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Here at Jetset Times, our goal to inspire you to travel, see and touch the world. Get up and go, and do it without doubts and reservations. If you can’t leave just yet, we hope to share with you the wonders that travel can teach us, and help you journey vicariously through our content. Travel isn’t always a vacation; instead, it’s an all encompassing lesson, one that teaches us new ways to love, enjoy and embrace culture, and give. Founder Wendy Hung grew up with the family motto that “traveling is the best form of education,” and this rings ever so true here at Jetset Times. Launched in September of 2012, Jetset Times is based in San Francisco, California.

Meet the Team

Having an insatiable appetite for travel is only a minimum requirement at Jetset Times, and whether the team is scaling the Aspens or crossing Great Walls, it’s dedicated to bringing readers the best content and recommendations from around the globe. Say hello to Team JST:

About me page WendyWendy Hung

Founder & CEO

Wendy calls three cities home: Taipei, Paris, and San Francisco. From producing television news programs in San Francisco, hosting a Mandarin radio show, and headlining a music label for several years (she was a part of the inception of Beats By Dre Headphones), Wendy has found her next phase of life in Jetset Times. As a travel lover and speaker of five languages, she has lived in the U.S., Taipei, Tokyo and Paris. The idea of Jetset Times was born from her belief that people can become better versions of themselves when they embrace worldly issues, cultures, and people outside of our communities. “At some point, we all need to step outside of our own bubbles and get to know all the kind and beautiful people around the world. The most reflective and introspective point of views come from these moments.”

Lena PeruLena Kazer

Creative Director

Lena is the creative advisor for Jetset Times content direction, branding, and development. Having perfected the sassy one-liner, Lena loves trolling other blogs for inspiration and news, and creating partnerships with organizations that vibe with JST. Her love affair with travel comes down to meeting interesting people, and finding a way to make them laugh. Born and raised in Chicago, when she’s not face-deep in her laptop, she’s slingin’ a brew and sketching in her journal.

About page DesireeDesiree Constance Choy

Editor in Chief

As the queen of content and grammatical correctness, Desiree can be found churning out editorial, polishing headlines, concocting contests, and maintaining the vision and voice of Jetset Times. Speaking of voice, if there’s one thing she loves more than traveling, it’s singing—and lots of it. Leave it to this San Francisco native to tell you about the real, real world SF (none of the silly MTV stuff). Spanish may just be her favorite language of all.


Jerry about us

Jerry Leon

Business Partnerships Associate

Jerry creates new and meaningful relationships on behalf of JST.  As an avid traveler, Jerry has been to 17 countries, with the fierce ambition of experiencing every country in the world.  His travel style can be described as easy going and spontaneous, and he’s always in search of a great adventure.  When he’s not off the grid, he enjoys reading good books, jogging outdoor trails and exploring new routes on his motorcycle.


Guadalupe About UsGuadalupe Gonzalez

Communications Associate

When Guadalupe takes a break from watching French films (which is rare!), you can usually find her wandering her native New York in search of a trendy brunch spot. A Francophile at heart, she loves long, drawn out meals with friends and has a big appetite for fun, adventure, and most of all, DESSERTS. Nostalgic for her past travels, she joined the Team JST with the hope of sharing her unique experiences with our audience and she does so via articles and non-stop social media activity!

Nadia About Us Associate Editor

Nadia Cho

Associate Editor

Nadia currently lives in Spain and is on a mission to document her travels around the country. As a local girl from Honolulu, Nadia constantly strives to discover the world outside of what she knows and encourages others to do the same—because those who learn from different ways of life and people make the world a better place. Wherever she goes, she knows how to have a good time and is always on the lookout for chill bars and excellent company.  


Evan Molineux Associate Editor About Us

Evan Molineux

Associate Editor

Evan is a San Francisco Bay Area native and spent an extended period of time living in Australia. Evan’s three favorite things in the world are movies, music and the outdoors. He is always on the hunt, trying to discover new music and films from all over the globe and looks forward to sharing his creative adventures through Jetset Times. When Evan isn’t watching movies or going to concerts, he enjoys running track and rocking out hard on bass guitar in his band. 

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