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World Vision Facebook Pray for Nepal

11 Organizations Needing Your Support For Earthquake Victims In Nepal

BY WENDY HUNG Having just returned from Nepal two months ago, it is devastating to see the reckless aftermath of a monstrous 7.8 earthquake. Nepal became a country which deeply impacted my heart. A land full of World Heritage Sites that wowed away my imagination but today, they rest in piles of shattered rocks. Every Nepalese taught me immensely about […]

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Flickr punctuated Germany street food

10 Delicious Street Foods You HAVE To Eat In Berlin!

BY NADIA CHO Photo: Flickr/punctuated German cuisine is more than just brats and pretzels, especially in Berlin where grunge and multiculturalism create a delicious mix of varied, affordable street food. Almost anything you eat on-the-go in the streets of Berlin will be fast, cheap and extremely tasty. So whether it’s an iced mate tea you […]

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5. okinawa soba okinawa

Chopsticks Over History Books: 9 Must-Eats Of Okinawa, Japan

BY LENA KAZER When I made the puddle-jump from Taiwan to Okinawa, I knew very little about the impending flavor-lottery I would soon find on the Japanese prefecture. I anticipated engorging myself on raw fish and seaweed, cramming decades of youth-revitalizing vitamins into my body before heading back to the land of white bread and […]

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Facebook Coachella

Top 10 Bands Rocking Your World At Coachella This Year

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Photo: Facebook/Coachella Looking at the Coachella lineup this year, everyone knows that Jack White is going to tear it up, AC/DC is going to be one of the most rocking sing a longs of all time, Florence and the Machine is going to give you chills, and Ratatat are going to melt […]

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G2G Bhutan Banner

15 Must-Do’s You Can’t Miss In Bhutan

BY WENDY HUNG The happiest country in Asia is on your bucket list, but how are you supposed to really DO Bhutan? Most guidebooks will give you too much information, and so far you’ve only heard about the famous Tiger’s Nest. SEE ALSO: Jetset Times Guide To Getaway: Bhutan Here’s a list of incredible must-do’s that will […]

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Coachella

BY TEAM JST This past weekend, massive groups of music fans soaked up the sun and indulged in jaw-dropping performances at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Weekend 2. We think there just might be a few things you probably didn’t know about Coachella. For those who don’t know much about all the craziness that […]

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5 Best Broadway Musicals To See In NYC That Are Currently Playing

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Photo: Whether you live in New York or it’s your first time traversing the labyrinth that is the skyscraping map of Manhattan, a Broadway show is ALWAYS a good idea. Keep in mind that I am not an esteemed literary critic, but these top fives are currently up and running. SEE […]

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