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Prague Tips & Tricks: Every FYI You Need To Know

BY WENDY HUNG The center of Bohemia is full of things to see and must-do’s. Just in case you’re too lazy to flip through a guidebook, here’s a quick rundown of walking tours, Wifi info, cash exchange, SIM cards…and more! 5 things to avoid: Going during summertime, it’s too hot. Don’t tip with your credit card, leave […]

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heathrow airport london england

Jetset 101: When Things Go Wrong

BY ANNIE GRAY I’m currently in the first two weeks of my six-week trip and so far I have experienced an eight-hour delayed flight, a missed flight, a train strike, somewhat abusive work holiday hosts, and leaving said work holiday hosts in the middle of the night via taxi. I still consider this a great trip. […]

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Lima Neighborhoods: A Breakdown Made For Travelers

BY WENDY HUNG You may be heading to Peru to experience the Machu Picchu, but you’re sure to spend at least a few days in Lima. Although the capital of Peru is gigantic, divided into forty-three different districts and populated by eight million inhabitants. There are, however, simply a handful of districts that you’ll be wanderlusting […]

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Wooden Steps

A Walk To Remember: Inside Berlin’s Tiergarten

BY JERRY LEON Tiergarten (German for animal garden) is a locality found within Mitte, a borough of Berlin.   A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, the Tiergarten boasts many attractions including an expansive park, terrific zoo, impressive cultural center, and dutiful memorials of artwork and sculptures that will no doubt inspire thoughtful reflection. CLICK […]

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etsy passport

A Silver Linings Travel Book You Can Relate To

BY CARLY BRAND  When traveling, plans are bound to go astray. Unless you possess the organizational skills of an IKEA warehouse architect, be prepared for slight mishaps lingering on the horizon. However, when your compass shakes, causing your journey to re-route, don’t panic. Take this as an opportunity for a new adventure, or at the […]

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featured American Appeal Wild West

True American Appeal: The Wild West

BY MEREDITH TODD Photos courtesy of Luke Gottlieb via Tumblr Ask anyone outside the good ol’ stars and stripes what they think of the Western US, and they’ll surely paint you a picture with their knowledge of the great Wild West and gun slingin’, horse ridin’, tobacco spittin’ cowboys. Ask anyone within the US and well, […]

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featured Cinque Terre Lookbook

Cinque Terre Lookbook: An Italian Paradiso

BY GUADALUPE GONZALEZ Just an hour and a half’s ride away from Sienna, Cinque Terre (which means five lands in Italian) is an adventurer’s paradise. Found along the northern region of the Italian Riviera, this collection of unique, but similarly vibrant towns boasts incredible coastal views and endless unpaved, rocky trails that feed into one […]

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