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Flickr punctuated Germany street food

10 Delicious Street Foods You HAVE To Eat In Berlin!

BY NADIA CHO Photo: Flickr/punctuated German cuisine is more than just brats and pretzels, especially in Berlin where grunge and multiculturalism create a delicious mix of varied, affordable street food. Almost anything you eat on-the-go in the streets of Berlin will be fast, cheap and extremely tasty. So whether it’s an iced mate tea you […]

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5. okinawa soba okinawa

Chopsticks Over History Books: 9 Must-Eats Of Okinawa, Japan

BY LENA KAZER When I made the puddle-jump from Taiwan to Okinawa, I knew very little about the impending flavor-lottery I would soon find on the Japanese prefecture. I anticipated engorging myself on raw fish and seaweed, cramming decades of youth-revitalizing vitamins into my body before heading back to the land of white bread and […]

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The San Francisco Box 2

One San Francisco Company’s Cure For Homesickness

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY Nothing beats the thrill of traveling or moving to a new place. Venturing off to meet unfamiliar faces and the excitement of a fresh surrounding make leaving home so satisfying. Well, that is, until you get homesick. SEE ALSO: John Stamos In San Francisco: “Youngsters Have 0.0 Idea What They’re Missing” Two native […]

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Flickr wEnDy Tzatziki greek food

Don’t Leave Greece Without Trying…

BY GEMMA HARRIS Photo: Turqiouse Mediterranean, sun-bleached ancient ruins, lush countryside dotted with olive trees all making Greece a favorable holiday destination with dining experiences not to be taken lightly. The Greeks pride themselves in their cuisine, with absolute reason to. Eat and drink late into the night in true taverna style. Make sure […]

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la rioja

Discover Spanish Wine Country: Must-Do’s In La Rioja

BY NADIA CHO Despite being Spain’s smallest autonomous community, La Rioja is one of the country’s most impressive, prosperous and scenic regions. Here, you will find award-winning gastronomy, picturesque traditional Spanish towns, some of the most beautiful routes of the Camino de Santiago and of course, world renowned Rioja wine from scores of famous bodegas […]

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All The Food You Must Eat In Portugal (And Why)

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Portugal is known for a lot of incredible sights, but generally, food is not always the first thing mentioned. It might be because Portuguese food appeals to a very specific set of tastes. But most likely, it’s really great dishes are not commonly heard of. So the new traveler is not always well […]

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foodbeast yelp review

OUCH! Popular Chefs Read One Star Yelp Reviews

BY TEAM JST Words can be powerful, especially in Yelp reviews. Popular food and drink blog, Foodbeast, got three popular chefs and restaurant owners together to read awful reviews of their restaurants in Southern California. Daniel Shemtob, a food truck entrepreneur of TLT Food and The Lime Truck, along with Scott Nghiem of AFTERS Ice Cream and Jason Quinn […]

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