Meet The World’s Cutest Suitcase (Comes With Wiggly Ears Too!)



Its cozy slogan: A pet instead of a luggage.

Meet: Fravel. It has adorable ears that wiggle and a LED heart that beats faster when you roll it ’round and ’round. Its wheels look like paws so maybe it isn’t a luggage. Maybe, just maybe, your travel companion is a larger tamagotchi, except you don’t have to feed it.

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The Kickstarter project created by Aili Jian has garnered massive attention with the warm and fuzzy concept: interact with your suitcase as if it’s a kitten. “Like a curious cat, you can pet her, she loooooooves it. Her ears start to dance when she’s super happy.”


What do you think? Would you rock a fravel at an airport? Share with us in the comments.

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