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Unleashed Music festival Melbourne Australia 2

Unleashed Festival 2014: Young Australians Creating Music And Social Change To Look Out For

BY EVAN MOLINEUX On August 31, I was given a free ticket to what I thought was merely a music festival in downtown Melbourne, one that celebrates up and coming young Australian artists. Although there was a plethora of talented artists performing, upon arriving at the festival, I quickly learned that the it celebrated much […]

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give and surf neil christiansen

Jetset Times “Fuels The Future” With Give And Surf

BY TEAM JST Last winter Jetset Times set out to explore Panama City and Bocas del Toro and bring home a stellar Guide to Getaway, Panama. In search of a “Giver” organization that would captivate our readers, our creative team journeyed into the island archipelago of Bocas del Toro to visit schools built by Give and […]

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kickstarter project xs-4 android smartwatch phone

5 Kickstarter Campaigns Worthy Of Your Backings

BY WENDY HUNG No, these aren’t projects to fund someone caravan’s travels, or to create another photo book. On Kickstarter, we think projects that are worthy of your backings are ones that combine innovation with a purpose. Everyone’s got a cool idea, but the ones on this list are much more well thought out and […]

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Project Open Hand San Francisco AIDS Walk 6

JST EXCLUSIVE! How San Francisans Can Make A Difference For Project Open Hand

BY JERRY LEON Courtesy: YouTube It’s no secret that a nutritious diet is vital to maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle.  For people who live below the poverty line, however, access to nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables may not always be attainable, which means a healthy diet is difficult (if not impossible) to […]

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JST Article 5 - National Park

Why You Should WWOOF

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Observing the Ecuadorian grandeur on one of our trips around the country Have you ever found yourself searching the vast realm of the interwebs for free ways to see the world? For those of us who love to travel—yet lack sufficient funds to do so on the regular—the answer is probably yes. […]

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Give and Surf Panama 9

Jetsetter With A Cause: Neil Christiansen of Give & Surf

BY LENA KAZER We’ve all heard the age-old advice that the key to a successful non-profit, or any business for that matter, is passion. If your heart isn’t in it, it is going be difficult if not impossible to stay the course when things get complicated. And when your job operates by the whims of […]

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1. L women L Condom

L. Condoms Seeks To Wrap Up AIDS Epidemic

BY LENA KAZER Who knew doing the deed could also do some global good? Photojournalist Talia Frenkel founded L. after photographing AIDS ridden countries for the Red Cross. Frustrated by the lack of infrastructure emphasizing prevention education and overall in-access to protection from sexually transmitted diseases, Frenkel decided to create a sustainable solution and founded […]

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