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space travel NASA somersault

This Is How To Do A Somersault In Space

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Let’s Move, Michelle Obama! Mrs. President’s famous campaign to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity and encourage a healthy lifestyle through “a comprehensive, collaborative, and community-oriented initiative that addresses all of the various factors that lead to childhood obesity” is being practiced in…SPACE! SEE ALSO: New Neptune Moon! NASA Hubble Space […]

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Stacey Addison coming home Indonesia

Stacey Addison Is Finally Out Of Jail & Coming Home!

BY TEAM JST Each time there’s an update on Stacey Addison’s case, emails flood back and forth between Team JST. Maybe because the majority of us also graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) or maybe because Dr. Addison has been living our worst nightmare as avid travelers. SEE ALSO: EXCLUSIVE! Stacey Addison’s Mother Speaks: How You Can Help […]

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This Italian Village With A Castle Can Be Yours…

BY TEAM JST For close to $4.5 million you can have a small village which comes with a castle and a church. No big deal. Umbria is a region of historic and modern central Italy and the only Italian region with neither a coastline nor a border connecting to other countries. Umbria includes Lake Trasimeno, where this luxurious estate is […]

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man seizure skydiving

This Man Suffered Seizure During Skydiving In Australia

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Many have said everyone should skydive at least once in a lifetime. Except, when something goes terribly wrong. Especially when that something is…a seizure. On Sunday, Nomadic Adrenaline posted a YouTube video of a man named Christopher suffering a seizure while jumping out of a plane in Australia. Luckily, he […]

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Twitter Jetblue Bluemanity

The Tweet That Got JetBlue In Serious Trouble

BY JST NEWS 1.9 million Twitter followers, you’ve gotta be careful about what’s being posted! JetBlue has certainly learned that lesson last week when the low-cost U.S. airline tweeted “Oh, the Blumanity” showing off its latest aircraft design. But many didn’t find the joke funny as it referenced at the 1937 Hindenburg disaster. SEE ALSO: Apple […]

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Facebook Cathay Pacific Airways

When A 3-Year-Old Won’t Fasten His Seat Belt…

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Fasten your seat belt, folks! Even if you’re only 3 years old. On Thursday, a family with a 3-year-old son was requested to exit Cathay Pacific flight CX654 in Bangkok, Thailand. Why? The little guy refused to buckle up his seat belt. When the flight attendant attempted to resolve the issue, […]

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Apple iOS emojis racist

Are Apple’s Controversial Emojis Too “Yellow”?

BY TEAM JST And why is a travel website like ours reporting on Apple emojis? Because whether we’re away from home or not, emojis are ways we communicate with loved ones. In addition, when a slew of emojis can be taken as racist, well, we’re going to talk about it. SEE ALSO: Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji! On Monday, […]

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