Fashion’s Most Powerful Voices Gathered To Say: I Am An Immigrant



Many have argued that Donald Trump was elected as president because the real America’s voice was finally heard. But when it comes to real Americans, who’s not an immigrant?

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In response to Trump’s executive order which forbids people from seven Muslim-majority countries traveling and immigrating to the United States, 81 of the most influential voices in the fashion industry gathered during New York Fashion Week to send a powerful message to Trump: I am an immigrant.

Fashion models, designers, stylists, photographers, editors, including: Grace Coddington (Vogue,) Adriana Lima (model,) Diane von Furstenberg (designer,) and many others came together to contribute to the video produced by W Magazine.

Shot in black and white, recognizable faces repeat in the video: “I am an immigrant.” It leaves us wondering though: is the president listening?

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