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Muğla Province Turkey paragliding

A Traveler’s Paragliding Adventure In Turkey’s Muğla Province

BY ZUZANA GIERTLOVA  When my friends visit me, they are always in for an adventure. I don’t like seeing the same old, tired tourist sights over and over again. So when my friend M. came to visit me from Russia, I first sent her to Istanbul with a map in hand and some advice to […]

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico beach

Peek Inside Cabo San Lucas: A Place Of Hidden Beauty

BY LOUIS ALCORN At the southernmost point of the Baja California coast in Mexico sits Cabo San Lucas, a paradisiacal locale that seems to subsist primarily from the steady tourism industry there. Mention of Cabo and springtime elicits images of hundreds of scantily clad, inebriated co-eds participating in the acclaimed Spring Break activities that American […]

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dog dive malta

This Adventurous Dog Teaches Us The True Meaning Of YOLO

BY TEAM JST YouTube Malta is a favorite summer destination for many Europeans. Let’s not forget our loving canines, they love to travel and explore their adventurous side too. SEE ALSO: Is Cecil The Lion’s Death Making You Think Twice About Trophy Hunting? When the weather gets hot, and surrounded by turquoise water, dogs like to show off […]

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Standing In Awe of Lago de los Tres

5 Best Treks In Argentina’s Trekking Capital, El Chaltén

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Argentina’s Trekking Capital Travelers who know about trekking will undoubtedly know about El Chaltén. Located 220km north of El Calafate, El Chaltén was founded on October 12th 1985 by decree of the Argentine government, with the purpose of establishing a human settlement to offset territorial disputes with neighboring Chile. A member […]

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Skylodge Adventure Suites Cuzco Peru exterior

This Luxurious Hanging Lodge Is Ideal For Adrenaline Junkies

BY TEAM JST YouTube Maybe your trip to Cuzco isn’t jam-packed with enough adventure. If so, then you’ve gotta check out this luxurious hanging lodge! SEE ALSO: A Guide for the Inca Trail: Necessities and Advice for a 49k Hike to Machu Picchu Home of the famous Machu Picchu, Cuzco’s Sacred Valley boasts the Skylodge Adventures Suites which requires […]

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Krka National Park Croatia mountains

Inside The Hidden Treasure of Dalmatia: Krka National Park

BY ZUZANA GIERTLOVA  Every summer, the Adriatic coast draws hordes of sunbathing beach potatoes from Europe. While the rugged beauty of the rocky Croatian beaches cannot be underrated, the more active (or sun-sensitive) vacationer should seek out the shadowy requiescence of Krka National Park, located in central Dalmatia. About 20 minutes from the coastal town, […]

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Kuang Si Falls, Laos full view

What It’s Like Taking A Tuk Tuk To Kuang Si Falls In Laos

BY LOUIS ALCORN One sweltering morning in March, I woke up in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage village that survived the Vietnam War airstrikes in the Democratic Republic of Laos. After lathering our bodies thick with a Laotian chemical concoction said to be good for warding off mosquitoes, we traipsed on down to the […]

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