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2014-04 Founder's Note Now is the Moment 1

Founder’s Note: NOW Is The Moment

BY WENDY HUNG Two weeks ago, my family and I spent five days indulging in Japan’s whimsical cherry blossoms. We traveled through five different cities mostly in the Kansai region, admiring sceneries coated in exquisite shades of pink. I used to make fun of people who traveled to Japan for blooming sakura (cherry blossom). “Seriously, what’s the […]

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2014-02 Founder's Note Paris love

Founder’s Note: The Ultimate Love Affair

BY WENDY HUNG It took three whole years. Crying on the kitchen floor, excessive drinking, midnight calls to my girlfriends in tears, going back and forth with the relationship. Three torturesome years of rebound relationships, jam-packed schedules of parties as distractions, making new, but pretty and superficial friends. All to hide the excruciating pain of missing […]

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featured facebook censorship iran

Jetset Nightmare! 6 Countries With Internet Censorship

BY WENDY HUNG There is no celebrating for me as Facebook turns 10, because there is no social media access in Iran! No status updates. No photo uploads. You want to know the most irritating fact about traveling? Today, the website author and social media lover in me says: internet censorship.  Adding to the frustration, […]

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Wendy Bhutan roadtrip

Founder’s Note: Finding “The New You” Through Traveling

BY WENDY HUNG I get this question a lot: “What’s your favorite destination?” For the longest time, my answer had been automatic. Anyone who knows me long enough knows that Paris gives me freedom and a sense of confidence that is hard to explain. It’s also the sweetest feeling, finding yourself meshing within a foreign […]

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Israel sea of galilee

Founder’s Note: Sweet November, Precious Givers

BY WENDY HUNG  Growing up, I never thought I was a very pretty child. That’s because, I wasn’t. Big glasses, knee-high socks, unforgiving perms…did I mention I spoke broken English and was still trying to learn French? Being the prettiest girl in school was never in my prospects, but looks stopped to matter when I […]

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paris france

Founder’s Note – A Love Letter to the Hearts in My City of Lights

BY WENDY HUNG Every summer when I arrive in Paris, Ambroise is always the first person I see. I purposely plan it this way, coordinating my arrival time during his break from work. Weeks prior, Mathilde always plans on meeting me at the airport. I know, however, something will always come up. And I will […]

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san francisco

Founder’s Note: Goodbye San Francisco, Hello World.

BY WENDY HUNG “You live a rich life. You love life.” A former boss told me once, he taught me a tremendous amount about entrepreneurship. I was twenty-four years old at the time, and his words have forever ingrained in my mind. Through later years, some friends got married, some continue to have babies and […]

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