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www.rio-carnival.net Rio Brazil Carnival

5 Raddest South American Festivals You Won’t Regret This Winter

BY JERRY LEON Photo: rio-carnival.net Whether you’re looking for colorful pageantries or wild revelries, music or dance festivals, indigenous harvest holidays or extravagant fests—South America has some of the world’s best festivals! January: Santiago a Mil. Santiago, Chile Santiago a Mil is an annual performance arts festival that takes place every January in Santiago, Chile. Featuring dozens […]

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INSA gif-iti artist

Meet The Space GIF-iti Artist Beautifying Rio de Janeiro

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube  “Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to push an idea. Don’t be afraid to explore it.” Says INSA, a creative genius taking over the GIF-iti world. For years, INSA has been known for his bewildering street art and colorful designs. For a project with Ballantine, the innovative artist […]

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macchu picchu peru

Every Health Tip You Need To Know Before Jetting To South America

BY JERRY LEON Ask any traveler and they’ll tell you that staying healthy on the road can be a challenge, especially if you venture off the beaten path. For those who have traveled to South America and for the countless many who are planning to go (which, in a few months’ time, will include myself), […]

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FLICKR Jessica Lucia US Passport

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting A Visa For Brazil

BY JERRY LEON Photo: Flickr/Jessica Lucia So you’ve decided to go to Brazil. That’s great! Now you need to fill out the visa application. Well, that’s not so great. Unfortunately a visit to Brazil isn’t as easy as boarding a plane and leaving; you need to apply for a visa which can be a bit […]

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Jetset With: San Francisco Legend DJ Miguel Migs

BY LENA KAZER Artists are some of the world’s most interpretive jetsetters, which is why it’s our duty to pick their brains. This autumn, we’re launching Jetset With – an ongoing series of exclusive interviews with DJs, bands, and crooners all over the world. How else are we going to know how they cruise from city […]

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Balat, Istanbul

34 Cities That Will Make You Want To Paint The Town…Literally

BY WENDY HUNG Some cities were created to inspire the artists in all of us. The longer we wanderlust, the more we want to grab a paint brush and  channel our inner Van Goghs. These thirty-four colorful gems take us from Australia to Asia to all the Americas, through Europe and all the way to Greenland. Get […]

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wellnesstoday.com world cup snacks

9 Brazilian Snacks To Grub On During The World Cup

BY LENA KAZER wellnesstoday.com Watching the FIFA World Cup requires two crucial elements that are never to be forgotten: beer and snacks. This year, celebrate Brazil and be the host-of-a-lifetime by whipping up a Brazilian dish for your fútbol loving friends. Some of these nine dishes are easy to throw together and others take awhile, […]

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