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Transformer18 Flickr train europe

5 Genius Tips For Your Train Travel Lifestyle

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Ever heard of an Eurail pass? Train travel is more than just a means to get from point A to point B; oftentimes, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re someone who enjoys getting a feel for their surroundings by taking the scenic route, train travel may be the perfect mode of transportation for […]

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Chermoula is used to coat fish or seafood for grilling or baking. The gorgeous flavor comes from the fusion of: herbs, oil, lemon juice, pickled lemons, garlic, cumin, and salt. Sometimes, you'll also taste: onion, coriander, ground chili peppers, black pepper, and saffron.

12 Heavenly Foods You Must Try In Morocco

BY WENDY HUNG When I went to Morocco years ago, I ate like a pig then suffered big time afterwards (Yuck! Stomach problems aren’t fun in the middle of the Sahara desert!) But I couldn’t resist the vibrant flavors, all those herbs and spices infused in Moroccan cuisine. Every street vendor smelled like heaven, hence […]

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Xinjiang China featured Yurt tent

Live Like A Nomad! 1 Week, 10 MUST Do’s In Xinjiang, China

BY WENDY HUNG Real nomads in Xinjiang have survived centuries of herding cattle, living in tents. Even if you won’t be roadtripping via camels, here’s a list must-do’s in an undiscovered region of China awaiting your inquisitive exploration. 1. Check out the best sunset in the world atop the curving river of Ba Yin Bu Lu Ke […]

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Naples Pier_ Brian Powers via Flickr

Date Night Done Right: Top 3 Picks In Naples, Florida

BY BREE FORMENTINI Naples, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is the perfect setting for any couples’ date night. Whether it’s a first date or a fiftieth, these Top 3 Picks are sure to make an impression. From upscale cuisine to cozy adventures on the beach, Naples has everything you need to make date night a […]

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Aroma Espresso Bar Kiev Ukraine

4 Stops In Kiev, Ukraine To Give You Necessary Caffeine Fix

BY ELIZABETH BEZVERKHA “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes My summer in NYC definitely made me a coffee addict. I’m now someone who can’t wake up in the morning until the first sip of a delightful, aromatic, sweet yet bitter cup of coffee. […]

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featured books travelers should carry

5 Uplifting Books Every Traveler Should Carry

BY NADIA CHO There are certain very special books that I reread over and over again because they remind me of the meaning of the life that I want to live, and I carry these books wherever I go. It’s during long journeys, especially those taken alone, that that we often seek a sense of […]

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Cloud Control Australian Musician

13 New Australian Musicians Deserve Your Undivided Attention

BY EVAN MOLINEUX A great part of traveling is discovering new music. Discovering these new types of music can sometimes take a little extra work since many countries listen to the same hit songs we hear at home. By using local radio websites and through word of mouth, I have been lucky enough to discover […]

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