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Tech Tuesday: ENTRAIN Is The App World’s Answer For Jetlag

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Staying awake all flight, listening to classical music, and sleeping pills are just some of the many ways travelers try to combat jetlag, a seemingly inevitable side effect of switching time zones. We’ve probably all experienced jetlag at one time or another; its that wired feeling you want to go away during […]

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An Aussie’s Guide To Blending In When Traveling Down Under

BY CARLY BRAND  Vegemite is not just a spread to us. It is a way of life. If you hate the taste (which there is a 100% chance you will), grit your teeth, smile, and gracefully spit into your napkin when the providers back is turned. Via It is perfectly acceptable to roam and explore […]

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Oakland Museum of California

Our Fave Spots In Oakland As The City Gets An Image Makeover

BY WENDY HUNG Oaktown is getting an image makeover. MC Hammer’s birth city now wants you to get in touch with an authentic art and world-renowned fine dining scene, sans gun shootings and all. Visit Oakland has spent a year researching on how to develop Oakland’s image. Now the office is ready to launch a new identity, […]

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Where To Go Out Every Day In Madrid As An International Student

BY NADIA CHO Let´s face it, you didn’t actually sign up for a study abroad program with the intention of studying—especially not if you chose a European party capital like Madrid. The crackin’ capital of Spain is teeming with international students from all over the world, as Spain is among the top 5 study abroad destination […]

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The Reality Of Language Barriers

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Three young Indian men soliciting my travel companion Marios in Hindi at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Language barriers are a daunting impediment to travel, and there’s little doubt that the difficulty they give people has deterred many-a-potential-traveler from traveling at all. But there is something special about feeling completely foreign in […]

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Inside The City Of Neon Lights: Nashville

BY SCHUYLER ARAKAWA There are neon lights, everywhere. The fluorescent colors welcoming me into “Crossroads, Music City.” But these bright lights are nothing like what lights up the nights of New York, Paris, Berlin. It’s not the individual lights of apartment and office buildings that keep these cities awake, but the unified glow of these […]

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Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Next Job

BY JASON CANTER Take a break, you deserve it!  You will not look back in 10 years and think, “thank God I started the new gig a week earlier, it made all the difference in my career and financials.” Traveling is a perfect use for Facebook, so see below for the “how to” guide on […]

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