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The Ideal Traveler Annie Gray

Ideal Travel Partners: 8 Qualities Your Friend Should Have

BY ANNIE GRAY To find a true travel partner, one you genuinely enjoy and who doesn’t drive you crazy, is a rare find. To find one when you’re young, is even rarer. And to find one when you’re traveling on a budget, is a one in a million. When I was twenty years old, my […]

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featured 5 travelogues books

5 Travelogues That Will Inspire You To Travel

BY JERRY LEON A popular subset of the travel writing genre, travelogues can be the best way to experience the oddities and curiosities of the world without necessarily being there in person. Luckily, there are plenty of books on the subject. Whether you’re in need of new ideas for your next adventure or simply a […]

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featured man bun

#FashionFriday: 9 Euro-Styles You’ve Unconsciously Adopted

BY WENDY HUNG You laughed at these styles, you mocked them when you were in Europe. But now, you find yourself strutting these looks with ease. It’s okay, we’re all guilty of it! Check out these nine Euro-styles that naturally became your wardrobe staples.  1. Wear your UK pride You’ve been to London Town and you loved […]

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heathrow airport london england

Jetset 101: When Things Go Wrong

BY ANNIE GRAY I’m currently in the first two weeks of my six-week trip and so far I have experienced an eight-hour delayed flight, a missed flight, a train strike, somewhat abusive work holiday hosts, and leaving said work holiday hosts in the middle of the night via taxi. I still consider this a great trip. […]

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kickstarter project xs-4 android smartwatch phone

5 Kickstarter Campaigns Worthy Of Your Backings

BY WENDY HUNG No, these aren’t projects to fund someone caravan’s travels, or to create another photo book. On Kickstarter, we think projects that are worthy of your backings are ones that combine innovation with a purpose. Everyone’s got a cool idea, but the ones on this list are much more well thought out and […]

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featured top 10 must do panama city

Top 10 Must-Do’s In Panama City

BY LENA KAZER Panama City, Panama is one of the emerging It-List destinations over the last few years, the definition of up-and-coming. At the core of its appeal is the stark contrast between the old city; remnants of stone façades and church archways that have withstood centuries of attack and deterioration, and the new city, warm […]

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la surena madrid nadia

4 Killer Cheap Eats And Gathering Hubs In Madrid

BY NADIA CHO There are always endless options when it comes to eating and drinking in Madrid. The entire country of Spain is renowned for its food culture consisting of bite-sized tapas and pinchos, and there is nothing more beautiful than being handed a plate of food every time you order a drink. Thus, eating […]

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