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The 5 Best Books To Grab When Trapped In The Airport

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES A few weeks ago, while sitting in the international terminal of JFK, five hours too early for my flight, I started perusing the book section of Hudson News. With the emergence of smartphones and iPads, old fashioned bookshelves at airports have become almost obsolete. So, it was with great surprise and satisfaction […]

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10 Must-Do’s So You Can See ALL Of Casablanca In 1 Day

BY WENDY HUNG The beautiful Casablanca might be famous for the mystique of espionage and the glamour of 1942’s Hollywood film, but it also thrives as a sizzling travel destination. If you’re vacationing throughout Morocco in a week, you probably won’t spend more than a day in Casablanca. Here are ten easy must-do’s that will get you […]

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skydiving Laura Paterson

5 Ups And Downs Of Traveling Solo

BY LAURA PATERSON About 8 months ago I packed my bag, jumped on a plane and leapt out into South East Asia. The world was my oyster. I remember thinking to myself, “I am young, strong, confident and the world is just waiting for me to leave my mark on it!” Fast forward twenty-four hours […]

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3 Fail-Proof Tips For Painless Packing

BY BREE FORMENTINI Going somewhere? Here are three packing tips you need to know before you toss up your out of office message and bid adieu to your hometown. TIP #1: LESS IS MORE The only thing that should be fully loaded on any vacation is your itinerary. No one likes dragging around an over […]

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DTLA Los Angeles bars

Get Down With Barhopping In DTLA

BY NADIA CHO The historic downtown area of Los Angeles has grown incredibly up and coming and hip within the last few years. Thanks to great bars, food stops, urban parks and cultural events, DTLA is way cooler and exciting to hang out in than posh and snooty West Hollywood. Thanks to its high density […]

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wilB via Flickr love travel

5 Hot Tips For Traveling With Your Main Squeeze

BY KATIE HABIG wilB via Flickr Nothing puts a relationship to the test better than traveling with your significant other. Add flying over international waters to the mix and you’re upping the ante. If you’re like me, travel is a personal passion and a dating requirement. So naturally, my boyfriend and I planned a trip […]

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The 6 Best Hidden Sandwich Shops In San Francisco

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY When tasked with finding the perfect lunch, foodies can always turn to sandwiches, a reliable and satisfying option. There are sandwiches a plenty in the city of San Francisco, many of which have made top lists or guidebooks. What these lists don’t include are the handful sandwich shops that have hardly […]

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