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Turquoise water against white stones and high cliffs, Santorini in the Greek Isles is on the top of the list of many wedding planners' destination. And they're spot on!

SWOON! 18 Of Spring’s Romantic Destinations

BY WENDY HUNG Flowers bloom, the leaves turn green and waters around the world suddenly become evermore sapphire blue. Spring is here and we are loving every bit of the world, allowing nature to take its course and bringing all colors to life. All this awakening only means one thing: romance is in the air. Engaged […]

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Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji!

BY WENDY HUNG Be honest, you know you can’t send a proper text without them. When it comes to smileys and ideograms, they’re so much better at expressing how we feel and what we’re doing than actual words. So if you were to travel like your favorite icon, we think this is what your itinerary must look like! […]

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5 Simple Tips For A Worry Free Trip

BY JERRY LEON For many prospective travelers, the thought of leaving home to explore the world is a dream that, far too often, goes unrealized.  Concerns over safety, theft, or personal harm, can deter even the most ambitious person from embarking on a journey of a lifetime.  Although these are questions that deserve your full […]

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The 5 People You Will Meet In Hostels

BY CARLY BRAND  Hostels are a beacon of backpacker knowledge and a social hub for every traveler. As you walk through their physical doors, and more importantly their metaphorical ones, you have entered your home for the next couple of nights or the next couple of weeks. While some people choose to never move out, […]

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Trippin At Every Age A

Trippin’ At Every Age: Amazing Amsterdam

BY WENDY HUNG It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is many travelers’ favorite city to visit. But we all love it for wildly different reasons as Amsterdam is clearly a “high-ly” multifaceted destination. Art (Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum), gastronomy (blocks of Michelins stars), history (must stop by Anne Frank’s house), scenery (parks, canals, cathedrals…oh my), and awesomely unstoppable music. Did I mention that shopping […]

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Have A Plus One: 18 Reasons To Have A Travel Buddy

BY TAYLOR DODSON Whether you are living in a new place for months or taking a weekend getaway, have a travel companion is a must. Sharing travel explorations with a friend can make your experiences that much more memorable and meaningful. There are universal truths that friends know and experience when exploring a new location. […]

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Wendy Kyoto Japan cherry blossoms

This Week’s Top 5 Travel Essentials – Spring In Japan

BY WENDY HUNG Fresh off a 5-day trip to the Kansai region of Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Kyongo, Nara, Shiga, Wakayama) for dreamy cherry blossom viewings, I wanted to bring back our weekly “Top 5 Travel Essentials” series. Japan’s weather during this time of the year is sneaky, with lots of spontaneous rain and heavy winds. But […]

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