Japan Unveils App So You’re Not Confused Looking For Their Super Confusing Toilets


Anyone who’s traveled to Japan knows how confusing Japanese toilets can be with infinite buttons written in kanji. Looking for a public restroom in Japan can also be just as perplexing, especially for the ones without lines out to Timbuktu.

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Travelers in Japan will be thankful for this, because when nature calls…well, we know how that goes.

Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI will launch an app which tells users where the nearest available restrooms are, according to Japan Times. 

By the sensors attached onto stall doors, the app can reveal which fancy Japanese toilet is vacant or not. What if a toilet is being used for more than 30 minute? The sensor will send a notification to the administrator.

This may just give you more time saying a prayer at the temple in Asakusa. KDDI spokesman Daisuke Maruo said,

People often waste time by looking around for an available toilet on various floors or by waiting until one becomes available.

Users can also update in real-time how many stalls are not being used in the surrounding area.

The app will be launched in office building at first, then in public facilities including train stations, malls and stadiums. This will definitely come in handy for the Olympics!

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