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5. Cambridge700 map art

5 Map Portraits That Will Take Your Breath Away

BY LENA KAZER If you haven’t noticed already, we like maps here. When I stumbled upon Ed Fairburn’s artwork the first time, I was instantly blown away. He has created his own niche, exploring ways to integrate and superimpose portraits onto topographic, industrial, and celestial maps. The result is a complex image that is stunning […]

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Seth Sentry travel

Aussie Hip-Hop Artist Seth Sentry: What’s In My Luggage?

BY GUADALUPE GONZALEZ We’re back with another round of What’s in Your Luggage featuring rising Aussie hip-hop artist, Seth Sentry! No stranger to international audiences, Seth Sentry has quite the achievements under his belt for being a young rapper from Australia. An appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, an invitation to a showcase at South by Southwest […]

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How This Singaporean Designer Combos Cities & Stitches

BY TEAM JST Photo: Lim “Sew- a needle pulling thread!”  Remember that famous line from Sound of Music? Teresa Lim, a 24-year-old Singaporean designer, is putting those lyrics into her wanderlust spirit. Instead of taking selfies all over the world, she has artistically created striking canvases by simply utilizing, well, a needle pulling thread. SEE ALSO: A […]

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Facebook Gensler design firm London Underline tunnel 1

How London’s Disused Tube Tunnels Will Transform For Cyclists

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube What if there’s a way to commute while escaping all that traffic and smog on the streets of London? Gensler, an American design and architecture firm headquartered in San Francisco, has a huge vision to help out travelers and Londoners. On Feb. 3, Gensler’s “London Underline” design proposal garnered the […]

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Facebook Cashmere Cat

Road Trip Playlist: 5 Electronic Mixes That Won’t Give You A Headache

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Even if you aren’t big into the DJ or electronic music scene, it is one of biggest emerging musical phenomena of recent years. Somebody in your car is bound to be big into DJs and the rave scene. However, unless you are taking a road trip to Las Vegas or Miami, I […]

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Facebook Rökkurró

Take A Pause: 5 Ethereal Jams For The Camper In You

BY EVAN MOLINEUX The sun is starting to set and you are driving through one of the world’s greatest forests or along a notoriously beautiful costal highway. Or maybe you are camping underneath the stars or sitting on the hood of your car looking up at the northern lights. These are the moments when you […]

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INSA gif-iti artist

Meet The Space GIF-iti Artist Beautifying Rio de Janeiro

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube  “Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to push an idea. Don’t be afraid to explore it.” Says INSA, a creative genius taking over the GIF-iti world. For years, INSA has been known for his bewildering street art and colorful designs. For a project with Ballantine, the innovative artist […]

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