: Deep Into The Desert Of Northern China

BY WENDY HUNG It’s no secret that right now isn’t the safest time traveling to Xinjiang, China. In midst of fighting for its independence, Xinjiang Uygur (pronounced: shin-jian wee-gore) autonomous region has been suffering from terror attacks, unrest with protests and a rising death toll. There’s a reason why multiethnic people of Xinjiang are seeking to stand […]

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Ritz Carlton wedding beach

How Ritz-Carlton Fuels Your Destination Wedding Dreams

BY TEAM JST Wedding planners at The Ritz-Carlton are redefining the art of the wedding atelier by curating artisanal luxury wedding shows fueling the dreams of couples looking for an intimate affair or a lavish dream wedding that would rival royalty. In Asia-Pacific alone, The Ritz-Carlton creates more than 2,000 luxury weddings each year, making The Ritz-Carlton […]

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Twitter @SirSteven Chinese cell phone pedestrian lane

Will Cell Phone Lanes For Texting Become A Global Trend?

BY TEAM JST In this Chinese city, phone addicts get their own sidewalk lane http://t.co/kpLf0ZTKLZ pic.twitter.com/d622PMSLgK — Steven Millward (@SirSteven) September 15, 2014 “Cell phones, walk in this lane at your own risk, no cell phones.” Yes, there are now cell phone lanes for texting in China, which can be seen at 洋人街 (Westerner Street) in […]

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Shenzhen tailor shop 3

Get Fitted In Shenzhen Without Spending A Fortune

BY DRISANA MISRA The 5th floor of the Lo Wu Shopping Mall in Shenzhen is overrun with tiny little plastic boxes that house custom tailors. Stools scatter the linoleum corridors, some empty, some occupied by workers eating take-out of noodles and lotus root while their children rollerblade through the labyrinth of shops. At some shops, there […]

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