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Shenzhen tailor shop 3

Get Fitted In Shenzhen Without Spending A Fortune

BY DRISANA MISRA The 5th floor of the Lo Wu Shopping Mall in Shenzhen is overrun with tiny little plastic boxes that house custom tailors. Stools scatter the linoleum corridors, some empty, some occupied by workers eating take-out of noodles and lotus root while their children rollerblade through the labyrinth of shops. At some shops, there […]

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Houston, Texas

15 Incredible Images Celebrating Eid al-Fitr

BY WENDY HUNG 4to40.com Starting Monday, the Muslim community across the globe began to celebrate Eid al-Fitr or Feast of Breaking the Fast, which signifies the end of Ramadan – the religious month of fasting in the Islamic world. Eid al-Fitr is feted throughout the course of three days and consists of Salat (an Islamic […]

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JST Article 4 - Athens

Rushed Travel: A View From The Top

BY MACEAGON VOYCE On the occasion that you have a layover, or find yourself in an unexplored location for a brief period of time, the most productive way to get a “feel” for that place is to climb to the highest point it offers. Now if you find yourself in Nepal, that’s a rather “tall” […]

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2014-07 Founder's Note Being American

July Founder’s Note: Being American

BY WENDY HUNG Last week, I was at a cocktail event in Taipei. The crowd was international and I loved every minute of mingling. That is, until I found myself in a conversation with the wife of a Northern European politician who lived in Taipei for fourteen years but didn’t speak a lick of Mandarin. […]

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American Airlines 2

AA Becomes The First U.S. Carrier Offering Non-Stop Flights To Hong Kong

BY TEAM JST Travelers holding a United Mileage Plus and frequently flying in and out of Asia from the US might want to rethink about stacking up those UA miles. This week, American Airlines has launched its very first direct flight from its HQ city, Dallas/Fort Worth, to Hong Kong. This giant step sinking into the Asian […]

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Hainan Airlines China

[DEAL OF THE WEEK] Which Airline Is Offering 75% Discounts?

BY TEAM JST As JST founder Wendy just came back from a five-day trip to Hainan island in China, we’re also letting you in on Hainan Airlines‘ summer promo offering: Business Class fares with a discount of 5% Economy Class fares with a 3% discount If you book tickets 30 days, 60 days or 90 days in advance, […]

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China train Yellow Mountain 3

The China You Haven’t Seen: On The Train To Yellow Mountain

BY DRISANA MISRA This is a piece of China I have never seen before. The train is violent. It cuts through mountains and scales over their rocky skirts with relentless indiscrimination between these mighty structures and the open fields. Every now and then, another train tears past us, and it is the energy radiating between them, […]

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