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Facebook Rökkurró

Take A Pause: 5 Ethereal Jams For The Camper In You

BY EVAN MOLINEUX The sun is starting to set and you are driving through one of the world’s greatest forests or along a notoriously beautiful costal highway. Or maybe you are camping underneath the stars or sitting on the hood of your car looking up at the northern lights. These are the moments when you […]

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INSA gif-iti artist

Meet The Space GIF-iti Artist Beautifying Rio de Janeiro

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube  “Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to push an idea. Don’t be afraid to explore it.” Says INSA, a creative genius taking over the GIF-iti world. For years, INSA has been known for his bewildering street art and colorful designs. For a project with Ballantine, the innovative artist […]

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Facebook Tatiana Shkondina food stylist van gogh starry night

How A Food Stylist Recreates 12 World Famous Paintings

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/Tatiana Shkondina Van Gogh’s works have never looked this delish! Tatiana Shkondina is a Russian food stylist (yes, there’s such a job title and it looks like a deliciously cool gig) and photographer, who has recreated some of the world’s most well-known paintings by the use of food. SEE ALSO: How Can YOU Be […]

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Facebook Arcade Fire

5 Hot Tracks For Your Indie Rock Jams Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX These songs create less of a nostalgic sing a long vibe and more of a sun is out, it’s the middle of the day, let’s do some serious driving kind of a vibe. They are the kind of songs that the less musically literate members of your party will tap you on […]

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Cloud Control

#JetsetWith This Quirky & Chill Australian Band

BY GUADALUPE GONZALEZ We’ve been jamming out to the beats of alternative rock band, Cloud Control, ever since Evan recommended them in his spotlight of Australian bands. Quirky, yet delicate, their chill tunes veer away from your standard indie music. Their tracks will serenade you with spacey vocals recorded in the most unusual of places […]

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Tumblr John & Wolf

A Dude And His Dog Bumbling Around The U.S.

BY TEAM JST Photo: Instagram/John Stortz Here’s a Tumblr page we’ve fallen in love with! Two years ago, illustrator John Stortz adopted a white husky named Wolfgang from a shelter. During this time, they’ve been traveling across the United States, visiting some of the most magnificent sights, sharing in life’s best moments together. SEE ALSO: Meet The […]

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5 Songs To Complete Your Perfect Rock & Roll Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Whether it’s summertime in Australia, fall in New England, or spring in the south of France, it is always time for a road trip. There is often no trip more satisfying than putting on your sunglasses and driving along some scenic roads with a group of friends, stopping wherever your heart desires. […]

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