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1. David Schiersner via Flickr Caprina cocktail

How To Make An Easy DIY Brazilian Caipirinha

BY LENA KAZER Brazil has a lot of things going for it – Carnival, double-rainbow-level views, and the world’s most coveted booties, to name a few. The Brazilians came together to full-on win at everything when they invented the Caipirinha, their national cocktail. The drink is non-pretentious, easy to make, and absolutely delicious. The process […]

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Flickr Ben Tavener Sao Paulo pride Brazil

3 South American Festivals You Can’t Miss This June

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Photo: Flickr/Ben Tavener Jerry Leon is a Jetset Times contributor currently on a solo backpacking trip in South America. Each week, the born-and-raised Californian will share with us local festivals that he cannot wait to check out in person. Plus, follow his detailed South American tips here.  Inti Raymi Cuzco, Peru Inti Raymi, […]

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Gwen Chronicles Brazil

How A Young Woman Raises Cystic Fibrosis Awareness In Brazil

BY WENDY HUNG Courtesy: YouTube Last month, we introduced you to French filmmakers Gwenn Lainé and Gwendal Danguy Des Déserts, both quit their jobs to work on a documentary hoping to inspire the inner travelers in all of us. The film captures their journey around the world, interviewing ordinary people who have undergone important life changes. […]

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3 Iguazu Garganta do Diabo

5 Things You Should Know About Iguazú Falls

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Iguaçu Falls in Parque do Iguaçu (DSCN7024) – Jerry Alonzo Leon/Flickr A UNESCO world heritage site since 1984, but a natural wonder since time immemorial, Iguazú Falls (Spanish: Cataratas del Iguazú) is shared by Argentina and Brazil (known as Cataratas do Iguaçu in Portuguese or Iguaçu Falls) at the tri-border of […]

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Flickr Jerry Leon Rio Brazil carnival bloco

5 Things You Should Know About Carnival In Rio de Janeiro

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON It’s difficult to convey in words the electric vibe and raucous atmosphere of Carnival, the world’s biggest party where millions of people (this year more than two million people showed up for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro) from every international background are seemingly represented in one place. It’s an event that […]

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airbnb brazil rio olympics 2016

Airbnb Teams Up With Olympics For WAY Better Housing Options

BY TEAM JST Big news for Airbnb, the website for rent out lodging. It will be the official alternative accommodation sponsor of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SEE ALSO: How The New Tourist Tax Agreement Affects Airbnb Hosts In Amsterdam During last year’s World Cup, housing became an issue for many visitors due […]

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Flickr Alex Brazil Favela

Brazil Tips & Tricks: Every FYI You Need To Know

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Home to lush rainforests and enchanting waterfalls, Brazil exudes a beauty and sense of wonderment worthy of every traveler’s bucket list. We’ve got a quick rundown of everything you’ll need to know, from Wi-Fi, cash exchange, SIM cards, walking tours…and more! Photo: Flickr/Alex 5 things to avoid: Avoid withdrawing money from […]

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