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Thomas Jefferson, The Traveler’s Curse And Why Traveling Matters

BY JERRY LEON “Travelling […] makes men wiser, but less happy.” -Thomas Jefferson, August 10, 1787 It’s been almost two years since I first heard of the traveler’s curse, and I’m still not sure what to make of it. When I first began to travel I had no idea that this so-called “curse” existed and, […]

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Zagreb Lookbook: Peek At The Gorgeous Capital Of Croatia

BY NADIA CHO I wasn’t expecting much from Zagreb during my three hour train break there en route to Budapest from Split. But after a brief look, I was very glad that I had the chance to see even a small part of the city as I found it incredibly sweet and impressionistic. As the […]

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Basic Hotel Bergen: A Hidden Abode In Norway

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY About six hours west of Oslo, is Norway’s lesser known brother, Bergen. Historic, quiet, and rich with nature and sweeping fjords, Bergen is luscious yet unassuming. It’s a place where beauty speaks for itself, a destination where a little exploration reaps big and priceless benefits. Surrounded by large mountains, Bergen’s city center […]

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Jetset Quiz: Is It Wanderlust Or The Great Escape?

BY LENA KAZER We all travel for different reasons. Some travel to escape their daily life – recurrent stress or a feeling of stagnancy that isn’t always easy to identify – and others travel to find something, whether it’s an underground cat-hotel or something deep and existential. There is no right or wrong, good or […]

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Making Traveling More Comfortable For Women

BY NADIA CHO This past month my younger sister and I, two fresh-faced American university students, completed a 3 week backpacking trip throughout Europe by train. It was fabulous and profound but the experience also opened my eyes to the challenges that commonly await women explorers. I am hardly the anxious worrywart who fears […]

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Amsterdam Hotel Sofitel Grand

EXCLUSIVE! Fit For A King, A Night At The Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY  There is a place in Amsterdam that sits untouched from the passing of time, a jewel lodged in one of the oldest areas of the canal city. Having gone from 15th century convent to the royal home of Dutch Admiralty and then to Amsterdam’s city hall, Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is […]

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Get Fitted In Shenzhen Without Spending A Fortune

BY DRISANA MISRA The 5th floor of the Lo Wu Shopping Mall in Shenzhen is overrun with tiny little plastic boxes that house custom tailors. Stools scatter the linoleum corridors, some empty, some occupied by workers eating take-out of noodles and lotus root while their children rollerblade through the labyrinth of shops. At some shops, there […]

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