How Should Travelers Use Instagram Albums Without Losing Followers


This week, Instagram launched a new feature allowing users to add up to 10 photos and video clips in one single post. This can be an amazing upgrade or just super annoying. So how can travel bloggers utilize the new feature without losing followers? Here’s some food for thought:

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Be selective, don’t overshare.

Thankfully, people love to look at vacation photos on Instagram. Life on-the-go is interesting since everyday is a different adventure. But albums are more interesting when you select one of each landmark. Remember, a follower’s attention span is getting shorter and non-existent.

Before & after workout shots.

The happiest people seriously stocked for Instagram Albums are probably Fitstagrammers, who are used to posting tutorials anyway. Before and after shots attract followers with the same passion for fitness, so oversharing actually makes more sense in this case.

Post meals, not one dish in multiple angles.

Foreign cuisine is one of the best captures to share on social media, but one meal in multiple angels will only bore your followers, not intrigue them. Be sure to select one dish from every meal, so you’re presenting an entire food journey from start to finish in your album.

What happened today?

A lot happens in one day in the life of a traveler. Use Stories to share what happens in a moment, meanwhile use albums to share what happened in a day. Your views of a destination from dawn to dusk is vastly more fascinating than what happened in an hour.

Stick to a theme.

When you have a general message, it makes more of an impact to your followers than randomness. Sure, traveling itself is running into the unplanned. But maybe that should be your theme: accidental beauty. Having a theme can also be about sticking to the same filter so that clicking through your album feels like a cohesive experience.

What’s your tip for Instagram Album? Share with us in the comments.

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