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Stuck In India’s Heatwave? Experts Want You To Do 4 Things NOW

BY JST NEWS Photo: Flickr/Owen Young If you’re traveling in India, especially in the New Delhi region, you’re already aware of the heatwave killing over 500 people, and the number is expected to rise. SEE ALSO: Traveling To India? Let These Top 3 Tips Lead The Way! According to news agency AFP, Special Commissioner of Andha Pradesh’s […]

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How Gloria Steinem & Female Activists Crossed Koreas’ DMZ

BY JST NEWS Photo: Associated Press/Ahn Young-Joon If you’re unfamiliar with the DMZ, know that it stands for Korean Demilitarized Zone – a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula. At the end of Korean War in 1953, DMZ was established to serve as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. It was created as part of the Korean Armistice […]

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What Will New Emojis Reveal About Your Travel Life

BY JST NEWS Emoji-lovers, get excited! According to Yahoo Tech, Unicode Consortium, the company coordinating the development of Unicode standard, is releasing 38 new emojis by 2016. SEE ALSO: Are Apple’s Controversial Emojis Too “Yellow”? If you’re at a restaurant in Mexico or stuffing your face with tacos in San Francisco’s La Taqueria, sorry to tell you but taco […]

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Google Maps Finds Solution For Shocking Racist Results

BY JST NEWS How often do we use Google Maps while traversing through foreign cities? This week, a Washington Post reader discovered that typing in “n****r house” in Google Maps’ global view leads to the White House. In addition, the word “n****r king” in the Washington D.C. view, Google Maps also zooms in on the White House. SEE ALSO: Planning […]

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Why You Should Care Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Be Gone By 2020

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Besides the fact that Antarctica is on many travelers’ bucket lists, did you know half of the world’s population live in coastal lands. So what we’re about to tell you…matters. Big time. According to a new study performed by NASA, Larsen B Ice Shelf – one of the last remaining sections […]

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Prince Harry New Zealand crocodile 10

Meet Prince Harry: The Crocodile Dundee

BY JST NEWS Prince Harry’s adventurous side is on full throttle! As part of his visit with the Australian Defense Force, the Prince of Wales has been jetsetting around South Pacific. His latest venture: hunting then wrestling a 10-foot crocodile. SEE ALSO: This Man Suffered Seizure During Skydiving In Australia The excitement occurred in Northern Territory’s Darwin […]

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southwest suicide karen momsen-evers

Could Her Husband’s Suicide Have Been Prevented By Southwest Flight Attendants?

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube What happens when you’re sitting on the plane ready for takeoff, suddenly a suicide text message appears on your phone from your husband? It gets worse. What happens when your phone is slapped down by a flight attendant who has asked multiple times to turn your phone on airplane mode […]

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