From Syria To Greece, Worldwide Girl Scouts Pen Powerful Letters For Positive Change


Queen Bey was right, girls DO run the world, judging from the latest letters written by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

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In its latest campaign World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, powerful letters written by its young female members show global issues that worry and affect them. The penned letters from Syria to Liberia are inspiring and moving us toward positive change. Just read some excerpts:

Laiba from Pakistan shows us the courage of fellow young women from her country, “Pakistani girls do not just reach for the stars, they determinedly work towards achieving their aims and breaking barriers with each step.”

14-year-old Tata in Georgia shines a positive change regarding sexism in her country, “In regions, girls grow up believing their opinions are not as important as boys’ and because of that they do not try to speak up. But this is changing continuously.”

A 12-year-girl from Greece teaches the great lesson that “people are the same, no matter how we look.”

Chimweh from Liberia explains that smiles come from being guided in her local communities, “Growing up in Liberia is so hard but with the help of guiding we learn to smile under all difficulties.”

Zain, a 22-year-old from Syria stands up for female power, “Girls all around the world should feel what it’s like to be strong, to stand up for your rights and beliefs and to be in charge of their lives.”

How’s that for a real dosage of girl power? Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

Photos: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scout

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