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Salta Argentina 1

Argentina’s Hidden Treasure: Salta La Linda

BY HAILEE DONOGHUE When you think of Argentina what comes to mind? Guachos, mate, Patagonia, and soccer? Yes, while all of these are very Argentinian, most people forget about the northern part of of the country. These provinces of Argentina – Jujuy, Salta, and Tucuman – are incredible and add a totally different dimension to the country. Radically […]

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Twenty-two teams, each consisting of nine cyclists (that’s 198 total riders in all) participate in the Tour de France each year. Rules mandate that all members of a team must dress identically, including shorts, jersey, socks, shoes, gloves and helmet.

30 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About The Tour de France!

BY JERRY LEON The 101st Tour de France, also known as Le Tour or La Grande Boucle, is the ultimate grand prix of bicycle racing. As the oldest member of the well-known grand tours (Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España being the other two), Le Tour is also considered the most prestigious of the three. […]

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Perfecting Your Summer Bod (Yes, While Traveling!)

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY It’s officially summer. Yup, that means bikinis, trunks, and more fun in the sun. While you may have plans to tour the Louvre or shop in Hong Kong this summer, don’t let travel stop you from maintaining that rockin’ figure. Below are some holy grail moves that you can do anywhere […]

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1 Lineage of Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

The History And Evolution Of The World Cup Soccer Ball

BY JERRY LEON Whether you call it football or soccer, one thing can be agreed upon: the ball we know today has come a long way from its initial primitive design (originally made of animal organs such as the bladder or stomach) to the sophisticated, technological marvel it has now become. Tiento & T-Model […]

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wimbledon tennis england

What These GIFs Teach Us About Wimbledon

BY TEAM JST The oldest tennis grand slam has gone underway! While the rest of the world is obsessing over the World Cup this year, let’s keep in mind some of the things we’ve always loved about this crazy game of tennis. Hey, spot that Pippa!  It’s a grassy sport 20 slippery grass courts means 20 places for […]

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China train Yellow Mountain 3

The China You Haven’t Seen: On The Train To Yellow Mountain

BY DRISANA MISRA This is a piece of China I have never seen before. The train is violent. It cuts through mountains and scales over their rocky skirts with relentless indiscrimination between these mighty structures and the open fields. Every now and then, another train tears past us, and it is the energy radiating between them, […]

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Tikal Guatemala 1

Decoding The Maya: Tikal, Guatemala

BY HAILEE DONOGHUE Part of the Plaza Mayor Located in the Northeast region of Guatemala, the Mayan citadel of Tikal is a sight to behold. Inhabited from  6th century B.C.E. until 10th century C.E. Tikal is home to huge temples and extravagant palaces with humble dwellings on the outskirts of the town, with many more […]

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