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Beautiful Crime Jason Paul Stride

Gorgeous Photographs Of Naked Free Running Champ All Over London

BY TEAM JST Now this is art! The naked man is running all over London and it looks breathtakingly beautiful. When World Freerun Championship winner Tim Shieff and photographer David Paul took a trip to Greece and began a photo shoot on Santorini island, they realized clothes needed to come off in order to fully capture […]

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Luís Simões World Sketching Tour

EXCLUSIVE! How World Sketching Tour Artist Portrays Protests In Hong Kong

BY LENA KAZER *START SLIDESHOW to see exclusive sketches from Luís’ at Hong Kong protests. Have you ever used a stereogram? The idea is that there is a 3D picture embedded within the photo you see in front of you, you just have to look at it a certain way to see it. Some people find […]

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Gold and noir are best friends this winter. Period.

11 Glam Nail-Art Trends This Winter, According To A Taipei Nail Salon

BY WENDY HUNG Back in March, JST introduced you to a lovely nail salon in Taipei – a must-stop if you’re a female traveler wanting to dive right into local fashion culture. Today’s nail art can look brazenly bejeweled but so out of this world that typing or doing adventurous activities become close to impossible. Tucked inside the […]

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Instagram Microsoft Justin Bastien

Microsoft Joins Instagram By Taking On Travel Photography

BY TEAM JST Ten days ago, Microsoft finally joined Instagram and really pushing forward the hashtag #DoMore. By launching an account on the picture-sharing app, Microsoft hired travel-savvy photographer Justin Bastien, who specializes in outdoor sports, adventure, lifestyle and environmental photography. SEE ALSO: How To Filter Like An Instagram Pro In his partnership with one of the […]

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Halcyon Drive profile

Jetset With: Indie Pop Duo Halcyon Drive

BY LENA KAZER A few weeks ago, our contributor from down under, Evan Molineux, blew our minds with an ear-gasm compilation of 13 New Australian Musicians Deserve Your Undivided Attention. One of the standout artists was Halcyon Drive, a duo of vocalist Mick Oechsle and drummer Max Pamieta. Their easy-listening indie tunage has an addictive balance […]

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Digital Graffiti Alys Beach Audrey Hepburn

This Festival Will Make You Look At Graffiti In A Totally Different Way

BY TEAM JST Edgy. Innovative. Artsy. Technological. And…it’s all going down in Florida. Last year, we showcased a video in “Why Every Digital Graffiti Artist Needs To Know About Alys Beach Fest“, announcing Digital Graffiti’s uber cool festival happening on Alys Beach. This year, the competition coming back with another impressive cash prizes. Every early summer, the […]

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Travel Song Peru documentary Zac

This Real-Deal Documentarian Unleashes Awe-Inspiring “Travel Songs”

BY LENA KAZER When we first met Zachary Humenik almost two years ago, we were researching organizations our Top 10 Kickstarters All About Traveling – October Edition. The series featured dozens of inspiring start-ups that use Kickstarter to fundraise their projects; projects that we believe change the world for the better, and encourage others to […]

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