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2015-01 Founder's Note Je Suis Charlie featured

January Founder’s Note: #JeSuisCharlie

BY WENDY HUNG Here I am, sitting in the French countryside, in a tiny but wealthy town called Francport, situated in the north of Paris. Not too far away is where two gunmen hid the day after the terror attack before they headed back to Paris and were eventually killed by the French security forces. On […]

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2014-09 Founder's Note 34 copy

September Founder’s Note: 34

BY WENDY HUNG On my last night in Paris, my best friend Mathilde reminded me that this would be the shortest birthday I would have. I’d hop on the plane in the morning, and thirteen hours later I would land in Taipei, Taiwan and it would already be the next day. Since this would be the […]

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2014-08 Founder's Note French Connections

August Founder’s Note: French Connections

BY WENDY HUNG In the Chinese culture, we often speak about 緣份 (yuan fen). There’s no direct translation of the word. It’s a way of thinking, a concept rather, that refers to the binding forces between relationships held by lovers, family, friends or even strangers. There’s neither science nor religion behind it. But I grew […]

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2014-07 Founder's Note Being American

July Founder’s Note: Being American

BY WENDY HUNG Last week, I was at a cocktail event in Taipei. The crowd was international and I loved every minute of mingling. That is, until I found myself in a conversation with the wife of a Northern European politician who lived in Taipei for fourteen years but didn’t speak a lick of Mandarin. […]

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2014-06 Founder's Note Just Go

Founder’s Note: Just Go!

BY WENDY HUNG This is how I spent Sunday: being a hermit in my Taipei bedroom. For 24 hours, my doors were shut, the TV was on and I passed out like an exhausted baby. This week, when people asked how I was doing, my only answer was exactly that: exhausted! Since April 25th, this was […]

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2014-04 Founder's Note Now is the Moment 1

Founder’s Note: NOW Is The Moment

BY WENDY HUNG Two weeks ago, my family and I spent five days indulging in Japan’s whimsical cherry blossoms. We traveled through five different cities mostly in the Kansai region, admiring sceneries coated in exquisite shades of pink. I used to make fun of people who traveled to Japan for blooming sakura (cherry blossom). “Seriously, what’s the […]

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2014-02 Founder's Note Paris love

Founder’s Note: The Ultimate Love Affair

BY WENDY HUNG It took three whole years. Crying on the kitchen floor, excessive drinking, midnight calls to my girlfriends in tears, going back and forth with the relationship. Three torturesome years of rebound relationships, jam-packed schedules of parties as distractions, making new, but pretty and superficial friends. All to hide the excruciating pain of missing […]

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