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Don’t Leave Greece Without Trying…

BY GEMMA HARRIS Photo: Turqiouse Mediterranean, sun-bleached ancient ruins, lush countryside dotted with olive trees all making Greece a favorable holiday destination with dining experiences not to be taken lightly. The Greeks pride themselves in their cuisine, with absolute reason to. Eat and drink late into the night in true taverna style. Make sure […]

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Constance Halaveli Resort, Maldives: The Maldives is scarily idyllic, with oceanic vistas as generous and unyielding as your libido. (Photo credit: Flickr/Mac Qin)

Your Seduction Itinerary: 17 Universally Sexy Cities

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to planning a memorable romantic getaway, it’s about time we put down the Danielle Steele novel and get a little more creative. While anyone can chase the perfect sunset, or historical bridge that begs for a lengthy, nun-terrorizing smooch, finding the toe-curling destination you desire requires some research. We’ve delved […]

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6 Tips On Solo Travel, So You Can Treat Yourself

BY NADIA CHO Despite the unease and awkwardness many people may feel about traveling alone, taking a trip entirely solo can actually be super awesome. It’s an amazing feeling to have complete control over your trip itinerary without having to take anyone else’s desires into consideration. Only having to accommodate yourself means that you can […]

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10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid This Spring

BY ALYSSA RAMOS With spring just around the corner, travel plans are being made to enjoy places with beautiful weather! But be careful, there are several mistakes people make when planning to travel during a different season that can definitely catch you off guard. SEE ALSO: Add These Beach Songs To Your Spring Break Road Trip […]

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8 Random Things You’ll Learn In Tokyo

BY JUDY WU Photo: Flickr/OiMax 1. Fresh produce is expensive If I lived in Tokyo, I would never eat fresh fruit or vegetables. It simply wouldn’t happen. After buying a two-pound watermelon for $21 and three tomatoes for $6,I decided to save my money for the karaoke bar. 2. Street vending machines everywhere Vending machines […]

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These 7 Travel Pillows Will Save Your Life

BY WENDY HUNG Say goodbye to neck pains and embarrassing moments of your chin falling forward! Here are 7 comfy cushiness to the rescue! 1. BioSense® Neck Travel Pillow Why we love it: The custom BioSense® technology made with green tea, charcoal and seed oil for natural odor resistance relieves pressure for your head. If you constantly suffer from […]

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6 South America Festivals To Hit Up This March

BY JERRY LEON Jerry Leon is a Jetset Times contributor who is currently on a solo backpacking trip in South America. So, each week, the born-and-raised Californian will share with us local festivals that he cannot wait to check out in person. Plus, check out his other super helpful South American tips here.  1. Semana Santa […]

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