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Elephant trekking Chiangmai Thailand 3

Why Elephant Trekking Should Be OFF Your To Do List

BY LAURA PATERSON Is it the romance that draws so many people towards riding elephants? Or is it the excitement of being so high up on a magnificent creature as it ambles though its natural forest habitat? The thought of being on the back of the world’s largest land mammal is often a very pretty […]

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Kien Lam travel photography YouTube

A San Francisco Photographer’s Sick Video In 15 Countries, 343 Days

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube In 2010, Kien Lam, a San Francisco photographer, decided to quite his job to travel the world. Thanks to his ravishing photographs, he’s put together time lapse videos that startlingly went viral. Many of us have visited more than 15 countries but how many of us can actually capture 6,286 images as […]

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Evan Tasmania kangaroo

Why Devils, Wine, Whiskey & Cheese Make A Perfect Day In Tasmania

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Located 150 miles south of the mainland, Tasmania is Australia’s only island state and provides a unique environment and experience when visiting the country. Despite being Australia’s southernmost piece of land and quite isolated, Tasmania is an accessible destination. Flights from Melbourne to Hobart (the state’s capital and largest city) take about […]

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Flickr Doug Love Polar Bear Plunge

What You Missed From Polar Bear Plunge

BY TEAM JST Taking SPLASH to a whole new level is the polar bear plunge happening around the world! The event has been held annually in Boston since 1904 and other cities soon took upon themselves to follow the adventurous trend. Nowadays, you can capture all the splashy fun in New York’s Coney Island, Lake […]

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Great Ocean Road Australia 4

Down Under! How To Road Trip Through Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Photo: Will Grine The Great Ocean Road is a 150-mile stretch of costal highway that runs along the southwest coast of Victoria and offers travelers the opportunity to see some of Australia’s most magical beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, and forests. The road begins about an hour and a half drive west of Melbourne […]

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Chinese grandmother skydive

Inside 81-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother’s Epic Skydive

BY TEAM JST 有啥大不了的,我也敢跳。” (What’s the big deal? I can jump too!) Said Min Deyu, the 81-year-old grandmother from Hubei, China. Min went skydiving in Australia and fell in love with the sport while visiting her son. SEE ALSO: [VIDEO] 5 Ways To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping In Interlaken, Switzerland Chinese newspaper Xinhuanet News Agency described the women who […]

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Shaver Lake fish

Shaver Lake: California’s Best For A Family Fishing Vacay

BY JASON CANTER Tucked in the Sierras due east from Fresno is a beautiful town and lake named Shaver. My friend’s family has a house there, one that he built with his father and grandfather during his college years. How cool is that? Lake Shaver is 3 ½ hours outside of San Francisco (without traffic), […]

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