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Booking your stay in Wuzhen can be an interesting experience, due to the fact that many hotels do not have their own websites. Since most are controlled by the local tourism board, you may search for your homestay last-minute at the reception’s computer. But if you’re a Type A who needs to plan ahead like me, then book through hotel metasearch engines, such as:,, Agoda…etc. ( has the most complete and comprehensive selection for Wuzhen, in my opinion.)

Keep in mind that star rates in Wuzhen aren’t exactly judging from the same par as the rest of the world. If you see a 5-star hotel, expect 1 star lower so you don’t walk in with buckets of disappointments.

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1. Tong An Hotel 通安客棧 – The Largest

China, Zhejiang Sheng, Jiaxing Shi, Tongxiang Shi, Wuzhen Xizha Road, No. 129 (map, website)

As the biggest boarding house on the West Side, the waterside hotel is the only one in Wuzhen with the most complete amenities, including a Golden Lotus Theme Bar, Scenic Café, an outdoor swimming pool, Stone Oven Bakery, Boat Top KTV, salt baths, teppanyaki, and a dim sum restaurant. There are 70 standard rooms, 13 single rooms and 24 regular and luxury suites.

2. Wuzhen Quest House 桐鄉烏鎮民宿 – Most Popular

Xizha St, Tongxiang Shi, Jiaxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 314501 (map)

For most of Wuzhen hotels, you’ll need to book through Agoda or, because reservations are mostly controlled by the local tourism board, where you’ll need to call and make a reservation. Wuzhen Quest House is a popular waterfront hotel because of the spacious rooms and complete amenities. You’ll need to go through a hotel search engine and book through other services if you don’t want to book through a travel agent. But this one comes highly recommended.

3. Wuzhen Jinhanghe Inn 烏鎮錦杭河客棧 – The Best Value

Ganquan Rd, Tongxiang Shi, Jiaxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 314501 (map)

For less than USD $20, you can stay at a comfortable room with full accommodation, including: free parking, a baggage storage and a safe deposit box along with shuttle service, laundry and valet parking. In the states, we would rank this as 3-star, but you’re only paying the price of a higher-end hostel. It’s another popular hotel you must book through Agoda,,…etc.

4. Dockside Boutique Hotel 烏鎮望津里精心酒店 – 5-Star Boutique

China, Zhejiang Sheng, Jiaxing Shi, Tongxiang Shi, 茶艺街18号 邮政编码: 314501 (map, website)

For around USD $150/night, Dockside Boutique Hotel is considered a luxurious boutique option. Located further from the rest of the hotels, it’s still easily accessible by trams. Originally called “Wangjinli Inn”, this was a guesthouse for boatmen and merchants on the canal. Back then, it was the most prosperous inn on the West side of Wuzhen. There’s also a meeting room at the hotel for business travelers. But why would you work here in Wuzhen?!

5. Waterside Resort 枕水度假酒店 – Best Thematic

Wuzhenzhen, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, 314501 (map, website)

For less than USD $150, Waterside Resort is another boutique hotel where you can get really great amenities that are quite comprehensive in a small town like Wuzhen. We give this one “Best Thematic,” because it’s restored vintage all-around. If you prefer to stay at the Disneyland of Wuzhen, where all things have been refurbished to look like it’s from a certain time period, then this is an ideal option.

Budget Hotels

Westerners would call these hostels, but in Wuzhen, they’re referred to as home stay inns. Most of them are managed by the town’s West Side Tourist Office, so you cannot contact the hotel owners before your trip. What you’ll need to do is head over to the reception area, which is located across from Yusheng Restaurant 裕笙源. At the tourist bureau’s reception, you’ll see a computer where you can search and book budget hotels on site.

You can also try to book budget hotels ahead of time through hotel metasearch websites, but not many will show up.

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