These “Fitstagram” Accounts Will Give You A Serious Case Of Wanderlust

BY SARAH REINBOLD, founder of Fresh to Death Fitness

And they might just inspire your next gym sesh too!

1. Barefoot_wandering

Sunsets and palms trees and acro yoga with @_tombaker_ makes my heart happy 💕

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Previously based in Southeast Asia, and now in Costa Rica, Sophia’s catalogue of dreamy beach shots will have your fingers dancing across your keyboard to search Skyscanner faster than you can say Natarajasana (which is King Dancer’s Pose for those of you looking to brush up on your yoga-vocab). And, speaking of King Dancer’s Pose, that and every other backbend, arm balance and inversion that Sophia executes look so effortlessly beautiful that you’ll be down on the floor trying to touch your own foot to the back of your head in no time. But, first, those plane tickets.

2. Jujuonther0cks

From Paris to New York with a few European city breaks along the way, Julie literally dances her way through life. And, luckily for us, she shares both her travels and some incredible barre workout videos that will bring out your inner ballerina. Take a look and find yourself immersed in your own Parisian ballet fairytale!

3. Lucewithlove

If colder climates are what titillate your travel bug, then check out Prague-based Lucie’s collection of images that showcase her incredible strength and grace through yoga and Pilates-inspired movements around the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe. She posts frequently, so grab a hot beverage and prepare yourself for the magical wintriness that is her February feed.

4. Karenakatrina

practicing our jump… 🙈🙈😏 @KatrinaaScott @KarenaDawn

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Get ready to have major ab envy because Karena and Katrina, the faces and founders of Tone It Up, only seem to go to places where the dress code is a bikini. Their uber-successful Beach Babe workout series sees them traveling to Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean, while sharing their most effective exercise moves for getting beach-ready. And their home base of Manhattan Beach, California has no shortage of lofty palm trees, shimmering sands and dramatic sunsets either. Seriously, can’t we just have summer year-round?

5. Gypsetgoddess


Are you the type of person who likes to go anywhere the wind blows you? Then you need to follow Caitlin as the wind blows her across continents, countries and cities at hurricane speed. There seem to be few corners of the world that have not been her yoga playground. The scenery is spectacular, and her poses are mind-boggling–just the sort of Instagram that will have you scrolling for hours, only stopping to see if you have enough money in your savings account to book that vacation to South Africa/Lake Tahoe/Thailand/Greece/Costa Rica/etc.

6. Riva_g_

New York-based Riva stays a bit closer to home with most her photos shot around the United States (apart from a few recent ones in Thailand). Still, there is no shortage of incredible backdrops, both natural and architectural, including several that made me fall a little bit in love with New York City. It just goes to show that sometimes the most spectacular sites can be found in our own backyards– we just need to see them from a new angle. Literally.

7. Instarunners

Confession: I find running torturously boring. But even I get the urge to pack my sneakers on my next vacation and hit the pavement, if only for the chance to be featured in Instarunners. With so much jaw-dropping scenery from races and personal runs from around the world, you’ll be wondering why you ever thought a treadmill was an adequate substitute for fresh air and boundless trails.

8. Buns_and_brews

I couldn’t complete this list without a little shameless self-promotion. Madrid is a stunning, cosmopolitan capital city, and I try to showcase as much of its beautiful backdrops and architecture as I can while sharing my love of Pilates and fitness. Plank party in Plaza Mayor, anyone?

So where do you feel inspired to travel to next? And how do plan on getting your sweat on while you’re there? Let me know!

What’s your favorite fitstagram? Share with us in the comments.

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