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Move Over Miami, 2014’s Hottest Spring Break Destinations

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY While Cabo, Honolulu, Miami, and Palm Springs are all wonderful destinations to spend your spring break, they are packed and sometimes overdone—yes everyone’s going.  Besides, it’s 2014, and time to try something new!  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil As Brazil gains more national attention with the World Cup coming up this summer, the […]

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Beauty Obsession! 9 Countries Travelers Go For Plastic Surgeries

BY WENDY HUNG In every continent, there’s a country where people travel to for some major cosmetic procedures. And we’re not talking about breast implants in Beverly Hills. For example, pop stars and celebrities in Korea are known to have the “perfect faces”, where both females and even males have had their eye lids done, added […]

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What Does Your Favorite City Say About You?

BY WENDY HUNG No judging. When people say they often go to, let’s say, Vegas, you know what they’re all about. You have an inkling of the kind of music they listen to, the kind of drinks they typically order at the bar. I’ll bet this crowd is vastly different from the other kind that often […]

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Throw THE BEST “Around The World” Cocktail Party This New Year’s Eve

BY WENDY HUNG Every now and then, I’ll host a festive “Around The World Soiree” at my house. The first one that I ever attended was back in college, I was living in a frat house one summer at Berkeley and a bunch of us came up with this idea. I liked it so much that […]

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RIP Paul Walker (1973 – 2013): How He Traveled The World

BY WENDY HUNG I remember talking to Tyrese Gibson years ago, about working with Paul Walker on 2 Fast 2 Furious. The second film of the franchise had just been released and he was gushing on about how nice of a guy Paul was. If you went to high school around mid-to-late 90′s, then you can surely […]

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Twinkle, Twinkle! 8 Most Beautiful Christmas Trees Around The World

BY FABIOLA PEREZ Near the finale of every year comes the time when people don cozy scarves and hats, croon by the fireplace (okay, maybe not in the modern day), and light up their homes. For those jetsetters out there, however, home may not be the best place to light up since, chances are, you won’t […]

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Panti Bar - Dublin

Glass Showers, Theme Nights & Drag Queens: Jetset Times’ Best 24 Gay Bars Around the World

BY TEAM JST For a very long time, San Francisco was known as the only gay mecca in the world. It’s safe to say, there has been a noted rise of gay clubs around the globe during the last decade, from Israel, Paris to Brazil. In addition to spectacular theme nights, world-class DJs spinning, and […]

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