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Cape Tribulation Australia Mt. Sorrow

Find Australia’s White Sand Beaches & Exotic Birds At Cape Tribulation

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Located about a two and a half hour drive north of Cairns, Cape Tribulation offers the opportunity to get in touch with nature and relax on clear blue, white sand beaches in an area that isn’t too cluttered by tourism. Cape Tribulation is located within the Daintree National Park and the Wet […]

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Harry Heart

Exclusive! The Harry Heart Chrysalis: What’s In My Luggage

BY GUADALUPE GONZALEZ At age 21, Harry Heart has long been turning heads across the world thanks to his musical talent. Both multi-instrumentalist and producer, this young London-born musician first made a name for himself in Australia after making it to the final round of the talent competition, Triple J Unearthed High. He’s traveled across Europe […]

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Insight100 Liquid Explosive Detection System

New Scanner At Security Checkpoint Proves You Don’t Have Liquid Bombs

BY JST NEWS You can stop wasting water bottles…soon! As of now, an award-winning technology is being tested across 65 airports in Europe and Australia to easily identify passengers’ water bottles from safe to liquid bombs. Oxfordshire-based company Cobalt’s Insight100 Liquid Explosive Detection System is essentially a scanner with the ability to screen containers up to […]

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Port Douglas Australia kangaroo

Where To Cuddle With Koalas And Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Queensland is a state of Australia that offers unique opportunities, ones that are unavailable for visitors in the majority of the rest of the country. The opportunity to cuddle with a Koala, swim the Great Barrier Reef, and walk out of the rain forest directly onto a white, sandy beach are very […]

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Paxtons Camera Video Digital Flickr Sydney Australia

Australia Denies Visas For Travelers From West Africa

BY JST NEWS Last week, we reported that Hong Kong International Airport will conduct a new health screening questionnaire for travelers landing in Hong Kong to prevent the spread of Ebola. This week, Australia is taking new measures to protect its citizens from the deadly virus. According to Reuters, Australia is the first developed country to prevent […]

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Healesville Sanctuary zoo Melbourne Australia kangaroo

Victoria’s Best Place To Experience Australian Animals Is…

BY EVAN MOLINEUX A key attraction of Australia is the native animals. Australia is home to a huge variety of animals that don’t exist naturally anywhere else in the world. Zoos around the world have kangaroos and koala habitats, but very few places offer the up close and personal experience to see and learn about […]

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Getty images Chris Davies Australia batman

Your Jetset Lowdown This Morning

BY TEAM JST You might’ve been too busy city hopping this week to notice some big breaking jetset news. No worries, we’ve got you covered.  1. Batman and Catwoman put on a show for Australian children this week by taking over Melbourne’s Eureka Tower and scaled down the city’s tallest building to support Heartkids – an Australian charity […]

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