JST SHOP x The Seek Society: Eco-Camping Essentials For A Hip Campsite


If Birkenstocks are making a fashion comeback, then your campsite shouldn’t look too shabby. To up your outdoor game, we’ve discovered a company making eco-camping essentials that are stylish and sustainable, for the earth conscious adventurers.

Check out The Seek Society, new on Jetset Times SHOP, based in Sydney, Australia. The community-based company manufactures high-quality tents and camping accessories that protect Mother Nature as we indulge in all the beauty and landscapes she offers.

Look no further than the 4-meter Londonderry Bell Tent. This is Australia’s best quality bell tent and an investment in style, comfort. You can use this for your next trip, music festival or to pitch in your own backyard. Each tent is made to last a lifetime, provides a practical and unique way to accommodate extra guests. It’s a wonderful environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic tents for car campers, festival goers, and families alike.

In addition, there are camping mugs and eco-water bottles to make roughing it look less rough. Ready for that bon fire?

Photos: The Seek Society

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