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Case Mate iPhone 6 case

5 Super Tough iPhone 6 Cases Under $30

BY TEAM JST Adventurists may know a thing or two about cracked screens and chipped frames. With the new iPhone 6 out and about, many travelers are taking the new smartphone on the road while powering through some of the world’s greatest explorations. It’s a new phone and it’ll cost hundreds of dollars to replace […]

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10 Boho travel street styles

10 Boho Travel Street Styles (And How To Pull Them Off)

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to fashion, the travelers of the world always have a head start. With each new city comes a barrage of colors, textures, and cuts that inspire a uniquely bohemian travel style. Those who Jetset are exposed to some of the most vibrant and eclectic fashion cities in the world […]

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Facebook Arcade Fire

5 Hot Tracks For Your Indie Rock Jams Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX These songs create less of a nostalgic sing a long vibe and more of a sun is out, it’s the middle of the day, let’s do some serious driving kind of a vibe. They are the kind of songs that the less musically literate members of your party will tap you on […]

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featured 3 diy beauty hacks bree

3 DIY Beauty Hacks For The Nonstop Traveler

BY BREE FORMENTINI Is “Jetset” your middle name? Us too (well, first name). In any case, being the nonstop jetsetter means more than snapping the must-see Instas and collecting stamps in your passport. A few hops, skips, and jumps across the pond later, our bodies might start taking a toll. From hiking up the hills […]

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South Africa: Experience the best of South Africa on a trip that combines vibrant Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, the dramatic southern coast of the Western Cape and a wildlife safari in a world-renowned private game reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park. (Photo credit: National Geographic)

National Geographic Wants To Give You 13 VERY Private Expeditions

BY TEAM JST We don’t know about you, but we’re SO over trips with large tour groups with a set agenda which only leaves you rushing from one tourist landmark to another. A little flexibility, please? And where are the local gems? With the launch of National Geographic Private Expeditions, it seems that a new type […]

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Flickr Thomas Hawk Chicago bar Gold Star

The 3 “Star” Bars of Chicago’s Wicker Park

BY LENA KAZER Photo: Flickr/MA1216 When it comes to Chicago bars, I’ll be up front with you: I get around. Listen, how can you expect a girl to commit in a city like Chicago? I’ve pounded the pavement from the stiletto hell of the Viagra Triangle to joints that play jazz after 3 AM in […]

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5 Songs To Complete Your Perfect Rock & Roll Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Whether it’s summertime in Australia, fall in New England, or spring in the south of France, it is always time for a road trip. There is often no trip more satisfying than putting on your sunglasses and driving along some scenic roads with a group of friends, stopping wherever your heart desires. […]

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